Prayer Summary for April 23


We are so thankful for Your leading in our lives
Lord, we surrender all into Your hands—our will, our emotions, and thoughts
Send Your fire, Lord!
We pray for all of the willing vessels
Father, we thank You today that there is a great army in the church of God
Each one saying, “Send me filled with Your fire!”
Your fire burning away all that is not of You
Our prayer is that Your holy fire would consume every institution and place
Let Your Sprit blow on the glowing embers
Touch them in a new and fresh way with Your anointing
Show them that You are the way, Father, and that You have not left them
We are calling for more fuel in the wind of Your Spirit
Strengthen them by Your right hand
We loose angels and ministering spirits to go and assist our brothers and sisters
Let each one see You in Your resurrection power
There is a lifting up out of the muck and mire
Help the heads of homes take their places and lead in wisdom
Sharpen their senses
Binding the spirit of lethargy, apathy, discouragement, and depression
Hungry hearts feeding upon Your Word
Atmospheric conditions changing
Calling for a great awakening and shaking
The Church elevated by the Spirit and the Word
Stable and unshakable—fit for the Father’s use
It’s a new way of seeing and doing
Uncovering the light!
Throwing off the things of the world
Father, we pray for a revelation of whose we are and whom we serve
Ablaze for You!
Thank You, Father, for a cleansing and purifying
Touch the lips of the Church to be oracles of You
Framing our world with Your Words!
Let us know that we have been appointed for this day
Helps us to know You as our Father!
No longer playing church, but going about our Father’s business
Looking for Your great appearing
We must redeem the time!
Father, we cannot go without You even one day
Through Your Holy Ghost, transmit to us Your plans
Accuracy—we MUST have accuracy!
Moving from one level to another
We incline our ear to Your Word and Spirit!
Our determined purpose is to know You more!
For the body of Christ to be in wholeness and unity—nothing missing and nothing broken!
Touched by Your Spirit and filled with Your love
Our eyes are upon You!
Responding to Your Spirit
Places and callings are calling!
Set apart and separated unto You and Your Spirit

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