Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, August 11, 2022

Sister Jeannie…

The other day, someone said to me “Now, Jeanie, do you really believe these things are gonna come to pass, what God said?” And I said, “Yes.” And this person’s response was, “I admire your faith,” which could infer “I admire your unrealistic, completely crazy ideas and expectations.”

I have tried to hunker down for defeat…

I’m gonna confess, I have tried… I’m not kidding. I have really tried to “hunker down” for defeat. I’ve tried to prepare for the worst. And I’ve tried it with that kind of a fervor. “Help me just prepare for the worst.” I’ve seriously been fervent in trying to believe those things. But the Word keeps coming up in me! And I keep getting reminded of everything I see in this Bible, which is the truth. He operates in the impossible and that doesn’t change. The Red Sea. Was it impossible? Yes! For them to even get to the Red Sea, for them to be released… They were not only released, they were pretty much thrown out of bondage… with wealth. Do you hear me? They were thrown out of bondage with wealth. And then they encounter the Red Sea and even their complaining wouldn’t stop God’s character. Now what they were able to do and where they were able to go, did … That’s up to you. And that’s up to me. He’s gonna do what He said He would do.

Gideon’s army…

Gideon saying (making whining sounds) wouldn’t stop the winning. Didn’t stop the enemy from fearing Gideon. Did you know the enemy fears you? The enemy fears God’s plan. And if you look at what the enemy’s doing, he is not acting like someone that’s relaxed. Is he relaxed at all? He’s freaking out!

David and Goliath… Jehoshaphat and all the “ites”…  

There are several commonalities, but one of the commonalities is there was an enemy coming after them. And the other commonality is it looked impossible.

Jesus was naked. He didn’t even look like a man. And it looked like He was defeated. And amongst the looking like it was defeated, do you know what Jesus said? He said, “It is finished.” And it’s that spirit in me that will not relinquish. I just literally… it’s not in me to give up! And you know, it looks like sometimes those people that have given up have it way better, cuz they’ve just kind of accepted it and are okay with the status quo and lukewarm living.

I can’t do it because it’s too late…

It’s too late for you to give up. It’s just too late! You have too much in you. He’s too alive in you. And He keeps moving in you and you just cannot do it. So surrender to victory today! Surrender to His Word. And He does what He says. Surrender to victory in the face of impossible today! And then keep doing it and keep doing it. I’m telling you, we’re about to see it! It’s happening!

Okay, I get it. People say we’re already in it. Yeah, that’s true. But I will tell you there’s way more coming that it won’t be able to be denied.

You are a peculiar people…

Why are you peculiar? Because what you believe is impossible. But we have too much precedence! If we’re gonna be in the spirit, if we’re gonna be in the Word, if we’re gonna belong to Him, you can’t give up. And you know what? If you want to put a smile on His face, if that’s the only thing that can get you from to (makes sound) to “yes!” Just believe, knowing you’re gonna put a smile on His face that day. Just do it to make Him smile. Just do it because you love Him and you know He loves you.

Ed Mylett quote…

I’m gonna read this. This is a quote from Ed Mylett. “Patience is a virtue and one of the finest gifts you can give yourself. WAITING IS HARD. But settling for less is far worse.”

In the waiting, things get exposed…

And, you know, just like right now in the waiting, things get exposed. And a lot of the times, the things that get exposed are icky and gross and destructive. But we know the exposure is because it’s gonna be dealt with, and it is being dealt with. So with every exposure, we can be encouraged knowing it’s about to be crushed. And Jesus said it was already finished. And I heard God say, “America shall be saved. And Minnesota is turning.” Her namesake is St. Paul, the one that was Saul, just like before she was St. Paul, she was “pig’s eye.” Did you know that? Before she was St. Paul, she was pig’s eye. Good decision, St. Paul!

