Morning Prayer Transcript for Wednesday, March 2, 2022

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Group begins session with worship…

Pastor Ken prayed about uncovering the enemy’s influence…

We pray, Lord, that the enemy would be found out in your circumstances, the enemy operating covertly and in a sneaky fashion, we pray right now in people’s lives and hearts, and in their marriages.

We pray that any demonic influence, any strategies, any new-agey stuff dressed up to look even like Christianity, we pray for an exposing and a revealing, a spotlight.

We pray for a spotlight being shined on those things.

Prayer for wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing…

Even people, people that are in a sheep’s clothing, Lord, that are trying to have access to our lives and in the church in different ways. But it’s really the enemy in disguise.

We pray for an exposing of them and a breaking down of the barriers and the walls and the deception.

We call things to light now, sin to light. Light, light, light be… We command it in the name of Jesus.

Prayer for grace on the broken places…

We pray for healing grace on the broken places. We speak healing and wholeness to brokenness … We pray for the broken hearted and the broken souls today and the broken mindsets today

We pray for wholeness and healing now to broken bodies today… to broken churches today… to broken leaders today.

We pray for a pouring in of restoration and oil and wine today… that healing would ensue in the days and months ahead… a healing wave, a healing flow right from heaven. We let it flow… a miraculous float, a sign and a wonder, and a works of healing flow like flowed out of the life of Jesus… right here at Living Word … right there where your church happens to be … That hearts would be healed… minds would be restored… bodies would be put back together … that relationships and families and situations and callings and dreams would be put back together in accordance with the plan of God and healed and made whole and prepared to move forward, for this hour in Jesus’ name…

Sister Jeannie shared…

I just got a picture of Forrest Gump when he was running with the braces on his legs. And the braces fell off and then he just kept running. And through that running, he gained influence. But it all started with the enemy chasing him.

Pastor Ken…

Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, absolutely. I was talking to one of my sons last night about something to that effect that you don’t change, no matter how much you pray, you’re not going to change, you’re not going to experience something different until you get up and go. Until you take a step. Maybe it’s a baby step but you take a step.

I’d mentioned a week or two ago that God is raising up and rallying an army of prayer activists, that while we pray and we have a post and a place and an assignment to pray, we pray but then we also act.Ex The Bible says faith without corresponding action is dead. And so we’ve got to step outside the boat like Peter to realize that we are capable of supernatural works of God, that we are capable of far more than we had ever imagined because God is with us.

And prayer is meant to supernaturally build courage in us, capacity in us. It’s meant to energize our faith and help us to catch what the directive is of the Spirit, so that we can go with Him in that direction and flow with Him in the way He wants us to go. And as we do so that’s when the power of God really hits for braces to come off and things to be built and healing to flow.

Sister Jeannie: Restoration is not stagnant… it’s active!

So restoration to gain influence … gaining influence… Father. I thank you right now that as bodies are healed, relationships are healed, systems are healed, old ancient ruins are rebuilt. They’re making a way for the Lord. They’re making a way for the kingdom because the restoration is not to be stagnant. It’s active. We declare an active restoration over the earth, over the Church, over the schools, over relationships. Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as in heaven…

Example of Forest Gump and his pure heart…

There are times when you’re going in the way you should go and you don’t even really know if you’re going towards the purpose. You are! Because you’re going in the way you should go. You’re being led by the Spirit. He didn’t know. He didn’t know that’s what was happening? Many of us are doing what God has told us to do, and we don’t know the influence we’re about to gain. Just keep going. And what I loved about Forest… I love how simple his character was. It was so simple. So pure hearted. Us having a pure heart does not mean we don’t have wisdom. It actually means we do have wisdom. He operated in such wisdom because of his pure heart and he gained influence.

Pastor Ken…

I was thinking a little bit just kind of along those lines, and I always want to impart concerning prayer, impart and teach, you know, little here, little there. Because as Jeannie said, God is preparing. There’s a preparing going on right now for what’s to come, for what God is doing and where we’re going. And even what’s to come after us. Perhaps in the next dispensation. Without a doubt, we’re praying out into other dispensations even.

