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Pastor Folu…

2024 is going to be a powerful year…

2024 is going to be a powerful year. Saints, we could just have a “selah” right there. 2024 is going to be a powerful year. Hmm. Look at what the Lord has to say about it. The Devil will get all upset. But who does he think he is? I took his power away from him in his own domain. I embarrassed him in hell, right in front of all that served him and destroyed his power and brought him to naught. He has nothing left but the lie. And he’ll lie and lie and lie. He will upset a lot of people.

Dunamis power…

I think we all know about the Greek word translated “power” is Dunamis. So God is saying that you and I this year we’re going to do mighty works and wonderful works. Powerful. Another word for strong, influential, convincing, effective. It’s interesting that the holy one would start out saying some things about the enemy, about this year. And I think as a church, I’m talking to the church of Jesus now too, to you folks online… This is an area that we need to become more effective in dealing with the enemy. Because just like the head of the church said here that He embarrassed him in hell, right in front of all that served him and destroyed his power and brought him to nothing.
He is nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
He’s under our feet.
The Bible even says that when we see him on that day, we will narrowly consider him and say, “Is this the one, is this the imp that did all these crazy works in the earth? Is this him?” Saints, why do we have to wait till the end of days before we narrowly consider him? Why don’t we begin to narrowly consider him now and begin to check some of the things he’s doing?

I’m very happy and thankful that this church is a church that is willing to preach the full counsel. A lot of churches will stay away from things pertaining to the Devil, the enemy. “Oh, we don’t touch that. Go somewhere else.”

A man’s search for a church to help him with his oppressed wife…

It was interesting… A few months ago, a gentleman called all the way from California. And I had the privilege of talking to him. He was talking about how his wife is being oppressed and having all kinds of problems. And I said, “How in the world did you call all the way from California to Minnesota? How in the world does that happen, that out of all the churches in America, you called Living Word? Why Living Word?”

He has no connection with us at all. I said, “So how did you find us? He said, “Well, I went online and I put in something concerning demons, devils, whatever. And your church came up.” I said, “What?” So somehow on Google, Living World comes up as a place to call for to help with this. I said, “Wow, that’s interesting.” And I think one of the reasons why this is so important in these days is because so many people are trafficking, some of them are knowingly in the realm of the spirit.

Brother Hagin’s experience in a Mormon church…

I am reminded of Brother Hagin. Back in the day, he said he had just finished preaching in Oregon. And he had been studying up on Mormonism. So he wanted to go to the Mormon church. They were driving, going back home. It was him, his wife, and Ken Junior. So brother Hagin said they were going through this Mormon church in Utah. The church gave them a guide to lead them the grounds. He said, “All of a sudden as they’re walking, he hears a big “thud” behind him.” And he did not look behind to see what was going on because he was kind of paying attention to the guy that was leading them. And then all of a sudden his wife said, “Kenny, Jr. Kenny Jr.” His son had fallen down so hard that his shoes literally came off. That was an impact.

And then all of a sudden, his son began to coil up, foaming at the mouth… within seconds! He said right away, all kinds of thoughts started coming to his heart, his head that the enemy is saying, “Oh, you preach about Jesus. Look at what I’m doing to your son right now.” He said it happened so fast. He grabbed his son, and said, “Come out of him in Jesus’ name. Come out of him!” He said it took him three times saying that and that devil left him. He told his wife, “Let’s get out of this place. We’ve come onto the turf of the enemy and he’s tried to take a hold of us.”

Too many people are delving into the occult…

Saints, so many people today, unbeknownst to them, are trafficking in this area: Ouija Board, Dungeons and Dragons… even on TikTok. On TikTok, if you go in there and do a search on witchcraft, so many kids are wrapped up in this nonsense. And the only place that has the answer is the Church of Jesus. No place else. They can go to a psychiatrist. They can go to a psychiatrist, but unless the psychiatrist is a born again Christian that knows some things about helping people in this area, he’s of no use.

But Jesus said it’s going to be a powerful year…

But look at what Jesus said. It’s going to be a powerful year. He could have said anything here, but He decided to talk about the enemy. That he’s nothing. And that the church of Jesus is going to be skilled more and more in these last days in helping people get free. Because that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.

