Prayer Summary for April 22


Pleading the blood of Jesus over this nation and this ministry, Father
The blood of Jesus keeps the destroyer back and it brings light and life today
Father, we are looking for You to show us Your will and plan
Looking for the Holy Spirit to reveal, unwrap, and disclose to us the things of the Spirit
Father, help us to stay in the middle of the road; help us to see by the Holy Ghost
Help us to hear Your voice, amplify Your words in our hearing, Father God
You have created the hearing ear and seeing eye
We trust You to communicate to us and through us by the Holy Spirit
What a privilege to be called sons of God and to live in this day and in this hour
We approach Your throne of grace, and its by Your blood that we can approach humbly and boldly
Applying the blood of Jesus over those that are near and dear to us
Pleading the blood over this ministry and over the ministries that we represent
Thank You for the blood that brings light and life to the church of the living God, today
Pleading the blood over the spiritual leaders all across this land
We sling that blood over our governmental leaders, over the President and his cabinet, and over all of those that are in places of authority
We declare that no weapon formed against them will prosper
No lies, no deception, no plots, plans, or conspiracies of the enemy will prevail in this nation
Calling for a spirit of revelation, grant wisdom from the highest kingdom dear, Father
Grant that they would be surrounded by those who will deliver to them the truth
Calling for believers on every level, to come up!
Thank You for the greatest day and the greatest hour in which we live
We are not going to draw back but we are going to press on to the high call of God in Christ Jesus
Our eyes are upon You, for You alone have the words of eternal life
Trusting You with our lives, trusting You with our families and with our church
Glory to the Lamb of God!


The following prophecy was given by Pastor Lynne Hammond on January 1, 1995: 


“And so it is that this year, it shall be marked. It shall be denoted. It shall be characteristic of the word ‘visitation.’ For My people shall begin to cry out to Me against their own self-indulgence, against their own self-dependence, against their own self-ability. And they shall cry to Me and surely as I visited the prophet of old, and there came a coal of fire that touched his mouth, that touched him, so surely I shall touch My people,” saith the Lord.

“I shall touch them with the wind of the Spirit. And that great wind shall blow upon them and they shall be hurled, and they shall mount guard, and they shall be prompted unto the place, the course, the plan that I have for each one and they shall be touched with the fire and like the Great Refiner’s fire, they shall stand pure for I am standing now and looking across the earth and I have begun to call My beautiful bride unto Myself. Things will begin to change now for watchers. You must watch upon the wall of the outpouring. The outpouring of young men seeing visions as Joel spoke, the outpouring of old men dreaming dreams, the outpouring of your children to prophecy and to stand in the presence of the Lord, and great gifts to be poured upon them. And so, surely, the plan shall go and flow for it’s not for you now to shrink back and not to go. It’s not time for you to turn back or look behind, but it’s time to move forward in the Spirit, wonderful and so sublime. For this year, too, shall be marked by a reverence, the fear of the Lord, and holiness shall come as I visit My people. For you know in visitation, there is a God-consciousness that comes; and when I come in power and glory, you shall surely know for it shall be different than anything that you have known before or could know.

“For this is the year of those things beyond anything that you could ask or think. And if the watchers will watch upon the wall of the outpouring, it will gain momentum. It shall gain more fire and more wind, and it shall blow as a hurricane on the day of Pentecost as it blew in that upper room it shall blow upon those and if they would not obey, if they would not hear the Spirit, then they should be removed and replaced and another that will obey will come in, for this is the time of the harvest.

Do not be concerned about your nation, for My eye is upon it now and you shall know a great harvest there-a harvest for the Kingdom of the Lord. Further than you know, further than Christians thought, for you’ll begin to call upon the name of the Lord concerning the leaders of your nation and I’ll turn some things this year.”

Father, you visit the nations, Lord. Let’s pray now for the nations.

Continued Praying…

The Spirit of God freely flowing and freely moving
Burn with the fire from Heaven, burn!
Move freely, once again, Father
Arise in Him, arise in Him!
The fire of God is piercing the darkness
Holy Ghost burn in their hearts, today!
An outpouring, O Lord!
Declaring for signs, wonders, and notable miracles, O Father!
It is in You alone, You are alive and You are the true and living God
We thank You that You are full of mercy and full of compassion, Father
Responding unto the call and the promptings of Your Spirit
We are obedient to You today, O God!
Lifting up all of the watchers, watching by Your spirit, Lord
Praying for a hastening dear Father, a mounting up to that place and plan
Gaining strength, movement, and momentum
Moving over to the great transition, there is going to be a movement today!
We will not forsake the assembly, Father
Calling for a great gathering and coming together
You are preparing the way; there is a clearing of religious stumbling blocks and traditions that would prohibit the free flow of the Holy Spirit
Lifting up all the proclaimers, all of the oracles, and mouth pieces of God
Grant boldness, courage, and utterance dear Father
Praying over the avenues and venues that will facilitate Your plan
We must be a clearinghouse for You O Lord!
There must be a transfer of that now!
Aid and assistance by Your Spirit
Supernatural transactions, Father!
We apply the blood over the atmospheric conditions
Walking carefully and circumspectly, adhering closely to Your Word
Direction and correction by your Spirit
We hear and obey even the smallest inclinations of Your Spirit
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom-fear only Him and His Word
Calling for boldness and courage, freshness in a new way
Standing upright, walking in that place with a full assurance of faith
You are the rock; O Lord and You have fitly joined us together
Father, incline our ear that we would hear Your Spirit and Your Word
We come over to that place loosed and free-we are not ashamed of the Gospel!
It is a different way of living, a different way of giving
We cast off those limitations, chains and bondages, that self-deception corrupted by the flesh
Overcoming every limitation-coming out of the mire, and coming up to the high places, seated with You
Knowing you and the resurrection power in this day and in this hour
Your ways are higher than our ways
There is a pressing, a pressing, Father
We are set apart, for Your plans and purposes
Each and every one, coming up, breaking free
Free at last, Father
We love Your sweet presence
Thanking You today for Your peace that surpasses all understanding
You are calling us to come up higher and stand up tall
We turn our faces to the wind-Spirit blow!
Trusting in You, today O Lord!

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