Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Ms. Annie led in worship…

♪ Glory and praise, power and strength
Worthy is the Lamb of God, hallelujah
And the praise is Yours, and the praise is Yours
You’re the One we bow before
Reigning over us, as we lift You up You will reign forever more ♪

Pastor Ray…

First, when I began to listen to that song, enter into that song, it left me speechless, not knowing what to say but just to enter in. And then I heard this in my spirit…

A Word of the Lord came forth:

“When you begin to lift Me up in that way, I begin to lift you up in My way. When you begin to call on Me in My name, My attention goes toward you in your name. So, I lift you up when you lift Me up. When you look up, when you wake up, I am here. I am always here. And My heart yearns for increase and so today, just as you enter in and lift this up, lift Me up, you will begin to enter into different days, different ways, and it will be like waves, waves of My glory, My presence, My authority in the revelation, the revelations, you shall begin to see and you will know and be able to declare and be able to go. And as you declare it and as you go, you will grow. So, keep lifting and lifting and lifting and lifting and lifting. Because in that lifting, you are lifted up.” Hallelujah.

Ms. Annie continued to lead us in Worship…

♪ And the praise is Yours, and the praise is Yours
You’re the One we bow before
Reigning over us, as we lift You up You will reign forever more
Glory and praise, power and strength
Worthy is the Lamb of God, hallelujah ♪

Tongues and Interpretation:

Pastor Ray: (tongues)

Ms. Jeani: (interpretation) And Moses built the tabernacle according to what he saw on the mountain. And even today you build and you build and you walk and you go further and further according to what you have seen in My presence. And contradiction is crushed and gets out of the way even today.

Pastor Ray: (tongues)

Ms. Jeani: (interpretation) For today is the day that the Lord has made! Today is your day. I made it for you! Walk in it, receive it, believe it! Because it’s about what you believe and then you receive.

Pastor Ray…

We believe, Lord
But we adjust our believers, we make adjustments
Where doubt or unbelief has tried to creep in, we adjust ourselves
We speak over our own self and say “Self, believe what you know is true, believe what’s been declared in the Word of God, and do what it says for you to do.”

A Word of the Lord came forth:

Adjustments, even in our believing as believers. “For there are some differences that have begun to break out. There are some differences in the move of My Spirit that have begun to break up and break out, and go forth. These are not the old days. These are not the old ways. These are not the old plans. For these are NEW DAYS! Ha! Ha! Ha! Every single man, woman, child has a mission and I placed that mission within you. And I am declaring today ‘It’s coming through!'”

Pastor Ray shared…

Hallelujah! I saw a door begin to creep open, begin to crack open, begin to move open. And it’s a new way and it’ll open further every day as you believe, as we believe. But I saw it open and open and open and it brought light into the room. That’s the only way I can say it. It brought heaven’s light into the room where there was darkness that has creeped in. For the blood of the Lamb, for the Cross at Calvary, the blood that was shed did its work then and is doing its work now in these days. Hallelujah. Thank You, Father.

Just for a minute, let’s just be still. Wait a little bit.

A Word of the Lord came forth:

“Changes are happening in this room. Time, it’s like tick-tock, tick-tock. Time, your time is not My time. Your time is based on another’s time. But My time is heaven’s time and it’s heaven’s time in this time and in this hour. Bodies in this room are changing in this time. It’s like that “tick-tock” time, change, old, new, all of the changes.”

Thank You, Father, we receive
We believe therefore we receive, we receive, we receive

“Let go of it, let it go, let the Word work, let My plans be your plans – rest in Me”

Ms. Annie continued to lead us in Worship…

Ms. Cindy…

♪ Power, God of all power and strength – our Father
Understanding and glory
The light, You are the Father of Light; You are the Father of glory
Thank You, Father, for Your glory You placed within us, hallelujah
You are our Father, You are our Father
Your glory is in us – Lord, You placed it there

So we go to You
Because Jesus came from You and returned to You
He said “I go to the Father. So, I’ve made the way for you to go to your Father.”
Thank You, Lord, for the way has been made
And it is clear! That we might return to You, our Father
In Your presence, in Your presence
For it’s in Your presence that we are changed, that we are changed
Thank You Lord!