Testimony of man with family involved in demonology…

A few weeks ago, a man between 30 and 40 called Living Word, and he got ahold of Pastor Micheal and said, “I need some help. I’ve been coming to your church for a few months now, but I just need help.” So Pastor Micheal wanted me to be in on the conversation. So we started talking to this gentleman. Literally everybody in this guy’s family is into devil worship. This is a suburbian guy. Not Minneapolis, not Africa. Right here in the suburbs of America. He said, “I don’t know what it is, but literally all of my friends have been introduced into Demonology and they’re all serving the devil right now.” He said, “Even at night in my house…” because of the association and some of the people he has living with him, “at night, my bed will be bouncing up and down when I’m trying to sleep.” I said, “Yeah, you need help for sure.”

And here’s the good news for this young man. The Lord gave me a prescription for him. I said, “Okay we can definitely help you here at Living Word, but you got to put some skin in the game. Here’s the prescription if you want to be helped. Start coming to every Wednesday night service. Start coming to every 5 p.m. service on Saturday. Start coming to every 9 a.m. service on Sunday. Start coming to every 11 a.m. service for a season. And then we’ll continue going from there.” Originally, he wanted us to come to his house and cast all these demons out and all that. I said, “Well, before we get to that, you got to put some skin in the game first.”

And here is the good news…

The next time Pastor Micheal and I met with the guy, the Lord had done so much drastic change in his life. He said, “I’ve been smoking and drinking since I can remember.” Right away, when we got done with him that day, the Lord took away the smoking. And then by the time we met up with him, the drinking was done. He was such a different man.

I am embarrassed him in hell. Right in front of all that served him and destroyed his power and brought him to naught and brought him to nothing. So I said through the airwaves, everyone that is watching, if you need help, God has people here at Living World that can help you. You don’t have to continue being in bondage for the rest of your life. There is help available. Bless the Lord.

The enemy manifested during the Prayer and Presence Conference…

Saints, you know this crazy devil, he thinks he’s so smart. When we had the Prayer and Presence Conference, we had a lot of Asian folks that came for those meetings because of Miss Heidi. There were seven young Asians, between the ages of 15 and 20 that received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They were excited. They were happy. And the enemy tried in that moment to afflict one of them because of her background in shamanism. And tried to afflict that girl right up in front right after the first service and try to put that girl out. I said, “No, not here. You foul thing trying to take advantage and make a scene up there.” Brother Leif had to come around and said, “We’ve got to get this girl out of here. We’re going to get her to the back somewhere because she’s making a scene right now.”
Powerful year.
So saints, who is the powerful one? You are. You are! And not everybody is called into this area, but everyone needs to know enough to be able to do some rudimentary and elementary work to help people that are bound up. At the very least, just pray for the power of God to drive out whatever is inside that person, especially if they give you permission. Hallelujah!

The gift of the discerning of spirits…

Saints, one of the things the Lord has said will help us in this last day and will be prevalent is the gift of discerning of spirits. Now, I shared this last night at Healing School. Some of you might know Buddy Harrison, brother Hagin’s son-in-law. This guy was saved, filled with the Holy Ghost. Brother Hagin was praying one day and all of a sudden, the discerning of spirits opened up his eyes and he started seeing this young man walking on the street with three demons behind him. Back then they used to wonder “What is wrong with this guy? One day he is in church. The next day he is not.” And his family members used to say, “Is this schizophrenic? What is wrong with him?” No! It was the enemy… three demons. Think about that. Saved, filled with the Holy Ghost.

And so the Lord showed brother Hagin, “You see those three demons behind him as he is walking down the street. Sometimes the one on the left will say something to him and then he will go that way. Sometimes the one in the middle will say something to him, and he will go that way. And the Lord said, ‘Deal with that situation.’” Brother Hagin commanded that thing. And in 10 days, that guy was set free.

Sometimes we chalk up demonic things to natural stuff…

So there might be situations that people are dealing with. Maybe your family members, your friends, people you know. And many times, we’ll chalk it up to natural stuff. “Is he manic?” There might be some of that. There might be some schizophrenia in there. But what about the enemy too? So we’re going to pray about this, because some of you know people in your family that maybe you, yourself, you have wondered about them. “Is he okay? What’s wrong with him? What’s wrong with her?”

Be careful where you allow your kids to go…

And another thing I said last night at Healing School, please be careful where you allow your kids and your grandkids to go do sleepovers. It sounds so innocent. Well, they’re just going to go do a sleepover over here. Because some people have come back from sleepover and their child was never the same because of what they’ve exposed them to. Please be careful about that. Be careful. Really screen out.

