Prayer Summary for December 4


Father, thank You for the power of Your presence
Holy Spirit, we welcome You today
We know You are here, and it is all about You!
Thank You for the power that is in the precious blood!


The following excerpt is taken from The Blood and the Glory by Billye Brim:

Thomas R. Nickel tells it like this in his book AZUSA STREET OUTPOURING as Told to Me by Those Who Were There:

Some nights later, on April 6, 1906, Brother Seymour and seven others were seated in the living room, in a spirit of prayer and waiting upon the Lord. Suddenly, as by a bolt of lightning from Heaven, they were all knocked from their chairs to the floor, and many began speaking with other tongues…

Little Willella Asberry rushed from the kitchen to see what was happening in the living room. Young Bud Traynor was on the front porch, prophesying and preaching. Jennie Moore stood up and prophesied in what the others declared was Hebrew. Then she went to the piano and, for the first time in her life, began playing beautiful music and singing a beautiful language with a beautiful voice. These gifts she never lost…

The news spread like wild-fire. White people joined the colored people, overflowing the house. The front porch became the pulpit and the street became the pews. An old deserted two-story building was located at 312 Azusa Street, a dead-end street only about a half block long…

The great earthquake struck San Francisco and surrounding countryside on April 18. The quake and the disastrous fires that followed took several thousand lives. On the 19th, a lesser shock struck Los Angeles. Many began to seek closer relationship with God. Ruth Asberry and Jennie Moore went to Peniel Hall… Jennie spoke in tongues, and Ruth explained: “This is that prophesied by Joel.” The crowd followed them to Azusa Street, and the great rush was on.

Tent meetings, missions and churches were so emptied that some closed and joined the movement. The upstairs was the tarrying room, but many received their baptism just sitting in the lower services.

Joseph Seymour had become a sort of moderator, and he was a marvelous teacher of the deep things of God, though usually he sat with his head bowed inside the shoe-box pulpit, while God carried on the meeting. Only the anointed would preach. As many as nine services were held in one day. The meetings continued day and night, around the clock. People would come in and kneel and pray, then sit with eyes closed and quietly wait for God to work. Two favorite songs were, “Under the Blood” and “The Comforter Is Come.” Singing in the Spirit, like unto some perfect Heavenly choir, struck awe to all newcomers. Prophecies, messages and interpretations were given with convicting power as though the Lord Himself was speaking directly.

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A Word of the Lord came forth:

“If you are walking down the road, taking the steps that you know to take and you see defeat, that is not Me,” saith the Lord. “If you are walking down the road, walking down the pathway of life and you see sickness coming upon thee, that is not Me,” saith the Lord. “Take a step back into Me and use the blood of Jesus liberally and you will see, that what was called defeat, exit and see yourself walking in victory. So as you step out further into the pathways of life, into different situations for families, for ministries, for jobs, for the things I have called you to, begin to check your vision—not natural vision, but spirit vision—and begin to see it the way I said it would be. See Me in that activity by My Spirit correcting, changing, rearranging, opening, closing whatever it is, for you to have one hundred percent victory—that is Me,” saith the Lord!

Continued Praying…

We believe that, Father!
Thank You for the vision You have put within us
Applying the blood over the steps we are to take
Declaring we are not shocked by anything, but are strengthened in You
We will not stop, but will continue to go into places we have never been before
No weapon formed against us will prosper because the blood has been applied
We are winners in everything we put our hands to!
Steadily moving ahead
Watching over today!
Applying the blood over our seeing and comprehending
Lifting up the proceedings of the Holy Ghost
Preparation is taking place for the influx and infusion
Applying the blood over the royal priesthood of God
Clean, washed, and cleansed by the blood
Aid, help, and assistance from heaven
Words piercing and penetrating the hard hearts
Calling for a supernatural change within the assemblies!
The Church established on the foundation of the blood and the Word!
Applying the blood over the little ones
It is driving out every obstacle and demonic force!
Holding the blood against any plan that is not of God
Pleading the blood over the heads of households
Lifting up these positions of leadership!
Loosing angels and ministering spirits to work on our behalf and bring change
Coming against any division and strife!
There must be greater activity of the Spirit!
Not even one left behind, but each one transformed in You
God’s plans will be walked out!
In My strength, you will go and prophesy, says the Lord!
Old patterns will be broken!
Seeing evangelists everywhere speaking words of truth and life
Father, we lift up the men!
Pleading the blood over their minds, hearts, and bodies
That they would acknowledge You all along their ways
Seeking Your will and wisdom
Continually leaning on You alone!
There is some rearranging that must still come!
Covering that in the blood of Jesus
Removing limits now for the truth shall prevail
Lord, thank You so much for the blood!
We purpose in our hearts to continually stay in the flow

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