Prayer Summary for April 24


We trust You for what You said!
Lord, we want You to get all the glory and praise
There is a continual flow of revelation in the body of Christ
Time is moving on!


Things that will help the Church in the last days:

  1. Order your priorities—make certain that God is first in your life
  2. Stand on the Word—the Bible says the end times will be an age of deception
  3. Believe in the power of God—we cannot in these end times cope with only our own strength
  4. Persist in prayer—one of our great blessings from God is supernatural communication
  5. Rely on the Holy Spirit—many Christians seem to be afraid of the Holy Spirit
  6. Practice tough faith—the test of faith comes when all the circumstances of life turn sour

Continued Praying…

Lord, we yield to You
We come under the covering of the precious blood!
Thank You for Your anointing
Let the power of the Holy Ghost fall on us!
We yield to the Spirit of prayer now
Not by our strength but by Your strength and endurance!
Laying aside every lack and temptation to pull back or stop!
We have been given a commission and things to command!
We will not go back but will yield to the Father
Have Your way, Holy Spirit!
Seeing answers coming today!
One step up leads to another step up
Father, we believe for every ministry
We are not to only pray for ourselves, but we are to pray for the body of Christ all across the world
The giant—the body of Christ—rising up and going out!
Calling for great empowerment for the ministers and leaders in the churches
Sending equipment and supplies to them now
No more limitations or restrictions
Father, we pray for anointings to be released—now
You have raised and prepared them for such a time as this
We lift up the specific ones
Let them stand in the place to which You have called them
By Your Spirit, open that up for greater seeing and knowing
We prepare the highway
We turn up our expectation to walk in the presence of God
For others to see there is something unusual about us
To corporately come into Your presence continually
Father, thank You for favor that goes before us, our families, our pastors, and our churches
We plead the blood over every decision and plan today

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