Prayer Summary for February 3


We are asking You, Father, for Your will, purpose, and plan
We say a continual “Yes Lord” to it
Thank You, Father, for Your precious Holy Spirit in us
And being filled more and more
Rearranging us internally, helping us to always say yes
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Jesus

Over the years Ms. Sharon, who is playing keyboard today, has been in many, many different Brother Hagin meetings. I want to ask her to share with us a couple of her favorite meetings.

Sharon Stromley shared…

Vicki Jamison and I actually traveled with Brother Hagin back when a large meeting was 250 people. Vicki would lead worship in the service playing the auto harp until I started traveling with them. So the first Winter Seminar that Brother Hagin had was in Sheridan Assembly in Tulsa. We had morning and evening services and for some reason I ended up riding with Brother Hagin and Vicki and Sister Hagin. They had an errand to run before we got to the church. That was back in the days when you could talk to Brother Hagin. I was just visiting with him and I said… this was after the car ran out of gas and he walked in the snow about a quarter of a mile and someone picked him up and took him to a gas station and got gas for the car and came back and fueled the car. So, we were visiting and I said… because I had never seen anyone flow in the Spirit like he did. I was so hungry for that. I had grown up in a minister’s home and my father had seen miracles in his ministry but I had never seen anything that bore witness to my spirit like Brother Hagin’s ministry did. For the first time, the Word of God became real to me and alive. I was asking him what it was like to be so far out in the realm of the Spirit. He was just so gracious to teach me a little about what it was like to live in that realm. It created such a hunger in me. I’ve never been satisfied. I always want more, to know more. Just from that 15 minutes of hearing him talk about what it was like and yet after the service was over, he was a real person. That was such a blessing for me to see that he was so anointed and lived in such a wonderful place and yet he was real. And that’s what I think the world is crying out for from us. That we live so deeply and so highly in the Spirit, instant in season and instant out, and every place we put our feet becomes the Kingdom of God, becomes the realm of light and yet we are gracious people, humble people, loving people.

And then the third year of his winter camp meeting he asked Vicki if she would lead the worship and in those services he ordained Kenneth Copeland, Fred Price, Charles Cowan, Vicki and another person I can’t remember. Vicki got up to sing before Brother Hagin ministered and the Lord gave her a song called “He’s More Than Enough” and she began to sing that song and the power of God hit brother Hagin and he began to dance in the Spirit. He leaped off the platform and ran down one isle outside the door, through the lobby, back up the other side. When he hit the platform the power of God hit everyone in the audience and it was like the Holy Spirit was shaking all of us like we were little rags. All of us were dancing before the Lord with all of our might. I have never forgotten that. Seeing Brother Hagin just leap from the platform and run and being hit by that same power when he got back to the platform. It was sweet.

The following prophecy was given by Kenneth E. Hagin on October 31, 1985:


We’re coming into a place, oh yes you’ve walked in the realm of God. And there’s been a manifestation here. And a manifestation there of My power and My Spirit and My gifts. And you’ve rejoiced in it and been glad of it and said, “Isn’t that wonderful what the Lord has done?”

Not realizing that if YOU would desire and covet and pray. Not that He would use you for that would be selfish but that He will manifest Himself in the body of believers where you worship and if you’ll believe and surely He will manifest Himself.

And you’re coming into a place where these things will not just be a happening—that happen once in a great while. But it’ll be very commonplace. It’ll happen every day, every week, every month. The miraculous, the supernatural will be as real to you as the very air you breathe.

Because you see that is the realm and the place where you should function. For you are supernatural children born of a supernatural God. With a supernatural birth filled with a supernatural Spirit. And that supernatural Spirit will manifest Himself in a supernatural way.

Expect the supernatural. Be glad and rejoice. And be very humble and do not attract attention unto yourself. And ye shall see the glory of God with you.

You’ll come into the place in these last days. That even further revelation will be given you concerning faith. You see the Word declares, “We know in part and we prophesy in part.” There is not one single. There is not one single. There is not one single evangelist. There is not one single pastor. There is not one single teacher that knows it all. But we only know in part and we prophesy in part. But the revelation will come in a greater measure and part. And we will see that it’s speaking into existence the things that God has prepared for you. The enemy comes by your door and he comes knocking at the door of your residence even your heart and spirit. Very often he brings depression, obsession, doubt, weakness, fear. And even sickness. And attaches—it endeavors to attach it to your body as you walk down here.

