Prayer Summary for August 14


Father, Your Word is unchangeable, and You are the same today, tomorrow, and forevermore
Thank You for the shifting that is taking place
You are moving things in a direction that glorifies You
No, we will not grow weary in well doing, but we will continue in the ways of the Lord
You are our great intercessor, and You are operating behind the scenes
Help me to operate and function in a way that I am not familiar with in the Spirit
Yes, Your will is being done in our lives and in this nation in these last days
You are redeeming all that was done to us, and we thank You for it, Lord
Speaking healing, deliverance in each and every believer today
We call for the favor of God to go before us and prepare the way
Father, You are making a way where there seems to be no other way
Stir up our hearts with fresh, spirit inspired inspiration!
Casting down all discouragement, despair, and trauma
Today is the day that the Lord has made, and Your mercies are new every morning
Thank You for resources and help to fulfill Your call and plan
Yes, we will accelerate into the fullness of what You have for us, Lord
Things are going to grow and are going to accelerate in these last days
We thank You for acceleration of Your Spirit
You have never let us down, You have always seen us all the way through
Thank You for redemption, Father
Yes, we thank You for great advancement in America
You are producing the fruit of the seeds that were sown
We call for a greater outpouring of Your Spirit, we thank You for the rain of Your Spirit
Calling for the former and the latter rain to come together
No, You will never let us down, You are the same yesterday, today, and forever
You are granting new opportunities and insights today!
Thank You for wisdom, discernment, and insights
You are the eternal one, You are the beginning and the end
We thank You for the great reset of America
Father, You are leading and guiding each and every step
Your Word is going before us and preparing the way
We worship and honor You, Lord
You are a progressive, God, You have prepared new places and steps for us
Yes, You are opening doors that would lead to a greater expression of Your purpose for our lives
Have Your way in our hearts and in our lives today, Father
Thank You for Your wisdom, thank You for supernatural instruction and strategy
Light and truth are penetrating in our innermost being and parts
Casting down every stronghold of the enemy
Commanding that every strategy of the enemy would be cast down and out
Every lying spirit be ceased in the name of Jesus
All sickness, disease, and lying spirit would be shut down in Jesus’ name
We speak to those generational curses and we say your day us up, and you are under our feet
Calling for light and truth to be over those believers today, Lord
Grant unto us wisdom and understanding, it is time to rise up
Supernatural separations now!
There is a severing and a pruning now
Speaking to those devils and those strategies of the enemy and we cast you down in Jesus’ name
We pray for preparations for promotion and for a new season and day
Thank You for greater advancement now!
It is a time and a season to obey, it is time to get it right and to step up
Teach us to receive and to synchronize with You
Yes, we will go where You are leading us
We will follow You all the days of our lives, Lord
Holy, holy are You
Giving You all the glory, honor, and praise today
You are worthy of it all
Jesus, we love You
You are beautiful, and such a good, good Father
Yes, You make everything beautiful in its time
Time is on Your side, and we will not fret or wonder, but we know that You are God
We will lean and trust in You
There is a shifting taking place, and we will step up and into those things You have for us
Thank You for the promises You have for us today
We will celebrate all that You have for us

Scripture Focus…

For God still has ordained a day for us to enter into called “Today.” For it was long afterwards that God repeated it in David’s words, “If only today you would listen to his voice and do not harden your hearts!”
(Hebrews 4:7 TPT)

Continued Praying…

Praying over those families and we declare that today is the day of breakthrough and shifts
We pray over our nation and church today, we repent where we have hardened our hearts
Lord, we pray and stand in the gap for America today
Forgive us for our harness of heart
No, we will not drift away, but we will continue all the way to the very end
Lord, let Your mercies cascade over our nation and land
You are showing up in hopeless situations, and we speak release to angel forces
Thank You for Your mercy and grace
Father, we pray for blind eyes to be opened
Declaring for light and truth to be over the church and over this nation
We thank You for greater wisdom and revelation in these days
Commanding blind spots to  be exposed and revealed
Reveal those things to us where we have been stuck
Yes, we will take the next step and move to the next level
Casting down all hopelessness and discouragement
Breaking off every chain of the enemy in the name of Jesus
Shaking those things off, calling for a greater release of Your Spirit
Today is the day that the Lord has made, and we will rejoice in it
It is time, today is the day
Arrows are being removed today!
We call for healing where those arrows pierced our hearts
Praying for a removal of enemy arrows
It is a time for healing and restoration
No, we will not be discouraged, but we will triumph in these days
Opening up and receiving Your healing mercies, Father
It is in Your perfect time that You will make all things beautiful
We lift up America and we call for interventions and breakthroughs in this nation
Thank You for a supernatural reset now!
Praying over a reset and a redirect over America
We pull back the curtains and pray for an exposing now
You are making a way for preparation and for a new season
Open up in Jesus’ name
Thank You for the winds of heaven to blow
Speaking light and life over each and every believer
We give You all the glory, honor, and praise today, Father

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