Prayer Summary for August 17


The following excerpt is taken from A Glimpse Into Glory by Kathryn Kuhlman with Jamie Buckingham:

Religion of Love
We live such false lives. Sometimes, when I think of it, I remember the spun sugar candy I used to get as a child when the fair came to Concordia. Oh, it was beautiful to look at. That wonderful, pink, cotton candy. “Oh, Papa, I think it costs only a nickel. Please, Papa, please!” The first thing I bought at the fair was cotton candy. But did you ever try to eat it? You get only a couple of grains of sugar. That’s all there is to it. It looks so big and wonderful. You think, how in the world am I going to eat all this? But in five minutes it’s all gone. And all you had was just a couple of grains of sugar.

You know, most living is like that. We live such cotton candy lives, so empty, so useless, so meaningless. It’s all such a big sham. It’s hard to find people who are really genuine. Many people aren’t sincere about anything—so unreliable, so untrustworthy. There are few people that you can say of them as Papa used to say of some of his friends, “Their word is as good as their bond.” Papa never signed a note in his life. When one of Papa’s friends came to borrow money, he never asked them for anything. In those days, friends trusted each other. Today, though, we don’t have a bond and we don’t have a word. We don’t have anything. It’s like that.

An awful lot depends on how you get up in the morning. A friend of mine once wrote:

Start out every morning with your mind firmly resolved to do your triple best. Without any let-up, without any excuse. And you’ll zoom right past the dilly-dallier, the clock-watcher, the contented cow, the alibi artist, and the intended-to folks.

Mama had a little frame hanging in the dining room. When she died I brought it with me to Pittsburg—the paper in the frame now yellowed with age. It’s called “Guidepost to Success.” It was Mama’s formula for life. This is what influenced me as a youngster. It stated, in part:

Go out of the way to please others.
Be determined to be kind and helpful to everyone.
Be truthful.
Be optimistic, no matter what comes.
Make a great effort always to give somebody a lift whenever possible.
Radiate sunshine, hope, good will.
Scatter flowers as you go along.
Enjoy each day. Live the present to its utmost, and do not wait for tomorrow before you begin to enjoy these things. This is what opens wide the door to happiness.

We really make our own happiness when we come right down to it. If you want to really be happy, go out and do something nice for somebody else. If you do it with the right purpose in mind, if you do it without expecting anything in return, if you do it because you want to do it, you’ll find happiness.
No doctor can prescribe a bigger better pep pill. You’ll find yourself so glad, you’ll find yourself so satisfied on the inside. Of course there are some folks who love being miserable. But if you want to be happy and feel good, do something kind for someone else.

There’s a final item on Mama’s “Guideposts to Success” list.

You must believe in the religion of love. Love for everybody, everywhere, the rich and the poor, the learned and the unlearned, the well and the afflicted. That’s the religion of love. It satisfies the heart. It’s deep enough for the soul, and broad enough for the whole world and everybody.

Now that’s exactly what the world needs today. A religion of love.

The religion of love is the religion of the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s not a religion you can legislate. It’s not something you can force upon men and women. There is only one true religion of love, and that’s the religion of the Lord Jesus Christ. This kind of love is not a natural love, it is a love God has to impart, it’s inside. It’s His love. Remember:

You pass through this world but once. Any kindness you can show any human being, don’t defer from it. Be thankful for each day. Get out of it all the good that you can, and give as much good as you can.

That’s the religion of love.


We worship and magnify Your precious Holy name
Giving You all the glory, honor, and praise today, Lord
Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!
Your ways are good and Your plans are right
We welcome Your Spirit in this place, Father
You are so worthy to be praised!
Lifting up pastors before You today, Father
Pleading the blood of Jesus over pastors and their families
We support them, Lord, and the vision that You have given them to fulfill
Praying for unity in the Church in these last days
Calling in those necessary resources to fulfill those plans and purposes You have for them
Believing for those things that need to come forth, to come forth!
Give them strength to fulfill their call and destiny
We ask for an abundance of Your presence to be upon, around, and in them
Praying for boldness and courage for pastors to contend and continue to go in Your ways
Declaring healing, health, and wholeness of every kind!
No weapon formed against them shall prosper in Jesus’ name!
They will prosper in spirit, soul, and body!
You Father are the way, the truth, and the life!
Bring those low places up, and the high places down
You are enabling them to do all that You have called them to do
They are up and above and seated in heavenly places with You
Declaring for breakthroughs of every kind!
Today is the day that You have made and we will rejoice in it
Calling for more and more of Your presence, power, and equipping
The joy of the Lord is their strength!
Declaring for a greater momentum in Jesus’ name!
As they go, we go!
Give them answers and divine revelations for these last days
No limits, no boundaries, no holding back, but a Holy Ghost move of Your Spirit
Praying that each and every one would fulfill the call You have for them, Father
Clarity of and by Your Spirit, Lord
Wisdom from heaven!
We will never give up, but we will continue to press ahead to a higher calling in Christ Jesus
Lead and guide us in the way we should go, Father
Clear those things up and out, reveal and unravel that, Father
We want to be defined by Your Spirit and by Your Word, O God
Divine strategies are being unveiled, unfolded, and opened up by Your Spirit, Father
Declaring for an abundance of revelation, light, and illumination!
Those parts must come together, Lord
Supernatural aid and assistance of and by Your Spirit
Calling for an alignment of those steps in Jesus’ name!
Adjustments are being made each and every day
There must be a greater collaboration with Your Spirit, dear God
Bring those things to our remembrance, Father
Open our eyes to the signs and wonders all along the way, Lord
Supernatural connections are being made, Father
Walking circumspectly before You in these last days
Loosing angels and ministering spirits to go before us and prepare the way
Holy Spirit, You are welcome in this place
Applying the blood over the steps that need to be taken
In Your presence, there is healing and wholeness
You have given us everything we need to fulfill the plan You have for our lives
Words from heaven are bringing about a great change today!
Thank You for this day, we bring it before You, Father

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