Morning Prayer Summary for  Thursday, October 26, 2023

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Pastor Folu…

 Good morning, saints. It’s nice to be able to join you here on a Thursday morning. My name is Pastor Folu. I’m one of the pastors here today. We’ll just go to the Lord in prayer. Welcome everyone that is online.

So, Father, we thank you that this is the day that you have made. Your Word says we will rejoice and be glad in it. So right now, we just choose as an act of our will to rejoice and be glad.

No matter what the circumstances are, you can still rejoice in and through it because God is still God. He’s still the faithful God. He’s still the ever-present God.

Just be with Him…

I think it was two Tuesdays ago, we’re in here worshiping and praising our great God. And one of the things the Spirit of God said was there were people in that room or online that they were battling some stuff. And the doctors had said, “Go home. Put your affairs in order. And be ready to transition to the other side.” That’s what the doctors had said. But the Spirit of God had a different plan. And He said to the people that were here that fateful Tuesday, some of them were standing for their loved ones. And so these people that were here that were standing or online, they were asked to stand up. And Pastor Brandon was ministering in music. So as Pastor Brandon was ministering in music by the Spirit of God, he said to those people that had been given this ultimatum that had been told to put their affairs in order. He said to those people by the Spirit of God that, “Yes, you have made a lot of confessions. You have done a lot of this. You have done a lot of that. Now, why don’t you just be with Him? Just be with Him.”

Kenneth Copeland quote…

Saints, that’s what we are doing a little bit more of today. We’re just being with Him and letting Him speak to our hearts. And one thing I learned from Brother Kenneth Copeland, he said, “One word from God can change our situation, can change a nation. One word.”

So what is it, my dear brothers? What is it, my dear sisters? What are you believing God for? Just one word from God can change that entire situation. That situation looks very perplexing right now. That situation looks like, how in the world is this going to get resolved? One word from the master.

The wind of the Spirit is blowing…

Saints, I don’t know if you can sense it, there’s this wind of the Spirit that is blowing in this chapel right now. I feel it very much up front here. And it’s interesting that this has been happening quite a bit lately. It happened just this past Monday. It happened three Mondays ago when we were in here for healing school. There was this husband and wife that we were praying for and this wind of the Spirit that I sense now, too, in a very small way, blew this woman to the ground. She was right up here. Nobody touched her. And the result of that, saints, the result of that wind of the Spirit, this husband and wife, they said they’ve never been the same since. They said the revelation knowledge that they’ve been having is just…

Thank you, Spirit, for the wind…

There was a lady that was here that night. She said the very next morning, she tried to get in her car to drive to work. She could not. Her husband had to take her to work. So thank You for that wind, even now, Spirit of the Living God. Even now. We’re just being with Him, Saints. Just being in His presence. One word from the Lord. Changing our very situation, our situations.

Those of you online and those that are in here, are you in business? Need some kind of breakthrough from the Lord? Just what we are doing right now. That answer can come real gently. You can say, “Oh, I did not even see that.” And the Holy Spirit said, “Yeah, son, daughter, yeah, just do that. Just do that and that whole situation will turn.”

Thank you, Lord, for helping us more and more to be good listeners.

Brother Hagin quote…

I heard Brother Hagan in a message. He said that he was having this battle and he was just seeking the Lord for an answer. Seeking the Lord, seeking the Lord. “Lord, this situation has to change.” And he said there was this lady that spoke a word and she did not even know that she had ministered to him. And the Lord said, “Did you hear what that lady said? That’s your answer. That’s your answer right there.”

So even now, Lord. I pray for myself, I pray for my brothers and sisters that the answer to what we are asking you for can come in places that we do not even expect, that we’re not even imagining.

Lord help us to just be sensitive to your Spirit, not to pigeonhole and say the answer has to come this way. But to always be alert, to always be aware that the answer or answers to our petition of the Lord can come from different corners and that we’re just open to you, Lord.

So, even now, Lord, we’re just listening. We’re just being in your presence. We’re just letting the holy one speak to our hearts. Thank you for solutions. Even right now. Thank you for direction. Even right now. Direction. Direction. Lord, I pray for myself and everyone that is here that you help us to follow you, Lord.

Oh lord, we just follow you step by step by step…

Even when you have told us what to do about a particular situation, help us to come back and consult you and say, “Lord, you’ve told us what to do, but how do we do it? How do we carry it out?” I pray for myself and the church of Jesus more and more about this very particular thing, Lord, that we would just let you lead A all the way through Z. We will not get the A and then go ahead and do the rest on our own, but we will let you lead from A to B, to C, to D, to E, all the way to the end.

Brother Copeland word…

I remember a word that the Lord gave brother Copeland some years ago, and the Spirit of God said in that particular word that it would be good for you and I to learn to follow the Lord. And the Lord used a very practical example. He said that when we get in our vehicles and we’re trying to get from point A to point B, the Lord said it would be good if we would ask Him, if we would check in with Him, the direction that we should take to get to that point B. And not just to get in the car and say, “Oh, I will just go from A to B.” He said, “Remember 9-11, remember 9-11.”

So, Lord, we just ask that you forgive us.

Ask the Lord for direction in all you do..

Saints, that was a very practical approach the Lord gave us back then through brother Copeland, that wonderful word. I heard it here. I heard Pastor Ray, years ago, read that particular prophetic word. And that word has really helped me quite a bit. I don’t do it all the time. But I do it with some fairly amount of regularity. And what I’ve found is that if a man or woman would ask the Lord for direction to get from point A to point B, something that many people take for granted. Many people just get in their cars and just say, “I’m going to B. I know how to get there. I’m just going to go.”

