Prayer Summary for April 1

Morning Chapel Prayer Playlist
Morning Chapel Prayer Today


Thank You that we can come together and pray today
Your plan is for us to receive newness of life and we thank You for it
You have provided us with everything we need to fulfill Your call and plan
This is a moment of mobilization, that His glory would cover the earth
No, we will not take our foot off the pedal, but we will press on
You are the way maker and You are making a way for us
Thank You for renewal and for healing!
We are children of the most high God, and we have a right to take what is ours
Calling for every plot of the enemy to be exposed and revealed in these days
Yes, we know who we are and whom we serve
Casting down every evil plot of the enemy that would try to come against us
We have dominion, and You have called us for such a time as this
You are so good and You are living in and through us
Every form of darkness is being cast down in Jesus name
Stir us up in the things of the Spirit, Lord
Father, we thank You for Your flow
Thank You that You are in the move in and through our lives
We open our hearts and we ask that You would have Your way in us
Holy Spirit, we invite You in our hearts as we pray and worship You
Thank You for words of encouragement and words of light
Yes, we will be responsive to the move of the Spirit
Hearts and lives are being changed in these days, Father
Thank You for supernatural changes to be set in motion
Use us, send heaven through us and to us
Yes, that is being released in a new and vital way
We speak grace and peace to every believer
Mountains of impossibility be cast down
Speaking grace to insufficiency
Calling for grace to be over each and every believer today
Devil, take your hand off of every child of God
We submit ourselves to You, Lord
Yes, we will resist the enemy and every evil force that would try to come against us
Pleading the blood of Jesus over every believer; spirit, soul and mind
Praying for a renewal today, guide each and every one of us step by step
Thank You for a new level of discernment, a spirit of wisdom and understanding
Grant unto us eyes to see and ears to hear to recognize the time and the season we are in
We pray for clarity and illumination today, Lord
Our eyes are being opened and we would have clear vision
Yes, we have ears to hear all that You are speaking to us
Thank You for Your presence Father, for we have come to connect with You
Take us where You want us to go now
It is a new season and new experiences
Thank You for divine purpose, lead us into all that You have for us, Father
You have prepared us for such a time as this
We are hungry now, to be filled with the fullness of the Spirit
Yes, we will enter into Your assigned paths
Let everything that needs to be shaken!
Limitations are being broken off in Jesus name
Thank You for the fullness of God, for it is far above what we could ask or think
We want to walk the road that You have prepared for us, Lord
Reveal those things to us, prepare and move us, Father
Yes, we will respond and obey for all that You have for us today
Father, we come united together in the name of Jesus
We stand against enemy forces in America and worldwide
Yes, we are wise to the enemy’s devices
Lifting up the name of Jesus and we raise up the sword of the Spirit
No weapon formed against us shall or will prosper in Jesus name
We stand up against lawlessness, chaos and attacks from the enemy
Holding up the blood of Jesus over America today
Devil, you are not welcome in this nation or in this church
Angels, be released now to go and prepare the way for us
Enemy forces, stand down in the name of Jesus
No weapon formed against the church will prosper
The church is standing strong
We pray for a breaking through and a breaking down of enemy lines
Every evil advancement shall be cast down
Calling for a symphony of prayer today
Prayers come, prayers pray!
Declaring for a ramping up now of kingdom response and kingdom ways
We call for prayer now, to press down on the accelerator of Your divine purposes
It is opening in Jesus name, time released openings now to each and every believer
Thank You for God-ordained openings, and a transmission of kingdom operations
Open the gates we pray, prepare the way, Father
Opening, opening in Jesus name
Shake the nations, Lord, shake the nations
You are going to shake the nations in a God way!
It is a God front, and with it comes the glory
Thank You for a flow from heaven to earth in these days, Father
Yes, we pray and contend for the church to come together across denominational lines
We are moving forward as a united front
Thank You for a supernatural separating now, be deployed now!
Come out of there now, hear the call of God now!
Yes, we call for advancement in Jesus name
The Father is calling and summoning you, come now to the river
Come in Jesus name!
We pray for a gathering of the church now, as a mother hen gathers her chicks
Yes, we send out a net today and we gather them up, Father
Lord, we see and say, have Your way
Calling for those things to be set in motion, we call those gifts of the Spirit in
It is time and this is the hour
We pray for a stirring up, and we seek You for those things, Lord
Yes, we will march forward in the call You have for us
Calling for a breaking off of those things
Commanding a rising up of the gifts of the Spirit
Thank You for the fullness of Your Word
No, this is not an ordinary day, but it is the day You have made!
Calling them forth in agreement today, for they will come into full display

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