Prayer Summary for December 5


Father, as we draw nearer You become more dear to us
All of our trust, faith, and confidence is in You!
We see so much need around us, Lord
You said to come boldly before Your throne
We are looking to finish this race
Lord, we ask for divine inspiration for each one
You have placed a deep call for more of You within us
Our hearts and faith are joined together today!
We cooperate with You today
Father, we thank You and we use the blood for those who are on the edge of stepping into You
We apply the blood against any obstacle that would stand against them
Lift and comfort them
We are calling for Your mercy to snatch them and Your care to gently lead them along the right way
For the members of the Body to minister love and compassion
We pray for them to be whole – nothing missing and nothing broken!
Touch and stir within them the call’s You have placed upon their lives
Let them step into the fullness of life in You – free from every bondage of the world
Open their ears to hear
Praying for a softening of hearts
The blood of Jesus makes a way where there was no way!
Your Spirit, Lord, brings liberty!
Blinders being removed for them to clearly see
Situations are being changes and rearranged
Each and every one restored into the right position
We watch over these plans and calls
For them to begin to rise up out of that
Declaring they are coming!
Lord, we see all of the gifts being unwrapped today
We see them coming forth from every direction
Father, we believe for the seeds of Your Word that were sown then to come forth now
It is time for the harvest!
People yielding to the Lord of lords and to Your Spirit!
Calling the executives of corporations to come up and come out of their turmoil and self-made worlds
We also call for those in the entertainment industry to come into the Kingdom
Looking for a glorious transformation
We pray for Your anointing to go in and bring change in the secular arena
Satan, we remind you that you have been defeated by the blood of Jesus!
We take our seat of authority today
The blood of Jesus has made a way for the Spirit to flow
No nation can stand against the blood!
As believers, we take our stand for it is time for the Church to rise up
There is a lot more that has yet to take place
CEO’s and teachers, say yes to the call
Removing any inaccuracies that are concerning our children!
Professors, step out and boldly declare the truth
Loosing angels and ministering spirits to go before them and preserve them
Coming against any perverted spirit that would try to invade the dormitories!
There are campuses that have turned away from what they were founded on
Calling for a return to the foundations!
Praying for the wind of the Spirit to blow through the campuses
Seeing parents of the students take their place in prayer
Father, we apply the blood over the religious institutions – those who have slipped over into religiosity
We believe for the blood to cleanse and bring about great change and transformation
Lord, we are asking for a greater outpouring!
Applying the blood over the spiritual leaders and offices of ministry
Their minds are covered by the blood and their eyes are enlightened
We are looking for words from heaven to bring about transformation
Let the wind of Your Spirit blow through every church, denomination, and believer
We are grateful to have the blood and Your Spirit

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