But what I found, Saints, is that when a person would do that, what it does, it bleeds into every other part of your life. That you begin to ask Him, you begin to check in with Him, begin to ask Him for the small matters because if you and I would ask for the small matters, definitely we’re going to ask for the big matters.

Father, I just pray for every one of us, afresh … that you just help us Lord… for some of us maybe we’re hearing this for the first time. Maybe it’s the people that are online or even here today, I just would challenge you by the Spirit of God, just ask Him. “Lord, how do I get from point A to point B this morning?” Even though you’ve gone that road for the past 20 years, He might be trying to save you from an accident. He might be trying to save you from unnecessary delay, something that would maybe take you 10 minutes.

Bridge testimony…

When the bridge collapsed here years ago, I heard about a woman of God that that morning, as her habit was, she would check in with the Lord in terms of route to take. And as the story goes, this particular woman, where she worked was just on the other side of that bridge. But this morning, the Holy Spirit said, “Daughter, don’t go that way.” And she said, “Lord, you’re telling me to go a route that is going to take me 20 minutes when if I just go over the bridge, I’m right there at work and now I’m going to be a little bit late.” “Daughter, do not go that route today. Go this route.” Saints, that’s why this lady is alive today. Because as the lady would say that if she had gone that regular route, she knows she would have ended up on that bridge at the time when the incident happened. She’s alive now. She’s able to continue to enjoy life, being able to carry out the plan of God for her life, for her family, because she heeded that word.

So Lord, I pray for myself, I pray for everyone that is here, everyone online, that you help us. You remind us of this word, that yes, you might think it’s casual, you might think it’s no big deal, but it is a big deal.

My dear brothers and sisters, it is a big deal. Because that is part of the Lord leading us and guiding us. After all, saints, that’s what we want, really. We want the Spirit of the living God to lead us and guide us.

Thank you, Lord, for just touching us afresh today reminding us of this truth that we know that but from time to time we let it slide and you’re bringing it back to the forefront.

Our goal is to follow You…

So help us, Lord. The goal is to follow you. And how do we follow you if we don’t let you lead us? So Spirit of God, we just say thank you for bringing this to our remembrance. Some people are doing well with this and if that is you, praise the Lord. But a lot of us need to be reminded of this. I know I need it.

Saints, a lot of you, I’m sure you’ve heard this word before, but it’s such a powerful word because it has to do with people like you and I that love prayer and love God. And this is something the Lord gave Brother Hagin many years ago. And from time to time, I look at this word, but I just want to read it to you. It’s a little bit long, but I believe it’s worth it to read it again, to stir up ourselves again afresh to this call of the Lord. Listen to this. The Lord gave this to Brother Hagin way back on March 1, 1981. It’s so relevant for today. Here is what our wonderful Lord is saying.

Brother Hagin prophecy…

“Now, for as much as you are zealous of spiritual things, you have to be commended for that, saith the Lord, for as much as you are zealous to desire to be used of God, yea, for as much as your zealous and even sense the call upon your life unto the ministry. You do well, saith the Lord.

“But remember this, that your ministry will never be powerful. It’ll never speak from the human standpoint, get off the ground unless it’s backed up with prayer. So build your prayer life first. Build your prayer life upon the Word. Wait upon Me, saith the Lord, and you’ll renew your strength. Yea, you’ll run and you’ll not be weary. And you’ll walk and not faint. Yea, only a ministry that’s built upon prayer will be effective in this last day.”

Saints, I know I’m speaking to the choir here, but let’s just look at that again because, the Lord is using you, everyone that is in here, everyone online, the Lord is using us more and more to reach a lot of people, to speak into a lot of people’s lives. And in this day and age, there’s a lot of hustle and bustle. But here’s what the Spirit of the living God is saying. And we all know this in our hearts. We all know this by experience too.

It says, “yea, only a ministry that’s built upon prayer will be effective in these last days.” Saints, that statement right there needs to go to all the churches all over the world. It needs to go to every Christian all over the world. It needs to be something that everyone is reminded of.

“And then some say, ‘Well, the Word will do it. Just let the Word do it.’ But the Word will never be effective as it should if that who delivers the Word is not backed up with a life of prayer. So, let the prayer life come first. Let the ministry of prayer be first and you are to be commended because you are zealous of spiritual gifts.

“Oh to be used of the Lord,’ some have said. Yes, to be used. ‘Lord, use me. Lord, use me.’ But remember, even the gifts of the Spirit can be misused. Remember, the gifts of the Spirit, if used in the flesh, are not powerful. They must be backed up with a life of prayer. And so when they’re backed up with a life of prayer, then those become great gifts. Powerful weapons to pull down the strongholds of the enemy, to do the work of God.

“So build a life of prayer. Yea, put prayer first. And by so doing, the word, other things, ministry, vocal ministry, singing ministry, gifts of the Spirit in operations will come into their rightful place. And because…”

Saints, this is huge right here.

“And because your spirit has had times of fellowship with the Father and enough fellowship to become kin then you’ll understand the move of the Spirit and then automatically you’ll move with the Spirit. And you’ll not come to the place, you’d say, ‘Well, I don’t know what to do now. What should I do now?’ Because your spirit is so in tune with heaven, then you’ll know heaven’s desire, heaven’s will, and heaven’s plan. And so you will enjoy heaven upon the earth. So begin now. Begin now to build a life of prayer, to build a ministry of prayer. To give yourself unto the spirit. For the Spirit would seek those whom He could use through whom He can voice the desires of the Father, speaking out the will of God to be done within the earth. And so you’ll be glad that you did. You’ll be glad that you did.”

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