And too many times you think you’re being humble and say, “The will of the Lord be done.” But those that are knowledgeable in the way of the Spirit and in the Word will go to the door and say, “We don’t accept that package here.” You see, we’ve got a receipt, the receipt says, “The bill has already been paid.” Jesus paid the price for your sins and delivered you in His own precious blood.

You see, “Himself took your infirmities and bare your sicknesses.” Show Satan the receipt; hold that receipt before your mind and before your eyes. And every time He suggests defeat, you say, “Yes! but I have the receipt. The receipt! My healing, my deliverance is already bought. Already paid for. Go your way, walk on down the street to those who do not know that they are complete. But you can’t come in here.”

And so you’ll walk and know in the supernatural. Your health shall spring forth speedily. And all the angels of God shall be at your command.

It’d pay you to make a study of that last statement.

This is part one there’ll be part two in a little bit.
(playing the piano and singing:)

Jesus redeemed us from the fall, Jesus redeemed us once for all. No further price will be ever paid, It was paid in full on the Cross that day. For Jesus has delivered us from the fall. Paid in full, paid in full, it is written on the notice, paid in full, paid in full, paid in full, it is written on the notice, paid in full.

Poverty can’t hold me anymore. When sickness knocks, I won’t answer the door. For Satan is the oppressor, but Jesus is our Deliverer.

He delivered from the curse forevermore. Paid in full, paid in full, it is written on the notice paid in full. Paid in full, paid in full, for Jesus has delivered me paid in full. Oh, paid in full, it’s paid in full. It is written on the notice paid in full. Paid in full, paid in full, for Jesus has delivered me paid in full.

Further revelation of faith will be given you… appropriate it.

For the victory has been won. Victory has been won and the door has been open for more. And as members of the body, sheep we declare we shall go through over there in a continual place where it is always paid in full. We will stay with what it says for everyone who yields and says My King has come for in that joy place there is strength so devil beware. And so the Church shall be one united in purpose and plan that victory has been won the victory we receive but the defeat we receive it not. We are children of the light and we shall walk in that light and it shall be a supernatural victory and delight.

Continued praying…

Lives are at stake
Speak and believe and expect to receive
No, it’s not too big or far out
Brush aside every attempt of the enemy to say no you can’t
Say “Yes, I can!”
I have the receipt that says “Paid in full”

Pastor Ray shared…

I could see in my heart a discussion. It was between two people and one didn’t have revelation on how big and how great the plans are for the church. And the other had revelation on what the Word said and by the Spirit had been declared. It was a semi-heated discussion. For the one that didn’t know thought what the other one said or was saying was too big and that they should back off their declaration and not expect so much or so great. But the Father by the Spirit kept on speaking to the one that knew. And that person continually said it in love, “My Father has done everything, has provided every resource necessary for me to up and above for I have been called and I am anointed to greater than I have ever done before. So in a way it wasn’t a fight but it was a fight, a fight of faith. It seemed like maybe the enemy was trying to speak through the other saying “You can’t go that far. You can’t ask that high. You can’t expect that much.” But the Spirit of God kept moving and move and encouraging and encouraging the one that believed. And so their confession was a confession of faith. In love they continually contended for what was declared to them and it began to unfold. So the other one began to see the Word of God is true and will work for whomever shall believe. But it was done on the cross and the victory had been won. Nothing else would be done, because the victory had already been won. So, we receive victory today, victory today in our hands. We speak over our hands “Be victorious.”


Pastor Ray shared…

It’s been okay. Things have been okay but in the days, in the weeks, in the months that are to come, okay will not describe the changes to come. Okay will not be big enough or great enough to describe the outpouring, the revelation, the lifting, the encouragement, the strength that is coming upon the Bride. The Church is lifting. For one day the Church shall lift off and rise. So better, greater, further, higher, stronger the anointing will rise. These are days we have never been to. It will not be the way it was for it is new. So when you say yes, you are saying yes to the new, new days, opportunities, you could go on to speak it out, increase, more than ever before. Hallelujah. Thank You Father.

Even in the stillness continually it shall be seen that okay will not describe the changes, the turns, the plans in You shall abide. Thank you Father. Father, we love You. We love You and love what You are doing by Your Spirit. We love the supernatural flow of Your precious Holy Spirit. We love to stay close in You and You in us.

Continued praying…

We believe today to be where we need to be
Pleading the blood for safety, direction and help of every kind
This is the day You have made and we are glad in it, Amen

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