Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, April 10, 2024

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Pastor Ken…

Welcome everyone! God has something specific and really good for us today that He wants to accomplish. So I’m excited to enter into His presence.


Minister hope into hearts.
Healing anointing to flow freely to hearts and lives and emotions and bodies.
Healing anointing would be released.
Supernatural works and acts of God the Holy Spirit would be free to function.
Supernatural divine flow of resource and supply to every heart, every home, every situation.
Heavens open up over hearts, over lives.
To shift what the enemy intends… to harass and trouble.
We say in Jesus’ name, “Stop it, devil… we adjure you by the name of Jesus and command you on the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, to cease and desist in your operation… in your harassment of the house of God, of any individual in this place or online this morning, or in our household…”
A breaking open of what has been locked and hidden and limited.
We pray for change to come to hearts and lives and situations.
May you find fame in this generation.
Let a new order come today… a new order in hearts and in lives, to churches, families, and marriages, and homes, a holy-intended order now a fresh and new alignment.
Open eyes… open ears… unstop hearts.
Unstopping of hearts and an opening up of people’s perception and spiritual discerning faculties.
That we would recognize this is that day that was prophesied long ago. We are that people selected and chosen by the hand of God. We are that people. This is that generation. Now is the time of your holy visitation. Yes, Lord, all over the nation in Jesus’ name… all over Israel today.
Let your hand, Lord, be extended and move upon Israel. Move upon America. Move upon the church we pray.
We pray for open eyes… Wake up, church. It’s time to wake up and be shaken on the inside by the mercy of God that you would wake up now and recognize your appointment with heaven and with the Spirit of God. He’s at the door. Do you hear Him knocking?

Prayer for broken places…

We pray, Lord, for broken places today… We pray for water to be poured upon the broken places and ground that it has been unproductive in hearts, in lives, in churches.

Prayer for crashing waves…

We pray for crashing waves of healing, crashing waves of glory, crashing waves… it’s like floodgates are opening. It’s pouring. It’s pouring now. Lord, let there come a pouring of glory, a pouring of awakening, a pouring out of the heart of God the intentions of the Father upon a generation.

Father, we contend in a united way as we look for your appearing Lord, that you would pour out what must be poured out from your heart, Lord, to this generation. In order to prepare the way, in order to prepare hearts, in order to reap the harvest, in order to awaken, awaken, awaken the church.

Just let His presence touch you this morning. He’s moving this morning. He’s doing … He’s saying … He’s aligning… He’s changing…

Word of exhortation…

Ha, ha, ha… You may not know this yet, but the Lord is delivering help right now. It’s not Amazon Prime. It’s not that blue-gray van. It’s the Spirit of God. Just welcome Him in. Just say to yourself, “It’s going to be all right. I refuse to let my heart be troubled. I refuse to be downcast or concerned about the future. And what it may hold, for help is showing up to my door today. The door of my heart, the door to my soul, the door to my situation…” He’s knocking, He’s revealing, He’s come to deliver and not just a little but in abundance, till the full, till it overflows what you need and what is necessary. What is requisite for your calling, for your transformation, for the demonstration of the plan of God, not only to you, but through you. He’s bringing the help of freedom and liberty and joy in the Holy Ghost. Ha, ha, ha… Oh, just let Him do it. Let Him do it now.
Some of you just need to say, “Lord, I let you do it. Please do what you want to do in Jesus’ name.”

Be intentional with your words…
Some of you need to be intentional with your words. Intentionally use your words to give the Holy Spirit not only in morning prayer, but all day long permission… permission… permission. Refuse to let your words be obstinate and stout, to use an old King James word, or opposing or contrary to what God has revealed already in His Word. Speak in alignment and in agreement with His Word and His promise and His voice to your heart. Take hold of that and say that. Your words are prayers. Your words are prophetic. The Lord covets and needs our words now. Not just any old words. Random words. Hot air breathed out of our mouths. He needs intentional, purposeful God-inspired words to come forth now. Yes, in morning prayer, but also in the day-to-day rhythms, even the mundane moments and the small moments of life.

Flow in your heavenly prayer language…

Yeah, come on now. Just let some rivers flow this morning. Let help come through the flow that He intends to pour through you. So pray in other tongues. Pray in your heavenly prayer language. Don’t just watch online or listen while you do the dishes, but pray out in the Holy Spirit wherever and whenever you’re joined with us. Pray out right now in the Holy Spirit.

“Well, Ken, I’ve never prayed in another tongue.”

Well, I pray that you would be baptized right where you are, wherever you are in the world, whatever time of day it is, whatever situation you find yourself in. I pray right now that you would be baptized with the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in another language, in tongues with fire.