So, we go to You Father, we go to You Father
To hear Your voice, to see the things You see, to be directed by You and You alone
So we can know who we are, who we are in You with Your glory

We look to You, we look to You
Deep in Your eyes we see the hope to which we’ve been called
We are Your sons and daughters of glory
And where we go, You go with us – holy
We take the land with You

We know, we know the way to go – with You
So, we lift our eyes Lord to the new, the change in You
We rest in You, rest in You
For You do the things You do as we rest in You
And we see change – there is change, there is change
Every hour, Father, we are looking to You, we know our help is from You – everything is in You

We are called to You
So we go, we go; we grow, we grow in You
The things You placed in us will come out and come out
New ways of seeing, new ways of seeing
Holy are we Lord – called to this place in You
hallelujah, hallelujah ♪

A Word of the Lord came forth:

“You are arrows in My hands and I point you in the direction you are to go, that is a fruitful direction, that is a direction that is already prearranged. For I have prearranged it for you to go. But never in your own strength but in the strength that I provide as you come to Me and abide. Holy, holy, holy, I call you holy. In My eyes, In My eyes you grow up and become greater in the fertile soil of heaven, in the fertile soil of heaven’s love where you are planted in Me – holy, holy, holy will you be.

In the sanctification of My Love that you should know, so you grow, so you grow, in the sunshine of My love. And it’s not hard, for I’ve called you to walk with Me. I’ve called You to know Me. And there is never an end and you will always be Mine. Take My hand and walk with Me and you will see the way I see and know the things I know.”

A Word of the Lord came forth from Ms. Jeani:

♪ You say, you say, you say I’m worthy
You say, you say, you say I’m worthy
You say, you say, you say I’m worthy of it all, of all of it
But I say to you, sons and daughters, will you receive because I’m worthy
Will you receive it all because I’m worthy of it all
Receive it all, be my sons and daughters
I’m worthy of it all, I made you worthy of it all
You say it, I hear you say it, I hear you sing it – I am worthy of it all
Am I worthy enough for you to receive it all?
Am I yours? Are you Mine?
Then receive it all, walk in all of it
Walk in receiving it all ♪

Brother DJ prayed…

And you shall receive power when the Holy Ghost will come upon you
Power, you shall receive power
Not condemnation, not shame or guilt but power!
Receive power to change, rearrange
Release the Holy Ghost in every situation
Every battle can turn around when we release the power of the Holy Spirit
No more shame or guilt – receive power, receive love, receive miracles, receive healing
It’s not only believe but receive!
Today is the day of receiving
Every seed you’ve sown, receive the harvest
Every prayer you’ve prayed – receive the healing today
The Spirit of the Lord will come up on you, so you should receive power!
Power to change – today is the day of receiving
Every broken thing can be changed to be built again
Relationship that were broke – receive the good relationship
I come to give, I come to give – so, receive, receive
You shall have it – you believe and receive today

Ms. Jeani…

The power to change, the power to rearrange, the supernatural ease of the Spirit, it is time to receive those things that you have believed. It is time. It is time. It is time.

Brother DJ…

♪ Think about His goodness, think about His love
He brought us through, we receive His love ♪

A Word of the Lord came forth from Pastor Ray:

Pictures are beginning to come up from within. Pictures almost as if they are 3D, pictures full color, concerning how the future will be. For I placed that within you so that you could see what I’ve called you to be. Pictures of health, pictures of wealth, pictures of the new, of the day and the weeks that are to come, My Words, My plans, heaven’s ways within you for the days, these days, these days, these days. These are the days (ha, ha, ha). Don’t wait… Wait on Me but don’t wait for the sweet bye and bye.

Yes, it will be good, but yes, it is good in these days. I’ve anointed you. I’ve equipped you. I’ve given unto you My power, My strength, and My anointing. And your words will speak forth and declare things that I’ve put within you to be declared and they will line up with the pictures I’ve place within you. It’s like a gallery of your future. Not the way it was. Not what happened in the past but what will come and what will happen now and into the future. Can you see it, sayeth the Lord? Can you sense it? Almost feel it but begin to picture it in your heart of hearts.

Well, some doors are closing right now. They were open but you didn’t open them (ha, ha, ha). Some things were being shown unto you that were fake. They were not real. They were brought to you from your enemy but that’s not the way it will be. For I have put within you a picture of victory. New rooms, new positions, new… it’s like a stepping up into that joy that you need for your strength.

Continued praying…

Oh, Lord, we receive it, we believe it. We receive it, a continuation of it. Like those rivers of living water, we just lay back in it, swim in it, flow in it, yield to it, hallelujah

Ms. Annie led us singing You Made a Way for Me

♪ You made a way for me to enter the holy place
You made a way for me to enter the holy place
I am Yours, You are mine and we’ll be together forever
I am Yours, You are mine and we’ll be together forever ♪

Continued praying…

We’re glad. It makes me want to take a deep breath. Let’s do it (awwh..)
We rest and relax in You, Amen
Whatever is bugging you, whatever is trying to come against you…
What do you say to it? “Stop it, in Jesus’ name”
When? Now (ha, ha, ha)
Hallelujah, I am thankful for being in here today
I believe the Holy Spirit, this is His deal
I believe for that…
Thank You for coming

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