So we declare that over Minnesota right now. “You have been called to follow God. You have been called, and yeah, you were a massive rascal for a long time. You defied God for a long time and thought you were doing good. For a long time, you called good evil and evil good. But today, you are St. Paul. That is your identity. That is who you are. And you are walking it out and things are turning around in Minnesota.

You know about that prophecy, right? It started with George Washington Carver, and then it came up a few more times… that where I35 and the Mississippi intersect was where massive revival would come. That’s on your way to St. Paul. Battle that we’ve already won. There’s no getting away from victory when you’re in the spirit. So let’s just submit to it today. Let’s lean into it and surrender to victory.

Kenneth Copeland’s “The Five Myths of Patience”…
There’s something you need to know. There are some myths floating around and believing them even secretly is costing you. There are a lot of ideas about patience in the world. And in Christian circles, some are true, some are not. It’s time to do some debunking because patience is a fruit of the spirit that makes every other fruit work. Because it causes you not to give up or quit even when you’re under pressure.

So think about that. You’ve got faith that calls those things that are not as though they were. But you need patience that will not quit because you are expecting it to manifest. That’s what patience does. Patience expects.

Myth number one: Patience is passive…

In James 1:4 “Let patience have its perfect work.” Most people think of patience as sitting and watching the world pass you by without taking any action, waiting and waiting. But that isn’t true of Bible patience at all. Bible patience is not passive. It is active and assertive. It is strength, concentrated and released with precision and intention. Patience is power.

That would certainly explain why the Devil provides ample opportunity for us to step out of patience every day. He wants to make sure we don’t have the power we need to have fully activated faith. That’s why you can’t afford to believe that patience is passive.

Think about how impatience makes you feel: frustrated and helpless. That certainly isn’t a position of power. Bible patience is a decision to stand firm. It’s a choice to persevere with active faith, believing, speaking, and acting on God’s Word and stand in faith. The stand of faith is not for wimps, and it is not inactive or passive in any way. When God calls you to be patient, make no mistake, He’s calling you to an active position of spirit, to an active position of submitting to victory.

Myth number two: Patience is a personality trait…

“I’m just not a patient person.” Have you ever heard anyone say that? Here’s the problem? Patient is not a personality trait. It is a developed quality, a cultivated fruit of the spirit. So when you don’t quit, when you continue to move forward, when you continue to submit to victory, you’re developing patience.

Myth Number Three: Patience is too difficult to develop…

Romans 5:4, “Endurance develops strength of character.” So in the scripture, when it talks about patience having our perfect work, you know, we’ve talked about this before. What’s happening with you right now is you’re being developed on the inside. You’re being prepared for that victory to manifest so that when it manifests, you’re able to walk out the victory. You’re able to steward the victory. Practicing victory enables you to steward the manifested evidence of victory. You’re practicing victory in prayer. You’re practicing victory in your thinking. You’re practicing victory in you’re doing and you’re acting.

It’s like, you’re going to class to get your MBA. You’re practicing, you’re practicing. And then when it’s time to step in, you know what to do. You know how to steward it, because the victory that is upon us, we need this time right now. Don’t waste this time. Let this strengthen you. You’re practicing listening to the Spirit, regardless of how things look. Because when things start looking really good and the battle… you know, there will still be a battle, but when we start to actually see that we’re winning, we can’t back down then. We actually use that strength to continue to expand and steward the victory and for the kingdom to expand.

Patience is not too difficult to develop. We can do this. How do we develop it? We pray in the spirit. It edifies and builds you up. You take advantage of every opportunity to practice patience. Every opportunity! We have so many opportunities right now.

Myth number four: Lack of patience is not a deal breaker…

First Timothy s6:12, “Fight the good fight of faith.” Some Christians shrug off the idea of perfecting patience in their lives as if it were some sort of pipe dream. But patience is more than just a nice idea. The lack of it is a deal breaker in the spirit realm. That’s because faith doesn’t work without patience. What is patience? Not giving up, continuing to move forward. That’s what patience is.

