Prayer Summary for August 5


The Best Is Yet to Come
Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland
July 4, 2014
Southwest Believers’ Convention

“I have heard the prayers,” saith the LORD. “I’ve been hearing the cries of My people. They have not gone unnoticed. Lean not to your own understanding, but trust in Me. I am doing something, and you will be glad. Right at this moment, you don’t have full concept of what is about to happen in the United States and in many other places around the world, because this nation is going through a time right now and it is coming out reborn. It’s coming out reborn.

“You think you know what it’s going to look like, but you don’t. The best is yet to come. These are your days,” saith the LORD. “Take My word on it. Believe Me. All of the forces of heaven are at work today, doing what needs to be done for the body of Christ in this earth. And this is one of the high marked places on the earth for the Gospel to flow—the United States of America.

A Praying Generation
Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland
July 4, 2014
Southwest Believers’ Convention

“I have prepared a people. I’ve been preparing this generation for some time now. This is a praying generation. And I must tell you,” saith the Spirit of grace, “I haven’t had a praying generation in many years. But this is a praying generation.

“I have people praying all over the world. There is constant Holy Ghost, energized prayer coming forth before the throne of God, before the throne of grace, every minute of every hour of every day, day in and day out. And I have been looking for that and working and building toward that for many, many, many years. It has come to pass and it is growing, and those kinds of prayer-generated moves of the Spirit know no boundaries. That’s the reason your leaders are preaching to step out into the bold areas of the supernatural, because those prayers and that kind of praying is what opens the heavens in the earth and allows the Spirit of God to move in unhindered, supernatural manifestations of Jesus and His power and love.

“You’re there. Begin to expect things around you everywhere you go. You are part of the praying supernatural generation. And there are those throughout the years of history that will look on this time and they’ll say, ‘You know, right there is where the turn was made. Right at that time is where the turn was made.’”


Father, You are doing a good work in this time and we are glad!
Thank You, Father, that You have made available for us to walk in greater degrees of anointing, praying even more unhindered prayers
Stepping out into another Holy Spirit day!
We declare the United States to be that high place from which the Gospel flows, reborn state by state
On earth as it is in Heaven!
Thank You, Father, for words that take us higher
Father, increase our expectation for the supernatural in Jesus’ name
By Faith, we step into the greater, into the new
Father, we draw nearer to You and You draw nearer to us, strengthening us to go even further
Thank You, Father, for more and more souls turning to You within the United States, toward You alone!
All glory and praise be unto our King of King and Lord of Lords
Thank You, Father, for top officials over this nation giving place to You
Standing on the Word and lifting up what You’ve said
This generation is a praying generation!
Change and turns will come; revelation will be freely operated
Thank You, Father, for the heavens opening up for this great outpouring You have said will come
Church after church, one after another becoming more connected with you
A praying generation in every city!
We boldly declare heaven’s plan for this land
Thank You, Father, for drawing us more and more as a necessity
Words declared in the Spirit bringing about a continual change
Revival once again!
We put the blood of Jesus over every bit of this turn that will come, steady in the right way
Wider and greater!
Thank You, Father, for greater influence by and through Your Spirit
Lining it up just right, preparing the atmosphere for this move
Thank You, Father, for transfers and translations
We receive by faith for much, much more!
Some things are over but we keep moving into the new
We say “no” to cares and declare we are completely fee to walk in heaven’s plans and heaven’s ways
Staying on top, staying above in heavenly places
Lining up our words with the words you’ve already spoken
Illuminating more and more and more!
It’s a recipe for absolute victory and success in Jesus’ name!
We thank You, Father, for all nations turning around to You
Stop in your maneuvers against the people of Liberia in Jesus’ name
Thank You, Father, for missionaries being restored and made whole by the blood of the lamb; healing, prosperity, eyes to see and ears to hear
For the ministry of Your Spirit—more and more of Your Spirit
We thank You, Father, for strength from heaven to pursue Your vision and corporately turning in the right way
We let go of everything that would hold us back, doubt and questionings in Jesus’ name
Marching into more of You!
Division, you must leave in Jesus’ name!
Unified, one voice
Supernatural signs and wonders showing forth Your glory—who You are and what is to come
We bring members of the body of Christ before You; turning into every right way by the blood of Jesus
It’s building and building and building and suddenly it will break through—a demonstration!
We watch as we go
Thank You, Father, for supernatural development!
We believe to hear and see what Your Spirit is directing us in
Thank You, Jesus, for loving us; we set Your precious Word ever before us
We praise and worship and thank You for this day

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