God wants us to be prayer activists…

And so God is preparing us and one of the ways He prepares us through the teaching of His Word. And God wants to impart to us, lead us into a place where we are prayer activists. We pray and we act. And also students of prayer, understanding that the Bible teaches us that we’re to pray with all prayers, all forms and kinds of prayer. And oftentimes Christians just lump all prayer into one basket. And they assign the same rules and the same governance to every kind of prayer. But there are different kinds of prayer. There’s a marked difference between the prayer of faith and the prayer of surrender or the prayer of submission or consecration. Right? And I won’t go into a teaching on that maybe another day. But there are different kinds of prayer and there is a specific operation in prayer that God wants to accomplish. And He does that through different kinds of prayer.

In other words, praying in tongues is so important. It can’t be overstated. It’s truly profound and it’s truly the supernatural switch. It’s where we flip the switch on the supernatural. But then there are other kinds of prayer and other things that we must do that come into the equation of what God wants to accomplish to put the enemy on the run and bring about His plan in the earth. And so I want to read something in a moment.

Prayer is a two-way proposition…

I jotted this down: “But prayer is a two-way proposition. You give yourself to God and He in turn gives Himself to you.” I like that. We talked about how prayer starts with surrender, right? But in Psalms 46:10, that’s the first verse I wanted to share. It says “Be still.” One translation says, “Cease striving, stop your working.” And you’re processing in your mind constantly trying to figure it out and recognize that God has already figured it out and already made a way for you to go. So be still and know… let’s just stop there. Be still and know. That’s a great Bible doctrine right there. Be still and you will know. Be unstill and you will not know.

One of the things I have learned… I can remember back in college, that it really helped me to be still, to quiet my soul, because why much is done in praying in the spirit and that is such an essential part of our journey. There are things God wants to reveal to you in your understanding in your known language and understanding. Because there are other things you must pray in English or in whatever language you’re praying out and then in the known realm. Be still and know. And when you pray in the spirit, it helps you to calm down, to be at rest in your soul. Cease striving and be still.

“Well, Ken, how long do you need to pray in the Spirit to get to that place?”

It’s just depends. Sometimes I can do it for a few minutes. Other times I need to go a lot longer. But it has an effect on your soul and your consciousness, your mind. It aligns you with the voice and the frequency of heaven or the Word of God, because He’s always speaking. God is speaking 24/7. He never sleeps nor slumbers. He’s always speaking.

Here’s this other little thing that I’ve learned too. Jeannie and I were talking after prayer the other day that often is we don’t hear God… we don’t hear from back because we’re not asking questions. God likes it when we ask questions. The Bible says we have not because we ask not. He’s not overwhelmed in the least if you were to ask Him 101 questions in the next five minutes. He likes that. He delights in that because He wants to give you answers. He wants to respond. Heaven is in concert and in collaboration actively everyday, 24/7 in this world and in our lives right now.

The Lord solved a problem for me when I didn’t even ask Him to…

I’m reminded of that every day. I was doing some business or having a short meeting with someone yesterday at work here and we were talking about something completely unrelated to me and my prayer. And we were talking about some things coming up that we were trying to solve. And then this person asked me something personally about a situation. How’s it going? And I shared an update. And he went on to say, “Well, I’ll take care of that for you.” And he basically made a way whether I didn’t see really didn’t see a way for the situation. And he made a way just like that. I wasn’t even thinking about that situation. I had prayed about it. I said, “God, I need you to intervene. I need answers. I need you to make a way where there isn’t a way in this situation.” Heaven was still cooperating. And sending answers and prompting somebody in their heart to ask me a question, even though I wasn’t even thinking about it and brought a solution and an answer to prayer.

Quote from Brother Copeland…

Brother Copeland says the will of God is your wealthy place. So when you’re at your post, when you’re engaged, whether it’s prayer or whatever you do as a career or a calling or a purpose, when you’re at your post, running and flowing with God in the will of God, that’s where you’re going to be wealthy. Not just financially, but in every regard in your soul and in your relationships, and in answers and in a response from heaven.

John 16:13

God wants us to know. John 16:13 says “Howbeit when he, the spirit of truth, the Holy Spirit,” who’s here with us this morning. He’s in you. When he comes, Jesus said, He will guide you into all truth concerning your life, all the will of God, or plan of God for your future and life. He will guide you into all the truth for, “He will not speak on His own initiative or His own accord, but whatever He hears, He will speak to you.”