This is not patience. “I’m just waiting on God.” That’s not patience! Patience is “Thank you, Father, that thinks are moving forward. Your Word is true. Right now, I’m at rest because I know your Word is true. Right now I’m content because I know what you’re doing. But because of you, I know what to do. I know my part to play.”

That’s because faith doesn’t work without patience. It’s the difference between success and failure. We’re not failing. You don’t generally get miracles by just having faith for a few minutes and then caving in. You may have to stand steadfast over time in the face of seeming impossibility. It takes patience.

But see, here’s the deal. It’s not being wasted when you’re doing that. You’re being strengthened and prepared. Remember that! Let’s just hit that home. Do not waste the waiting. Be strengthened and prepared. You can have a lot of faith, but not have much fight. You need faith that’s aggressive. Faith that teams up with patience to pack a one-two punch that puts the enemy on the run and brings the impossible to pass.

If you are here right now, you are qualified to develop patience. Make no mistake. You can’t have the desires of your heart without faith, and you can’t have faith without patience. You see, faith opens the door to God’s promise for you and patience keeps it open until that promise is fulfilled.

Example: So let’s say you’re praying for someone and they’re not at all demonstrating what you’re praying for them to have. So you look at that behavior and you get frustrated, which means you’re not patient, which also means you’re not believing what God said about them. But you’re able to be more patient with people if you can see them through what God said about them. See what I mean? So you see a situation and it doesn’t look like what’s going on is what God said about it. And then you get frustrated because you’re like… cuz really, if you get frustrated… when you get frustrated, it’s just a sign that you’re not believing what God said about whatever that is. What a great indicator. Then we can say, “Okay, God, I’m gonna stand. I’m gonna believe. And I’m gonna be patient and know this is coming to pass.”

Make no mistake. You can’t have the desires of your heart without faith, and you can’t have faith without patience. You see, faith opens the door to God’s promise for you and patience keeps it open until that promise is fulfilled. Do you have faith? Do you have your faith site set on a promise of God today? A promise you’ve been waiting on for some time? Don’t let the delay discourage you. Put patience to work. The Word guarantees you will receive your reward.

Myth number five: Patience will delay the result…

Hebrews 6:15, “And so having patiently waited, he received the promise.” The verse tells us that Abraham received his promise as a result of waiting for it. Hebrews tells us to be like those who have gone before us, who through faith and patience inherit the promises. Notice it wasn’t just faith alone. Patience brought it home. That means the idea that patience will delay the result is a myth. Patience expedites results.

That’s a bit counterintuitive for most of us, but it remains true. That’s because patience is an indicator of where your faith is on the spiritual gauge. The higher your patience, the stronger your faith. Strong faith says, “I’m not moving. I don’t care what it looks like. I’m getting the promise. I’m not moved by what I see and feel. I’m not moved by the passage of another day. I see my promise.”

Of the expediting power of patience, Copeland says when you’re willing to stand in faith forever, you won’t be there very long because you’ve decided you’re resolved.

Let’s go! Let’s move.

On the other hand, if you have let circumstances throw you off course, you got out of the vehicle driving your faith. You got out of patience. The problem is when you get out of your vehicle, you aren’t moving forward anymore. The power of patience is working power. When faith has a tendency to waiver, it is patience that comes to faith’s aid to make it stand. The power of patience is necessary to keep faith strong and moving forward. Patience does not mean it’s not happening. Patience means I’m staying here and it’s happening.

Now that you know the truth about the fruit of patience, it’s time to stop believing these five myths. Make a life of patience your goal. When you do, get ready for breakthrough. [end]

I’m gonna read Ed Mylett’s quote one more time: “Patience is a virtue and one of the finest gifts you can give yourself. Waiting is hard but settling for less is far worse.”

How about this? Waiting is hard but settling for what the enemy is trying to make you believe is gonna happen is far worse.

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