Prayer Summary for February 2


Father, we are undone by Your precious Holy Spirit
Hallelujah, thank You for it


I wanted to make you aware of “The Greater Faith Conference” this week in Sarasota, Florida with Brother Keith Moore. Last night Sandy and I were watching. They had their regular worship and praise. Then Brother Keith got up but Brother Kenneth Copeland came from the side. He was not scheduled to speak at these meetings. He was just in attendance but the Lord had him to get up and prophecy a couple times. My Internet connection cut out right then. So we missed what he said but they will be putting that in the archives. So, all the singers and musicians were still on stage and it seemed like it was going to be Brother Keith bringing forth a message on faith. But then after Brother Copeland had come up a second time and he said the Lord wasn’t finished with him and he began to declare some more things… after he finished, Brother Keith got up and turned around and motioned to the man that was playing the piano to move out of the way. He just went up on the stage and started playing some notes on the grand piano. No one else knew, I don’t think he knew, he was just directed to do it by the Spirit. The anointing was strong in there because of the prophecy that had just come forth.

All of sudden he hit some notes that carried through the whole evening. The whole evening was worship. It’s a Holy Spirit flow. It’s songs from heaven, fresh words that we have never heard put together like that or notes that we have never heard before. I just wanted to make you aware of it because you can pull it up eventually in the archive and it will also be going live every night this week.

Keith Moore’s Church is very connected to our church. We are in the same stream of ministry, right? So, I wanted to make you aware of it. But the whole evening, which normally would have been teaching on faith, was lifting up voices in one accord and worshiping the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in sounds that had not sounded before and words that were from heaven, fresh right then and it kept going and going and going and going to the end of the service.

It reminded me of the presence of God when we truly get in our hearts and yield to Him. He wants to move things in His way, you know, for us to be led. He said He would lead us but we don’t maybe all the time… we are not all the time listening.

We know it’s not your fault or problem, it’s ours. So, we desire to yield more to the leading and direction of Your precious Holy Spirit that always reveals unto us the way to go, the things to say, the prayers that we are to pray.

Continued Praying….

Holy Spirit, we yearn to hear You
Revealing to us the way to go, the things to say, and prayer to pray
With every fiber of our being welcoming Your presence
Let our hearts be melted
Getting out of our set patterns
You are so faithful and so gracious to lead us
We are blessed more and more every day—thank You, Lord, for it

The following excerpt was taken from Come Breath: Awakening Messages by James A. Stewart:

The Wonder of God’s Tomorrow

Sanctify yourselves; for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.— Joshua 3: 5

Do you believe in wonders?
The tragedy today is that we have become so accustomed to the commonplace that we do not expect the supernatural to happen. But God said, “Sanctify yourselves: for tomorrow the Lord will do WONDERS!” How amazing it is to see the mass of God’s people disbelieving in the God of the miraculous. To many dear saints today Christianity and miracles are diametrical opposites. The very idea of believing in a supernatural God Who works wonders today is to them visionary, fanatical, and dangerous. Yet if these same “disbelievers” would sit down and think of their inheritance in Christ, they would surely believe in the supernatural. How can one be supernaturally born of the Holy Spirit and not believe in wonders? Paul tells the Romans that he is not ashamed of his gospel, for it is the “power of God” (Romans 1: 16).

In seasons of Revival the miraculous always becomes the norm in the Christian experience. The higher the heights we ascend, and the nearer to God we are brought, the more we sense and witness His heavenly power. Study Church history and you will see that during mighty movements of the Holy Spirit, no matter the age, the country, or the redeemed people, the unusual is always manifest. The dullness and deadness of the ordinary Christian life and service always disappears.

“SANCTIFY YOURSELVES: for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.” This clarion call of God was sounded throughout the camp of Israel on the eve of the memorial day when, after forty years of wilderness failure, they crossed over into the Promised Land. The law which underlies this command is an eternal one. Every mighty movement of the Holy Spirit is preceded by a preparation of heart among God’s people. God’s tomorrow of wonders waits for our today of sanctification. Upon us rests the responsibility of fixing the time of God’s display of power, for there is no delay with Him. “The might of His power is constant and unchanging, but His supernatural workings vary according to the receptiveness and obedience of the People of God.”

The message of the text is “GET READY FOR GOD TO WORK!” One of the most important things to observe in our Christian life and service is the condition attached to any blessing received. In the second Book of Kings, when the Children of Israel were in terror because of the impending battle against superior odds, God commanded them to dig ditches. “Make this valley full of ditches,” was the word of the Lord through Elijah (II Kings 3: 16). After they had made the ditches, the Lord caused the water to come and fill them. In like manner, when there is obedience on our part to the divine condition, there always follows the abundant blessing. Never forget that the depth of the ditch shows the measure of the expected blessing.

