Prayer Summary for August 16


The following excerpt is taken from A Larger Christian Life by A. B. Simpson:

The Joy of the Lord
Our Strength for the Body

The joy of the Lord is our strength for the body. “A cheerful heart is good medicine” (Proverbs 17:22). This is the divine prescription for a weak body. On the other hand, despondency and depression of spirit are the cause of nervousness, headaches, heartbreak and low physical vitality. A word of cheer and an impulse of hope and gladness will often break the power of disease.

I remember a dying man whom I visited in the early years of my ministry. He was declared a hopeless case by his doctors and pronounced to be near death. As I visited him for what I supposed would be the last time and tenderly led him to the Savior, he accepted the gospel and became filled with the peace of God. The joy of salvation came upon him with a baptism of glory and inspiration, and the rapture of heaven was so evident, that he kept us for hours beside his bed as he shouted and sang what we all believed to be the first of the songs of heaven! We said goodnight long after midnight, fully expecting him to be gone to glory by morning. But so mighty was the uplift in his soul, that his body threw off the power of disease, and the next morning, to the doctor’s amazement, he was improved. Within a few days, he was entirely well!

At the time, I knew nothing of divine healing. But I had witnessed, with astonishment and delight, the power of divine joy to heal disease. Many times since then I have seen the healing and the gladness of Jesus so come to the soul and body that the night of weeping turned into a morning of joy!

It is true that there is a deeper cause and a more divine power than the mere natural influence of joy. Incurable disease will yield only to the actual touch of divine omnipotence. But joy is the channel through which the healing waters flow. After that, there comes the overflow of the life of Christ in both the soul and body.

If you long to live above your physical condition; if you would renew your strength continually and “soar on wings like eagles,, “run and not grow weary” and “walk and not grow faint” (Isaiah 40:31); if you would carry in your veins the exhilaration and zest of unwearied youth and freshness, then rejoice in the Lord at all times. If you want to experience in all its fullness a foretaste of the resurrection life in your body; if you would be armed against the devil’s shafts of infirmity and pain and throw off those arrows like glowing iron repels water, then “Rejoice in the Lord always” (Philippians 4:4).

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A shout of joy builds the shield of protection around us
Lord, we are so thankful!
You are faithful in the night and You are faithful in the day!
Healing for every area of life is found in rejoicing!
We love You, God!
You have given us our families, houses, and this United States!
The body of Christ will rise up and shake off every symptom
We speak to bodies right now, we call you up, call you forth, and call you through
For the joy of the Lord IS your strength and it is the sound of your faith!
We shout for joy!
As believers, we are responsible to apply the blood of Jesus, for through that blood we overcome!
Seeing the blood wall of protection coming back up again
Restore Your Church, Lord!
Now is not the time to relax, but to press on and come together again to build the wall!
All of the supplies are provided
Turn the hearts of Your people and make us thirsty again!
Encompass us with a shield, so we may ever shout for joy!
The Devil is defeated!

The remainder of Morning Prayer was spent is rejoicing in the Lord!

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