Prayer Summary for Friday, June 02, 2017

Pastor Ray shared…

I want to share something from brother Hagin’s book, “How You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God.” I looked up a lot of things about brother Hagin and one thing I thought was funny was an interview with Ken Jr. and his wife. They were talking about Kenneth Hagin and he said people would go, “Oh wow, it must have been awesome to live with Kenneth Hagin.” He’s like, “What? What are you talking about? He was my dad. He loved me and took care of me.” He said he liked sports, baseball, football. He said he had this big recliner. He was in the family room and there was a baseball game on TV. Somebody got a hit and so they’re running the bases and Kenneth Hagin is trying to get him a homerun and he’s like hollering. He flipped the recliner over in the process. He didn’t stop shouting and cheering even though the recliner was on top of him. His legs were going. He was gonna get that guy home! He said those things to say he was a normal person. He also was very anointed, for sure. I’ll read a short portion in his book.


The first church I pastored was a community church out in the country. I usually went out Saturday night, spent Saturday and Sunday nights, and came back into town on Monday. I stayed quite often in the home of a dear Methodist man. This fine spiritual man, a great man really, was 89 years old. He and I didn’t get up as early as the others did on his farm. They would be out doing chores or be out working in the field when this older gentleman and I had breakfast together about 8 o’clock.

I didn’t drink coffee, but this old gentleman did. Now you could scarcely believe it unless you saw it, but he had one of those old-fashioned wood stove with coffee boiling in it. I have seen him take that boiling coffee, pour it into a big thick mug—and when it was still so hot it simmered in that mug—turn it up to his mouth, and drink the whole cup.

The first time I saw him do it, I hollered. I felt like my mouth and throat were burning.

How could he do that? I couldn’t. The tissues of my lips, the inside of my mouth, my throat and esophagus are so tender, just one teaspoonful would have burned all the way down. But he drank a whole mug without taking it away from his mouth.

He couldn’t do that to begin with though. Through years of drinking coffee that hot, his lips and mouth, and throat and esophagus became seared. Eventually, he could drink it that hot, and it didn’t bother him.

Spiritually, the same thing can happen.

Learn to keep a tender conscience. Learn the minute you miss it and your conscience condemns you, to correct it right then. Don’t wait until you go to church. Immediately say, “Lord, forgive me. I missed it.” If you have to, if someone else saw or heard you, tell that person right away, “I did wrong. Please forgive me. I shouldn’t have said that.”

You will have to keep your spirit tender if you are going to be led by the Spirit.

FEELINGS: The Voice of the Body

“The spirit itself [Himself] beareth witness with our spirit… (Rom. 8:16).

Too often people think that the witness this verse is talking about is a physical something. It is not. It is a spiritual something. It is the Spirit of God bearing witness with our spirits. He does not bear witness with our bodies. You cannot go by physical feeling.

We confuse things by the way we talk. We say, “I feel God’s presence.” No, we don’t. We sense His presence spiritually. Use the word feeling advisedly; it leaves the worn impression that it is a physical feeling. Don’t mix the physical with it.

Feeling is the voice of the body.

Reason is the voice of the soul, or the mind.

Conscience is the voice of the spirit.

To go by feeling is to get into trouble. That is the reason so many Christians are up and down (I call them yo-yo Christians), and in and out. They go by their feelings. They don’t walk by faith. They don’t walk by their spirits.

When they feel good, they say, “Glory to God, I’m saved. Hallelujah, I’m filled with the Spirit. Everything is fine.” When they feel bad, their faces are long and they say, “I’ve lost it all. I don’t feel like I did, so I must be backslidden.”

I hear people, bless their hearts, talking about being in the valley, then being on the mountaintop, then getting back down in the valley again. I have never been in the valley. I have been saved more than fifty years and I have never been anywhere but on the mountaintop. You do not have to get down in the valley.

People talk about “valley experiences.” I have never had any valley experiences. Oh, yes, there have been tests and trials, but I was on the mountaintop all the time, shouting my way through—living above the tests and the trials! [end excerpt]

Pastor Ray continued to share…

He talked about other things about being led by the Spirit. We know that is so true in prayer. We can’t be moved all the time by what we’re seeing, or moved by what we’re hearing. Lately, a lot of people are turning off the TV and the news because it’ll take you down in the valley. If we take in too much of it.


