Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Ms. Annie led us in singing I Want More of Your Presence

Brother DJ…

This is the day the Lord has made
Another day to praise You, worship You, and glorify You
You are wonderful, You are glorious
You are great, You do miracles today!
You are worthy to be praised
There is none like You, none like You!
And You are reigning in us today, we take our place in You
Make Your way in us, Jesus!
Your mighty presence, Your unfailing mercy – today
We want more, more of Your beautiful presence
And I was glad when they said “let us go into the house of the Lord”
Thank You, Jesus, Thank You, Lord
We will bless You at all times and Your praises shall ever be in our mouth
Oh, magnify the Lord with me!
(Spontaneous Praise!) Hallelujah! Praise You, Lord!

Ms. Cindy…

We magnify You, Father, over every situation
You sent Your Word and healed them all, You are the God of miracles
There is none like You, all power and all authority is in Your name!
Ten thousand praises to Your name, never to cease!
We will praise Your name forever!
Your mercy endures forever! Your glory shall reign forever more!
And the enemy flees and the walls come down, sickness and disease leave
When we praise Your holy name!
Insufficiency, lack – we exalt Your name over everything that is counter to Your name
You are great, Father! You are great, Jesus! You are great, Holy Spirit!
Nothing can stand before You!
All blockages have to come down, hindrances have to get out of the way
All things that come against the knowledge of God must bow to the name above every other name, Jesus!
For there is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved
We thank You, Father, that Your name is great in the United State, in this nation!
This nation which has been dedicated for Your purpose and Your plan and Your glory to go out to all the nations
Thank You, Lord, for those called to go to the nations coming from this nation
Let Your name be on their lips; going out in the power of Your name
Knowing who they are, knowing where they are going
Knowing their God and doing great exploits in Your precious name
Touching those that don’t know the Gospel, have never heard the Gospel!
Launching out into dark places where people have been held in bondage, not knowing truth
Calling forth the laborers! Missionaries to go out into those places!
For the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church
And we are getting up and going in the name of Jesus!
That the whole earth would be flooded with the knowledge of Your glory! Your goodness!
That Your name would be great in all the nations!
Thank You, Father! Hallelujah!

Brother DJ shared…

When she was praying about the name, it reminded me of last week. We were at this meeting in Rochester. It was a lunch meeting with around 300 people in attendance. We were sitting down at our table with 8 other people. We didn’t know who they were. We just took liberty to pray, “Father, we thank You for the food…” and this and that. And we were believing the Lord for good to happen, just looking around. We noticed that the lady who introduced the speaker was walking with a limp. We both thought “We have an opportunity to pray for this woman today.” We got it in our hearts to pray for her after the lunch and that we are going to see some miracles in the name. Afterwards we went outside in the hallway. Cindy and I approached her and said “Hey, we saw your leg.” She said “Yes, my knee really hurts.” And then I said “Oh, I am a knee specialist” (ha, ha, ha). We had actually talked with her before the event. She had been there to sign us in. I said “Sit on this chair. We are going to pray.” And she sat and we both laid hands on her and prayed. Another lady came over who was working and helped us pray and she was so amazed.

And then we just started looking around. It was actually an underground mall attached to the Mayo Clinic. And we are seeing people all over in wheelchairs. Guess what we did? We started moving toward the next one, laying hands on the sick and diseased. There was so many, you can’t even count. They come to Mayo Clinic to get better. But we had the name above every name to lay hands on the back, on the heart, on the heads, the legs, you name it, I mean everywhere. Everything we saw, we prayed over. We were so happy that God used us because we knew what? The name of Jesus. There was no one else praying in any other name there – there is no other prayer but in the name of Jesus.

You know when I say I am a specialist for the knees, I am. So, what happened was 31 years ago somebody took me to church and I got saved. I didn’t understand what was going on in me because I had never been to church in my life. But the person who took me to church, he knew what he was doing. He did not say “Don’t do this or don’t do that.” The only thing he gave me was the Bible. He gave me one Bible for 365 days to read through and another one to read. Well, my life has changed. What happened back at that time, my knee was twice the size filled with fluid, it’s called a sports injury. It was very painful, the knee and also inside my heart. But suddenly I turned on the television not knowing it was TBN. Thirty one years ago, I did not know what TBN or church was but suddenly I saw this man with wavy hair. His name was Benny Hinn. Does anyone know him? Yes. He said “You are watching me on your television. You have a really bad pain on your knee. Your knee is swollen up” and this and that. I thought he is talking to me. How would I know? I had never been to church. And he said “I am going to pray for you and you are going to get healed, stretch your hand.” And then he began to sing “He touch me. Oh, He touched me. Oh, the joy that floods my soul. And something happened and now I know, He touched me and made me whole.” Come on, one more time ♪ “And He touched me and oh the joy flood my soul. Something (always) happen and now I know, He touched me and made me whole.” ♪

So, he said “Stretch your hand toward me.” I thought “Well, nobodies watching me.” Everybody left me, my family had already left me. I stretched my hand not knowing who is on the other side, not knowing who is this Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact, he said to not only stretch your hand but “Come lay your hands on the television.” So, nobody was around me and I put my hands on the screen. That was a Monday and on Friday I had an appointment with the doctor. My knee had shrank back to the original size and guess what? I started believing. The miracle! And so now I am a knee specialist (ha, ha, ha)! Oh, praise His holy name!

