Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, June 19, 2019

To worship you I live – Bethel live

Ms. Jeani…

Father, we worship You today, right now in the stillness and in the quiet. We keep our eyes on You, magnify You, knowing that it’s You that lives in us and we thank You for it. Even in the culture that we live in, the culture of busyness, we settle into You, lean into You, rest in You, yield to You in quiet and in stillness this morning. Because when we are still, we intimately know that You are God.

If you have every had any friends with a garden, they usually have like a ton of zucchini. And then they want to give you a whole lot of zucchini because there is way too much going on. That’s a picture of the Kingdom.

Think about it. The seed is in the secret place and all the seed does is stay in the secret place. That’s it. It just stays in the secret place and then abundance and there is so much overflow that they’re compelled to give out. They are not only compelled to give out, they are compelled to figure out what to do with it all. Right? Zucchini bread… you know, whatever people do with all that zucchini. But that’s a picture of life in the Spirit.

Yesterday I was waiting for some test results from the doctor. And by the way, they were awesome results. Praise God. But in the meantime, my friend left me a voice message. She said, “Jeani, you don’t have to fight the fear. You just have to yield to His love.”

I thought “Wow, because perfect love casts out all fear.”

And then she said, “And if you are experiencing any fear, there is no condemnation because your Father loves you.”

Well, then God started showing me some things. So, I wrote a few down and it goes along with the zucchini analogy.

“’Faith works by love’. So, God isn’t a just a loving Father. He is love. So, faith works by getting to know God and receiving His love.”

And then, this part I am so massively happy about.

He said “The church has looked at this verse through performance lenses for too long and I am finished with it. ‘But without faith it is impossible to please and be satisfactory to God.’”

[Ms. Jeani has Ms. Heather come to the front to represent God]  God’s love for Jeani is massive and it’s abundant and it’s overflowing and every time He thinks of Jeani, which is all the time, He feels like He’s going to burst because He has so much to give.

It’s says “But without faith it is impossible to please and be satisfactory to Him. For whoever would come near to God must necessarily believe that God exists and that He is the rewarder of those that earnestly and diligently seek Him.”

So, here is God the loving Father [Heather] and here I am. And this loving Father is bursting with affection toward me. [Heather comes near to Jeani] Jeani says, “No. I don’t believe You are here. I don’t believe You even exist in my situation. I am just going to resist You. I don’t believe You care or You are going to reward me.”

It doesn’t please Him because He’s a loving Father that wants to lavish His affection on us. He is not pleased with our rejecting His love. It’s like in any other relationship. When you just want to give and that person rejects you, is that pleasing?

So, here is what it is not. [Heather starts beating up on Jeani.] This is how the Church has perceived it: “Well, I am not in faith so God’s just pushing me around and really mad at me. Oh no, (crying) I need to get in faith.”

That’s not the deal because He is love.

[Heather hugs her with joy and happiness.] “Oh my gosh, I know You exist and I know the reward is massive and exceeding! I love You, too!”

She’s even laughing [Heather]. That’s what the Father does when we receive from Him. That’s what the seed does when it stays in the ground. There is no one else there but you and the Father. That’s it. It’s just between you and Him. And so, you stay with Him. You let Him love you and out of that comes abundance. There is literally no performance in the kingdom. None, zero, zilch, nada, none! There is none. So, when it says faith without works is dead…

[Ms. Jeani has Heather come back and they joyfully hug.] Because from this, there is so much overflow, so much zucchini! The work is to hand it out. The work is to know what to do with it. That’s what this is about.

What I am doing is setting us up for when we pray. I am setting us up to position correctly with the Father when we are praying.

We are going to play this next song and what we are going to do is receive and let Him in. And however you want to do it, I don’t care what you do. You can stay where you are or get up front, sing, whatever is on your heart.

You are Taking Perfect Care of Me

The following excerpt was taken from Poverty, Riches, and Wealth: Moving From a Life of Lack Into True Kingdom Abundance by Kris Vallotton:

Although Jesus left heaven, heaven never left Jesus, because Kingdom prosperity always begins from the inside out. You can put Jesus in a manger, but you can’t put a manger in Jesus. Wealth, glory and power seeped out of His pores like sweat on a hardworking man on a hot, humid day.

Here is a case in point: Jesus went to a wedding in a village called Cana. Soon after He arrived, the party was in danger of ending prematurely because they did not buy enough wine to sustain all the guests. Mary, His mother, convinced Him to make more wine for the wedding. Jesus ordered the waiters to fill six stone water pots with water. The water instantly turned to wine (see John 2:1–11). There were no grapes necessary, which means the entire process of growing the vines and picking the grapes was bypassed. Furthermore, the long process of fermenting the wine, which takes years to complete, was also circumvented. When the headwaiter tasted the wine, he was stunned because it was so good.