Thank You, Father, for the power of Your Holy Spirit that is actively working in each one of us and directing us. Thank You that we can sense Your presence. Thank You for Your presence. Thank You that we don’t have to go on without it. Thank You that we don’t have to walk down into valleys all the time, down one day and up the next. Thank You that we can live up on the mountain top. We can live up high and take our seat in heavenly places. Thank You for leading us into all truth. Where we’ve missed it and started to be moved by what we feel, we repent. We want to continually be being led and directed by Your Spirit.

By faith, we take a step over more closely to the center of the road, walking by faith
Taking our places and positions… walking by faith
We believe that things are turning out right
We believe for us individually but for us corporately … this church, things are working out right
This ministry, Living Word, has more than enough finances to do what it’s been called to do
More than enough… we’re into overflow
We declare it and we confess it
Ministering spirits, go get the money and bring it in
Thank You for the plan and purpose you’ve given this church and our pastors
We pray for them… all the positions of authority in government and in our state and our leaders… in Jesus’ name
We lift up those in authority in our church
We lift up Pastors Mac and Lynne and plead the blood over every aspect of their lives
Everything You have directed them to do, we believe will come to pass
Thank You for the transitions… that they would be smooth
We declare that no weapon formed against our pastors will prosper
What they put their hands to there is prosperity there… spirit, soul, and body

The door busters… breaking through… making a way… stepping through… walking all the way through… into destiny…the place that’s been prepared for us to walk… from the beginning… the steps that have been appointed… the places that have been anointed… the place where there are words that have been anointed and set apart… for such a time as this… they come forth by the spirit… words… a spirit of faith… they speak and the change comes… for every circumstance, every challenge that comes… the anointing of God separates… for the sake of the vision… for the sake of the call… no more of that placebo Christianity… the real deal… the way… that it was when Jesus walked in the earth… a body that moves and functions… with Him… as the director as the head… moving His people… being yielded to the Spirit… performing signs and wonders… and walking in the miracle flow… you said this would be a place of great healing, Father… that was Your word… you said this ministry would be a place for great healings… miracles… we call forth that destiny… we call it forth now in the name of Jesus… that it’s happening now… we’re not looking to the future… we’re looking to the now… in the name of Jesus… we demand and we command that the people begin to flow and to move in the anointing of God… that they step into that flow… that power of the spirit and that supersedes natural thinking that supersedes the mind and the intellect, Father… that flow of the river of the Holy Ghost… step in… stepping in… cooperate with the Spirit… flow… anointing… the go… pick up and take up that thing… take it up… take up that anointing and that power… take up the name… take up the blood… take up the weapons and the tools… take up the equipment today in the name… arrayed… passing over into a new… transformation… so much grace… it’s time to get over yourself… and it’s time to yield over… remove the limitations… get out of the box… and step into that wide place… open up their eyes… their mouths… their wallets… pour it out… make it so… changing… open inside… inside awakening… great… great…

Boulders… blockages are being removed in Jesus’ name… I don’t know what they are or what they were trying to do. I don’t know if it’s blockage internally or some kind of blockage that’s been placed out front attempting to derail the fullness, the joyfulness and the strength of God’s plan… but today in Jesus’ name, I see them rolling away… out of the way in Jesus’s name…for the church to go through in a great, glorious, healthy, holy, righteous way…

Florence shared…

Let me share what I was seeing in the spirit. As we were praying in tongues, I could hear Pastor Ray say, “salama, salama.” (sp?) Salama is a Swahili word that means “safe.” So as he continued saying that, in so many other ways, I saw the body of Christ. Some of us were encouraging others who were going up and others were so tired they were going like this. Others were saying, “Let’s go. Up there is where safety is, up there is salama.” The salama place I saw was like a fortress. Everybody that went in there was safe. They were in a higher ground where they could see what was happening and they could see others coming. So they were shouting, “come, come, come.” The word that came was “the name of the Lord is a strong tower and that the righteous will run into it and are saved.” I think that’s what we’re seeing today is we need to keep moving. Don’t stop. No matter what obstacles are in the way, don’t stop where you are. You need to keep moving. Keep moving because you’re going toward that safe place. You’re going toward that tower where there is peace… where there is salama. And until you get to that place, you don’t stop. You may be tired. So if you see a Christian that is tired, encourage them to keep going, keep moving. Because where we are going is a safe place.