Continued praying…

It did happen thirty one years ago, He did touch me – hallelujah!
Praise Your holy name! Yes, Lord, You are the God that heals the knees, and the legs, and everything
I will bless the Lord at all times and His praises shall be in my mouth
You sent Your Word and healed them and today, Lord, in this place we release healing in the name of Jesus
In the backs and in the brains, we know that You are the God that healeth!
Only God can heal! So we release the power of Christ healing
In the name of Jesus, we speak “You are healed!”
And forget not all His benefits, Who forgive all of our sins, remembers not our iniquities, and heals us from all our diseases

Thank You, Father, we call everyone healed, saved, delivered in the name of Jesus
All of our Father’s promises are yes and amen – we receive those promises today
Why wait? Today is the day of salvation in all areas of our lives – body, soul, and spirit!
Father, You sent Your Word, Jesus, and healed us!

Yes, You are the God who also healeth finances
You give jobs to those who need jobs, You give business to those who need the business
You give wisdom and direction – thank You, Jesus!
We call Living Word Church 100% employed and prosperous in their businesses in the name of Jesus
You are the God who healeth! We do not forget all of Your benefits
I thank You, Father, that there are benefits to serving You in the name of Jesus!

To God be glory in the Church for all the good things He has done!

Brother DJ shared…

A few weeks ago, I walked into a CVS and the manager and I spoke. The same day I was walking down a bike path and I ran into him again. Guess what happened to him? Do you want to know? This Sunday morning he showed up in our church at 10:30 a.m. And he was amazed at our church. He was in awe to see if this was a church or a 5-star hotel. And he was just worshiping and magnifying the Lord for the goodness of God in this place.

Continued praying…

Father, thank You, Lord God
Thank You for this Living Word Church
As long as we are here, Father, on this earth, I thank You, Lord, that we are going to keep bringing people, keep helping the people to come here
Thank You, Father, for the pastors here, Lord God
Not only the one pastor but every pastor – we pray for the pastors here in this church
That You will strengthen them that feed us, Father, who go and do things for us
We thank You, Jesus – we bless the pastors of this church today in the name of Jesus
Their wives, their children, their grandchildren – thank You, Lord!
We give You all of the praise and all of the glory and honor in the name of Jesus

Ms. Cindy…

I want to say something, I believe that God is going to start calling us to step out in ways that we haven’t stepped out before. Just to encourage you when those times come, take those opportunities. You might think “Oh Lord, I can’t do that. That is like way out of the box.” But I believe He is going to be asking us more and more to do things that are really bizarre and will kind of perplex you. I remember someone said this: “If you are not willing to be perplexed, you’ll never be amazed.” And I was thinking about the lady that Pastor Ray read about a while back. The Lord told her to go up to the front of her church during a service and do I think 10 push-ups. That was bizarre but she knew God’s voice and He was telling her to do it. Well, turns out someone that was in that service had prayed to God “If You are real, make somebody to do push-ups in the front.” But God wants to show that He is so in love with us that He will meet us wherever we are. So, we don’t know. It’s kind of like “Off with the head.” Don’t try and reason, just do what He is telling you to do even though you might think “Well, that’s foolish or out of order or whatever.” But I think that the more you walk with God the more confidence you have in His voice leading you. So, you are putting more weight in the fact that He just told you to do something than in all the considerations and all the things “What about this and that or whatever.” You just move because you are so living out of your heart; you’re in the river of God and you know everything is going to work out because He is ordering your steps.

Ms. Jeani…

You know Bill Johnson says faith is spelled RISK.

Brother DJ…

We have been praying here for so long. So, when we go somewhere, we are praying there. It is happening every single day. Someone is calling. Things are not good with sickness or things going on with the family. They are asking “Can you come to my house and pray?” Not only pray but “Can you come in our house please?” “Can you take my husband to church?” And then another call yesterday about a person having an open heart surgery. You know what, God is trying to get us busy. The time is short and He is saying to redeem the time; use every opportunity. And, of course, we have to do business and all the things we have to do. But we are going to go Wednesday and take this woman’s husband to Church who is drunk or on drugs. God is using us here and there but He is using everyone else too.

So, thank You, Father, we praise You
Thank You, Jesus, we worship You, Lord
Because You are great, You do miracles so great
There is no one else like You, there is no one else like You
Father, we thank You for this day
You said how You anointed Jesus with the Holy Ghost and power to do good things
Thank You, Father, that we go outside, we have that anointing to do good
Thank You, Jesus!
Thank You, Father, for the miracles You did in our hearts and in our bodies this morning
We give You all the praise and honor and glory
We just cannot stop praising and worshiping! We just can’t stop!
We want to go!
And NOW unto Him Who is able – He is able to exceedingly, abundantly over and above what we can think, what we can imagine, what we can pray, above all according to His mighty dynamite resurrection power working through us
Thank You, Lord! You are going to work through us in the name of Jesus
We give You the praise, hallelujah
We give You the glory and honor and praise
Because we know there is no one else like You

Thank You, Lord, for this day, we call it blessed
And declare that we are always where we are supposed to be
Always out there doing the works of God by Your Spirit in Jesus’ name, Amen

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