In the last days, there will be much deception…

And in these last days, there’s going to be a lot of deception. That’s one of the reasons why the Bible says why the head of the church told us in the Word that even the elect, even people like you and I, if we’re not careful, will be deceived. Why does deception happen? I know a few people that used to be men and women filled with the fire of God, burning red hot. They were pastors. But now there are no more. They’ve gone back into the world. Just like Paul said about Demas. “Demas has gone back and forsaken me and gone back into the world.” How can somebody like that, that had a church, that had members forsake the Lord and go back into the world? It’s happening left, right and center. Because of the beguilement of the enemy, because of the lies of the enemy, like the head of the church said.

The kingdom of God is about righteousness, peace, and joy…

Something happened on April 1st that changed my entire outlook going forward in terms of this wonderful Jesus. There’s a scripture that we all know. And the Lord has really magnified it for me since what happened on April 1st. I’ll get to that in a minute. The Bible says, “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.” Righteousness, peace, and joy.

On April 1st, I had the privilege of having a meeting with the guest service leaders here at Living Word. So we are in Meeting Room One. The meeting is scheduled for two hours, 6:30 to 8:30. So we’re in the room having a meeting… not a church service, a meeting. And then all of a sudden, the lady’s sitting to my right starts laughing, but not out loud. And then I look at her eyes, they are full of tears. I’m like, “What’s going on?” And so I continued with the meeting. Every few minutes I would look at her. And it’s like she’s holding herself, like she wants to bust out laughing, but she knows that she’s in a meeting and so she’s trying to hold it together. She’s basically smiling and laughing. I’m like, “I’m not saying anything funny. What’s going on here?”

I was very slow to pick up what was going on because it was not a church service. It was a meeting. Like, what is this? So that happened on April 1st. And this past Saturday, the lady was serving at guest services and she said, “Folu, I wasn’t trying to be disruptive.” I said, “No, you were not being disruptive. I picked it up later on that the Lord was touching you.” She said, “Yeah, I’ve been going through a lot of stuff lately.”

So do you know what came out of that for me? The Lord was saying, “Son, would you be willing to allow the meetings that you have to become disruptive so I can touch My people?” I said, “Oh, of course, Lord.” He said, “You might say, of course, Lord, but you don’t know how many of my kids would not allow Me to move in a service.” You don’t know how many of my kids will check people that are having a little situation in a service and say, “We got to pay attention to the message. It can’t be disrupting the services.”

She came to me and said, “Thank you. I am so different since Monday.” And then the Lord began to remind me. Some of you know brother Rodney Howard Brown; he used to come here. He talked about back in the day, he would ask the Lord at the services where he would go to, “There’s nothing happening. It’s so dry. Lord, do something.” He would cry out to the Lord, “Do something, do something.” And then all of a sudden, it began. And people started laughing and smiling and he was like, “What’s going on? Why are people disrupting the service?” The Lord said to him, “You are the one that asked Me to do something. I’m doing something!” He said, “If you don’t want it, because I know it’s unorthodox, it’s not the norm, if you don’t want it, I’ll give it to somebody else.” Oh, no, no, no, Lord, I want it. If that’s what it takes, touch your people.

And then the Lord started teaching me about this righteousness, peace, and joy. He said, “Son, a lot of My sons and daughters that minister the Word, they do a great job teaching about righteousness. A lot of them there’s great teaching on peace. But the joy part is so lacking… so lacking.” He said “Many times, I want to move. I want to touch people. I want to do stuff, but I’m just hemmed in like ‘not now. I need to get through this Word. Not now.’

So I want us to give place to this righteousness, peace and joy. Especially now in this day and age, there’s so many things that are stressing people out, especially Christians. They’re allowing themselves to get stressed. And so what the Lord was communicating to me with that lady… and that thing went on for about an hour. I would just look at her and it was like she was trying to hold it together and she was laughing. I’m like, “Wow.”

And the Lord said, “Son, a lot of My kids have so much stuff going on that they need to be in a place where I can touch them. That was a place where I could touch My daughter because it was two hours that I had that I could touch her. Because right after that, she has to go get her daughter because she’s a single mom now. She has to go get her daughter. She has to do this. She has a full-time job. So she’s always on the move. And so it is like for a lot of My kids, they’re always on the move and I’m trying to touch them. I’m trying to minister, but there’s no way. And so somewhere I just have to get them when I can get them. And that was a captive place. And that was when I could just touch her.

2024 is going to be a powerful year!

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