Continued praying…

It’s so important to move into the new and not back out of the change
We take our place in the race
Even this day we are still moving – there are still more doors
Moving up into a safe place, a place of peace and joy
Knowing that the battle has been won
Yes, we’ve been given the key to go through every door
So we reach out there not just for now but for the future
Doors, ways to walk out into the future before we get there
Calling things right, calling things out of the way
Calling and declaring the blood of Jesus out front
That we can walk in that perfect way
Thank You for it, Lord

David shared…

So I hear this in the Spirit, I hear these words “Who do they think they are? Who do you think you are?” I hear those words from those people who are sitting down on the sidelines, who are waiting for something to happen. I hear the words “Who do they think they are?”

And I hear the Holy Spirit saying “This is who they are. They are who I say they are. And they will stand up and they will be counted because I told them who they were. And if you listen to My Spirit, I will tell you who you are. And if you believe what I say you are, then you will do what I say you can do and you will achieve what I say you can achieve. And pretty soon you will be looking in the mirror and saying ‘What manner of man or woman is this? Who is this person that is changing this world?’ And you will know it’s Me and you will know it’s My Word in you. And you will know that your agreement with My Word in You is what is changing this world. For it’s not just the words that come from around you, from the sources of this world, that will cause you to achieve greatness. It’s the Spirit of grace that is inside of you who speaks to you that will cause you to change, cause you to change and cause the world around you. And I will show you things to come and you will see it as I see it and you will do it and then you will know that I am Lord. You will know that I am Lord.”

A lot of times we are looking for affirmation or looking for somebody to pat you on the back or give you some kind of confirmation that you are who you are; you are called to do what you are called to do. But the Lord is saying “You don’t need any of that. You just need Me.” Because people around you won’t see it the way He sees it. A lot of times they will tell you things like “Well, maybe you should pray about that?” when you already have something inside of you to know, to get up and go. You don’t need to pray about it. You just need to go do something. You need to go do that which the Spirit of grace is telling you to do.

You don’t need to pray about it because it’s in your heart and it’s been there for a while. It’s been burning inside of you and it keeps coming back. Every time you come into prayer you are reminded of these things that the Lord has told you and spoke to you in times past and those seeds are never going to go away. Once He sows those seeds, they are without repentance.

This is your plan. This is what you are called to do. This is your piece and as you embrace that piece and cast down those vain imaginations and don’t look for man’s approval, you’ll get out into those places where people will look at you and say “Well, who do you think you are?” And though they may say that at the beginning, after a while they will come close to you and say “How did you do that?” And they will want to know a voice for your faith. They’ll want to know how you did it, how you accomplished… just like men of God of past. We look at them with great admiration and awe of what wonderful things they have done. We should take their example and it’s a great thing. But anybody that has done anything for the Lord in any great magnitude will tell you, there wasn’t a lot of people around them telling them to do it. It was the Lord that was telling them to do it. And it wasn’t popular at the time.

You may feel like “I’m not called to this. I don’t really feel qualified for this.” Well, good, that is a good place. You not being qualified is almost a qualification. And the reason why is because now you need the Lord. And this walk of faith is all about Him and our needing Him.

The Bible says that without faith it’s impossible to please God. And I heard the Holy Spirit say this to me once, “I’ll never lead you into a place where you won’t have to believe me; that’s how you will know it’s Me. I will never tell you to do something that you won’t need Me.” His ultimate goal is to get you to need Him in a way that every day you look for Him, every single moment of every day you are looking for Him. When you get up from bed you are looking for Him. That’s His goal to get you to rely and trust in Him because He knows, not only does He know the future, He knows your plan, He knows you. He knows what it’s going to take to tell you to get up and get motivated. He knows what it will take and all we have to do is listen and obey, that’s all, just listen and obey. He will provide the grace. He will provide the way. He will provide the finances. He will provide all the things that you need. He will provide it all. All we need to do is listen and obey.

So mark in your heart today that you are going to take a step of faith. Whatever your plan is, take a step today. However little it is or whatever, just whatever the Lord has worked in your heart, whatever the Lord has spoken to you in times past, just do something towards that today. You don’t have to accomplish it all in one day, just take a step. And when you take a step and then He provides the way and then you take another step and He provides the way and then you take another step and He provides the way and all of a sudden you are going to get accustomed to Him providing. And as you get accustom to Him providing then all of your things, approvals and all the things you care, you won’t care about anything else. All you will care about is, “well I know He is with me.” Whatever it takes, whatever it takes… Thank You, Father.

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