Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Pastor Ken…

Well good morning, everyone. Hello to everyone joining us online.


Father, we thank you this morning that your presence is here to meet us, to connect with us.

We lift up the holiday seasons that are before us, as family and friends and we all join together and come together to celebrate and enjoy one another’s company.

We pray out ahead of these holidays that you would go before us into our families and households…

We pray that you would prepare a way and that your presence would in a remarkable and fresh way, invade our hearts, our lives, our family gatherings

I plead the blood of Jesus over this prayer community and what you’ll be doing, whether it’s traveling or preparations, your celebrations… I plead the blood of Jesus over you and we agree together that you would visit our households, that you would visit our celebrations.

We take authority over illnesses and accidents and division and strife that might be stirred up because maybe family members are getting together and things happen…

We declare that no weapon the enemy will try to form against us, we declare in advance it will not prosper.

We go out into the future and we thwart every tactic, every strategy and pitfall and lie and deception and temptation and issue and lack or need… we thwart the enemy’s attempt at that.

We release heaven’s provision, answers, protection.

We pray, Lord, that you would help us to just walk in line with your supernatural guidance all through this Christmas and New Year’s season into the new year

We agree for a release of hope and well-timed help to flow into our brothers, our sisters, our children, our grandchildren, our spouses, our coworkers today… and we don’t even realize that they’re thinking about giving up or quitting on their life or in some other way.

Lord, we pray for a release and an assignment of God’s power and grace and even angels to go …

We release you angels, “Go” on assignment and minister on behalf of those that we see even our own family members.

We pray for breakthroughs. Lord that you would show up even as you did in the midnight hour with Paul in Silas as they sang praises…

We dispatch and schedule angels to be released at the right time to be sent on assignment this holiday season.

We pray for supernatural triggers to be put in place and be released to bring forth breakthrough, to bring forth turnarounds…

Missionary. I see missionaries… this isn’t the end. You’re coming out of that persecution. We speak deliverance to those ties and those jail cells and to those work camps and to that accuser in the natural. But as a spiritual root, we speak peace, we speak release, we speak freedom to you— soul, mind, physically, if you’re in a cell or bound in some way. We speak release and breakthrough to you today in Jesus’ name.

We agree with you that the setback, that the loss, that the disappointment, that the persecution, we prophesy is going to backfire in the face of the enemy.

It’s going to backfire on the kingdom of darkness and be truly a setup and a fresh and new platform to propel you in 2023 to new regions, to new places, to plant new churches, to preach the Gospel in a greater way for your church to rise and thrive, even from the ashes of loss and what the enemy has done.

We agree and decree today that the ashes that you find yourself in, that the loss that still reverberates in your mind and in your heart, we declare that’s turning today. We declare that you are rising today.

At the end of 2022, now into 2023, we decree and declare that you are rising up from those ashes, from that loss, from what the enemy has done. You’re rising up to be reborn.

Jesus taught us and told us to occupy till He comes. And so, Father, we pray and agree that you would supernaturally lead us and orchestrate our steps at the end of 2022. Because your Word teaches that how we leave a season determines how we enter a new season. And so we pray for a strong finish to 2023. We declare that over Living Word’s ministry and finances, over Pastors Mac and Lynne… We pray for a supernatural Holy Ghost boost to cross the finish line of 2022 and finish strong.

Pastor Ken…

I was just recalling that the scripture reads that there was more than one account in the life of Jesus where He recognized His limitations… His limits, in other words. And He stepped away from the busyness of ministry and what He was doing at the time. In some instances, almost dramatically like, “Disciples, it’s time. Let’s go.” And they got in a boat in almost a dramatic fashion and went to the other side to just simply be alone with one another for Jesus to be with this Heavenly Father.

I remember an old poster from maybe World War II. Uncle Sam is on this poster with his top hat and his white beard pointing, and saying, “I want you.” I want you to enlist. Or I want you to buy a war bond. Or whatever…

And I sense our Heavenly Father in a loving, gracious way with a smile on His face saying, “I want you.” He wants you. He wants us. He wants us to recognize our limitations. God is glorified when we recognize our limitations. Christianity in the church teaches us it’s about what we do and our performance and our own goodness, our own faithfulness. But the last time I cracked open my Bible, it was about His goodness and what He’s done, and the fact that when I’m weak, He gets glorified because then I lean into Him and He makes me strong. I’m strong in Him. And that in Him, we’re to live and move and have our being.

And so it’s not about achieving or striving. Some of us need to recognize the Spirit of God is pointing the fingers saying, “I need you. I need you to stop striving and struggling and trying in your own ability out from your own intellect or limited level of wisdom.” He just needs us to come to Him—like Jesus. Recognize that we are deficient. Recognize that we are limited. Recognize that we don’t have all that it takes.

God set this up so that we would be dependent on Him. That we would live by faith and not by sight, by believing and not by seeing.

The Lord delights in your presence with Him. We talk about His presence. He likes and loves, in fact, enjoys your presence. The Bible talks about how Jesus is our high priest. He’s the one who watches over to perform His work in our lives. He’s the one who ever lives to minister. In fact, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, they get energized, they are blessed, they are energized and increase when they have the opportunity to minister to you, to serve you, to cause rivers to flow from you.

He said, “I enjoy you…”

I remember one time years ago, I was just spending time not in some deep place of prayer, but just at my kitchen table, looking out the window, just spending time ministering to the Lord, lifting my hands, and just ministering to Him and just delighting my heart in Him. And just down on the inside where my heart is, I just heard these words: “I enjoy you.” He’s not a respecter of persons. He enjoys you too! He wants to be with you… God the Holy Spirit. He is our answer. He is the one who is wanting and attempting to get some things over to you today.

In fact, I was thinking about how the Lord wants us to learn to receive. The Father wants us to learn how to more readily receive from Him. And it’s not because we’re good. Instead, it’s because He’s good. There’s no end to His goodness. There’s no end to His increase. The Bible says concerning the increase of His kingdom, there will be no end.

Under the Old Testament, it says that His desire and design is that you and your children would increase more and more in just the weightiness of His favor. The fullness of His goodness to be filled and increased in health and joy and wisdom. He wants you to grow up into the fullness of the stature of Jesus Himself. Because we live in an hour where God has an assignment on the church, has an assignment on you and me. And you may think it’s a call to the missions field or to start a company or to run this or do that or whatever that is, or to raise your kids. And those are all high callings. But the truth be told in this generation, His call is that we would come up and grow up into a place where we’ve become truly beacons of light. Where literally and even physically, the generation that surrounds us that are hurting and searching and looking for hope and life and truth would see you coming down the street and say, “You look like the one I’ve heard about. You look like an angel.” Because we are shining with His brightness. We’re filled up with His goodness.

God is looking for a landing strip…

God is looking for a landing strip, if you will. Individuals He can land upon and light up with His glory. That is the call of God on this generation concerning the church, concerning you and me. And I prophesy that over you this morning, that people would come up to you and not even know how to put words to it. Some will, because they have a church reference and they say, “You look like Jesus.” Others won’t have a church reference and not really know how to categorize it in their minds. They’ll just, “There’s something about you. There’s an aura, there’s a presence. What is it with you?”

Heaven is coming to earth!

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