It is important to remember that Mary is the one who insisted that Jesus make wine. How did Mary know that Jesus could make wine from water? Could she have experienced Jesus making wine at home? My point is that if Jesus could make wine from water in two minutes, then it stands to reason that He may have been living modestly on the outside, but wealth flowed out of His innermost being. Mary and Joseph may have been a middle-class carpenter family, but they might have been drinking wine that reminded them of heaven at home. In fact, the wine was so good that the Bible says that when Jesus made wine, He “manifested His glory.” Now, that is great wine! I guess He was not kidding when He said that He is the vine and we are the branches (see John 15:1–14).

Okay, Jesus manifested His glory at Mary’s insistence even though He said it’s not time. Come on! This whole thing is about relationship. You know when we dwell in Him, abide in Him, anything we ask. That’s what Mary did. It was the first miracle of greatest consequence. It was going to launch Him. Do you realize that? That’s when He was going to be put out on the scene. And He said to Mary, “Well, we are not ready to launch.” And Mary said, “Do what He says.”

Delay is not a part of the relationship with God. Patience, steadfastness, yes but not delay. We stay in constant relationship with the Father.

So, Father, we just thank You right now. Holy Spirit, You minister Your goodness to us. We open up our hearts, the gates of our hearts for the King of Glory to come in. And we just thank You for that right now. We thank You for it. We thank You, thank You.

Ms. Annie led us in worship…

Ms. Heather leads us in prayer for Landen…

We are in rest, in agreement with heaven knowing God has already healed Landen completely. It’s an active rest, a place of trust knowing our Father is always working on our behalf. It is still a discipline because we keep ourselves knowing it is through this place of rest we receive. We are not moving heaven, heaven is moving in and through us as we rest and speak to those circumstances.

With the eyes of your spirit picture precious Landen playing soccer, running with His friends, his brother and his sister. We see him well. We see him healed. We see him whole. We see him right now the way heaven sees him. Now picture his family tucked into the robe of papa God and He’s holding them close to His heart right now, safe, full of peace, full of hope, full of joy. Father God, the way You see Landen, healed, whole, well, prospering, walking in Your plan, walking in his divine destiny—we see that right now and say “We are in agreement with heaven this morning.”

Thank You for Your healing virtue. You are working in Landen’s body right now, working in his soul, his mind, his emotions, his physical body. We speak complete healing. We speak against trauma. In the name of Jesus, you have no place in that hospital room, you have no place in that family, and right now we speak peace, supernatural, overwhelming, beyond comprehension, peace overflows to that family now in the name of Jesus.

Ms. Jeani…

The blood of Jesus is a force field around the family and for the enemy to get to Landen or his family they would have to go through the blood. And he can’t do it. Landen is covered in the blood of Jesus.

Let hope rise up. Let joy be their strength like it’s never been their strength before. Let it overflow. Let them know and experience the manifested protection of the blood today.

Through this whole thing, they are seated at the table in the presence of all their enemies. They are partaking of Your goodness. They are being strengthened in the presence of their enemies even now. They are at the table receiving, receiving, receiving and the enemy has to watch. In fact the enemy will have to watch the rest of Landen’s life play out fully.  Even now the enemy is regretting anything he has ever attempted or tried because the Church has victory! Because Landen has victory!

He is a child. Exactly, that is how you enter the Kingdom of God—as a child, childlike faith! Landen has childlike faith that receives from the Father, that believes the Father.

I Corinthians 2:12 says we have not receive the spirit of this world system but the Spirit of God so we would come to understand and experience all that grace has lavished upon us. The spirit of the world came after Landen. But the Spirit of God causes Landen to understand and experience all that grace has lavished upon him. The Spirit of God has come to cause Landen’s family to understand and experience all that grace has lavished upon them – massive grace, the grace that breaks every chain, the grace that makes the way. The Spirit of God has come to cause the doctors, the nurses, the media to understand and experience all that grace has lavished upon him.

We declare right now, the platform that has already been set for this whole thing… There are so many times in the Word where You set a platform. When the enemy comes in to attack and then Your glory rushes in and gets it done. And then there is a fear of the Lord over the land.

We declare a fear of the Lord over the media as a result of what You’ve already done for Landen and his family. We declare a fear of the Lord over the Twin Cities as a result of what You have already done for Landen and his family. And we thank You for it now. It causes the media, the Twin Cities to understand and experience Your glory.  And like Mary said “Do what He says.” Anything that says there has to be a delay in Landen’s recovery, we say “Do what He says.” We say to those organs, we say to every cell, every neuron, every system in Landen’s body, “You do what Jesus says!” And we thank You for the very best that has already come to pass on Landen’s behalf in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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