There is a holiness about what God is doing right now. This is the moment of history before He returns. You better believe there’s a whole lot of activity.

And so I pray right now, Lord, that holy fire and a holy furtherance in prayer languages, in Spirit-inspired flow would now be baptized that people in this chapel and online would be baptized afresh this morning with that furtherance and that new flow in Jesus’ name.

And if that’s you, I want you to raise your voice and I want you to articulate whatever word comes out of your gut, not your head, but your heart. Just let it rise up even if it sounds strange to you, just speak it out and give yourself to it and pray.

May the flood gates open this morning. Where there’s been a stalemate, a stoppage or blockage, or hindrance, Lord, I speak flow… I pray for a release of Holy Ghost flow in hearts right now.

Divine sweeping…

Even as we pray in other tongues, He’s sweeping some things away now… The divine hand of God is sweeping now just like a river that opens up and begins to flow on a whole other level. The Lord is sweeping our hearts… flushing out that blockage, that stoppage, that hindrance, that despair, that discouragement, that “woe is me” kind of mentality. It’s time to go. Every work of the devil, every bit of harassment, every noise and clutter and thing that has tried to attach itself to our hearts to stop us…

Woman gave forth a word about the fire…

My children, listen to the words of My minister this morning. They are not his words. They are mine. I’m calling you to open your hearts and draw near to Me, and I’m also comforting you to not be afraid of My fire. You have asked for the fire of My Spirit and My power and presence to rest upon you. Do not be afraid of My fire. My fire’s purpose in your hearts is not to hurt and to injure, but it is to bring truth and to bring purity. My desire is to purify your hearts for these last days, to get rid of the debris and the things that clog and obstruct your ways. Let My fire burn. Let My fire come. Open your hearts to the fire of My Spirit and let My fire do a work of cleansing and purifying such as never before.

Please know, My children, that then you will begin to see things you’ve never seen before. You’ll come up out of the deep of discouragement and struggles out into the deep of My water. Let My fire burn and purify so that you could hear things you’ve never heard before in the issues of your family, of your business, of your circle around you, the struggles. They will be gone. Just open up to Me and let Me take over and let My fire burn. It’s a good thing. You will grow. You’ll be strong. And you’ll understand things you never heard before. They will be revealed to you by My Spirit. So My children, open, open… I cry out to you. I have so much more in these last days to open. Let My fire come and purify, and you’ll see My power. You’ll see miracles. You will see change. You’ll see victory. And you will see a healing, saith the Lord your God.

Pastor Ken…

It’s time to repent…

I sense too that that is the word overarching that the Lord is speaking to the church right now and speaking to America and probably every other nation and that is that it’s time to repent. It’s time to humble ourselves into the mighty hand of God as a nation, as a body of the church.

I’ve often said that repentance is an act of spiritual warfare. It shuts down every access point of the enemy in your life. I think that it is significant …

Signs in the heavens…

I’m not one of those who’s got an interpretation for every cosmological thing that happens, meaning in the stars and the heavens. But I do believe that the solar eclipse that we just witnessed the other day perhaps was a reminder in the sun. Jesus said there would be signs in the last days in the sun, the moon, and the stars. But a reminder for repentance. It’s interesting anyway that the eclipse’s path crossed over seven cities by the name of Nineveh. And one of them being Rapture, Indiana. One of the cities outside of those seven, anyway. Nineveh was known for what? Their sinfulness. And Jonah was sent there to call them to repentance. And they did repent. And there was mercy in Nineveh long ago.

And I believe that’s what God intends for America, that He would have mercy on our shores and on our land and on our people. And so as followers of Jesus, we need to take heed to what the Spirit of God is saying. And He’s calling for us to humble ourselves under His mighty hand, not only for ourselves where we need to repent, but also for those in our households and those in our city and our churches and our nation that are far from Jesus, who’ve gotten off track. And in our nation that are way off track, not even close. We can stand in the gap. That’s one purpose of the prayer of intercession. It allows us to enter into the middle ground between what God intends and what’s really happening in a nation or a situation or an individual’s lives. And contend! Contend means to fight in prayer… to hold up the banner of God’s Word and intent and say, “Lord, let this be so in the land. Let this be so among this people to remind God.”

Prayer, the great John Wesley in the 19th century once said, is simply God looking over the banisters of heaven and seeing His Word and His ways reflected back to Him. And we know that His Word is that all would be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. We know that He desires mercy over judgment. We can take the simplicity of those two passages and many, many more. We know that He desires that all would know a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God and His will for their lives. And we can reflect that word in the simplicity of our prayer times and say, “Lord, I pray that so and so that our nation, that our leaders would have a spirit would embrace and receive and be saturated with the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you, Lord, and your plan.”

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