Continued Praying…

We ask for forgiveness today for shallowness
Increasing our expectancy—digging ditches and clearing out weeds
We must believe for greater and more!
Calling things like they absolutely are even though we don’t see them
Absolute signs and wonders
Greater works than these we shall do for these are new days!
Believing to step forward and up into the new
Speaking to mountains, be removed in Jesus’ name
February 2016, greater things about to be seen!
Different avenues and steps—hindrances set aside
This is the way it will be, this is the way it is
A new shifting, turning, realization, revelation about tomorrow
Revival and things that must come
Complacency be rooted out in Jesus’ name
Bowing and humbling ourselves before You today
Reaching out and ahead
We put up a ladder and climb higher in You
Higher and higher and further and further
Taking a turn, putting an end to that and come into this
Messiah, the beginning and the end, the way maker, the KING!
It’s greater and the greater is getting greater
In every way!
Your calls are right; Your plans are high!
Every limb of the body of Christ be made whole
Every position, we plead the blood
Moving, transporting, and translating
In Christ alone, we have the victory
He is the door, way and truth

Pastor Paul shared…

In the chapter you just read in verse four when the Lord spoke to Joshua and He told the children of Israel “Yet there shall be a space between you and it about 2000 cubits by measure. Come not near unto it that you may know the way by which you must go for ye have not passed this way before or hitherto.” Many times mundane and custom methods don’t work. It requires the mind of the Spirit to go to new territories. Many times we want to use familiar tools to enter new lands but for new lands there are new orchestrations. Sometimes there are extensive preparations without the evidence of the victory in sight. Like the preparations for the building for digging of the ditches. The children of Israel would have said, “Why do we have to dig ditches in a desert place?” But it was a divine strategy to bring the armies of the enemy to naught, to route them and to defeat them. Because when they saw those ditches and waters over in those ditches it looked like blood. But God was giving the Children of Israel victory without raising the sword. Hallelujah! And also you see in miracles, signs and wonders that are before us and in us in these last days. You have not gone this way before! Glory to God!

There was Elijah who was accosted by the Shunammite woman because her son had died and Elijah sent his servant to take his rod to go and place it upon that young lad. He said don’t stop for any, don’t take a break, go straight, and put this rod upon the boy. A familiar method did not work. The seven came back saying the boy did not arise or did not revive. And the woman, being the woman, told Elijah, “I am not going to let you go. I am going to be on you like white on rice! You are coming back home with me. I didn’t come this far to come back home alone!”

When Elijah got into her house, it became to him something unfamiliar to him. He had to reach to God for the answer. Well the end of the story, he puts his body upon the body of that young lad, walked around the room, came back, did the same thing, walked around the room, came back did the same thing and then the boy sneezed seven times and revived. And that woman’s honor for the work of God in the man of God was consummated. She bowed down.

You know, in these last days you have not been this way before!

Continued praying…

Father, we make ourselves available to you
Not using familiar tools but open to the guiding of Your Spirit
That Your purpose would be accomplished on the earth!
Orchestration of the Spirit of God
For new devils there are new tools—Glory to God!
We have not been this way before so we are leaning on You

Annie sings…

♪ Behold I make all things new
It’s a new way, it’s a new day
For till now you’ve never passed this way
It’s a new way, it’s a new day
For until now you’ve never passed this way

♪ So sanctify yourselves, I am going to do wonders
Set yourselves apart for Me
For My wonders
For it’s a new day; I said it a new way!
Until now you’ve never passed this way

♪ But I am not going to do anything new unless I show it, unless I show it to you
I’m going to show it to you; I’ll show it to you
I am going to show you new ways, they’re ways for new days
I’m going to prepare you in advance before you pass that way
Shall the Lord do anything before He shows it to His Prophets?
I am going to show you, you’re going to know, you’re going to know, you’re going to know
That’s how you’re going to know, that’s how you’re going to know

♪ My ways I show, My ways I’ll show, My ways I’ll show
And you’ll know the way to go
We only say what we hear our Father say
We only go in the way He shows us to go
And we do what we see Him doing
How do we see it, How do we see it
We see it by (tongues) that’s how we see it, that’s how we receive it
And yes, Lord, we believe it, we believe it, we believe it, we believe it, we believe it, we believe it!
And we see it by Your Spirit and we receive it

♪ We sanctify ourselves for tomorrow You do wonders
You said You’ll do wonders, You will do wonders, You will do wonders
So we sanctify, we set ourselves aside and on You we fix our eyes
For Your wonders
We sanctify, for You we set ourselves aside and on You we fix our eyes
Come and do Your wonders ♪

Continued praying…

Thank You, Father, for the supernatural things
New to us but not new to You
Looking upward to where our help comes from
Hallelujah it’s a sign and a wonder!
Thank You for touching us today with Your presence
We give You all the glory for it’s You in us and You through us in Jesus’ name

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