Ask Him questions…

Asking questions is a good way to prompt His ministry. Praying in the spirit, prompts His ministry. It gets you to a place of stillness and quietness, where you are ceasing from your efforts and you’re able to tune into Him… There is a frequency of heaven. There is a certain frequency that He broadcasts over, and that frequency starts with stillness and quietness and surrender.

Praying in the spirit helps us to get there. Paul, the apostle, talked about in 1st Corinthians 14, he said, “So then if you speak in a tongue, pray for the interpretation to be able to unfold the meaning of what you are saying.”

“Where are you going with this, Ken?”

Well, first God wants us to ask questions, pray for it and expect that He’s revealing the meaning of things to you as you pray in the spirit that He’s transmitting and disclosing things to you. Because oftentimes while we pray in the spirit much, there are other things He wants you to ask and pray out in English.

Quote from Nancy Dufresne’s book…

And to give you an example of that, I wanted to read a couple of excerpts from Nancy Dufresne’s book, “A Supernatural Prayer Life,” She gives a good example. Nancy says, “Speaking in other tongues is the door to the supernatural. It is the supernatural action that ushers us into operating in the gifts of the Spirit that flow as the Spirit wills.” So in other words, the gifts of the Spirit aren’t just for a select few leaders. And not just for in church. The gifts of the Spirit were given to the church for you and I to be equipped with and to function and operate and go with each and every day. That goes back to how I’ve talked about how God has ordained for us to function supernaturally in this hour. And it doesn’t look like fireworks, booming all around us or something. Most supernatural occurrences are very like… well, they’re just very normal and peaceful and can be overlooked sometimes. But they’re nonetheless profound and powerful and life-changing and supernatural.

“We aren’t the ones who decide when and how the nine gifts of the Spirit flow and operate. They fall only as the Spirit wills, but through speaking in other tongues, we make our spirits sensitive to the Holy Spirit and put ourselves in position to perceive when He wants to manifest Himself through one of the nine gifts.”

These are the things that’s going to get the world’s attention. These are the things, the gifts of the spirit, the power of God, the collaboration of the Church with the Spirit of God in the earth on a whole new level, that’s what’s going to bring answers and bring change and spark revival and cause the harvest to come in and the glory of God to fill the earth to the degree and magnitude that God intends.

“God has shown me things about my own life. Things about the lives of our children, things about the ministry we were called to. He has also shown me things that were helpful in the lives of other people. One such incident occurred as I was speaking in other tongues before I fell off to sleep one night. I lay in bed speaking quietly in other tongues. I saw a one-year-old boy with a very unsteady walk wander onto a driveway.”

She’s seeing this in her mind’s eye in the spirit, so to speak.

“And this little boy stopped behind a silver truck. While he was standing there, I saw a man climb into the truck, not knowing the baby was behind him and back over the child. When I saw that, I said, ‘I bind the spirit of death off that child in the name of Jesus. And I loose the power of God and the angels to protect him.’”

So she was praying in the spirit, not understanding what she’s praying. She’s praying in another tongue not known to her, but then because she did so, the switch was “flipped.” The Holy Ghost began to activate, reveal, transmit, and disclose things to her supernaturally. And she saw that image in her mind’s eye, which then prompted her to pray out in her known language, to bind the enemy, to loose angels, and to deal swiftly with that situation in another form of prayer.

We don’t deal with the devil in tongues. Now he flees when we pray in tongues. I guarantee it. But prayer in the spirit prays directly to God, according to the writings of the apostle Paul in 1st Corinthians 14. When you pray in the spirit, you’re praying directly to God. You have a direct audience with Him. But that activates the ministry of the Holy Spirit to show us things to come or things that we need to deal with or things that we need to pray.

That’s why oftentimes I’ll be praying along in tongue here in morning prayer and I might say a word and you’re like “That’s random, Ken. Why did you pray that word out?” That word in English. Like “breakthrough” or whatever. That’s because I’m sensing it. I’m interpreting my tongue and it might be a word, it might be a sentence, it might be a whole long prayer. But there’s a reason for that because that’s another kind of prayer that you shift over and that deals with the devil, deals with situations, releases your faith that must be done in English or in another form of prayer.




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