Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, September 30, 2022

Brother DJ shared…

Good morning. It’s a good Friday; today is the 30th. That means there’s only one quarter left. One quarter left. There are 90 days left in this year. By the way, I was watching a Vikings football game. And the Vikings were down. I mean, they were playing bad. They were out. And I was going to leave and the guy said, “Oh man, it’s all over.” I said, “Nope! It’s not over. There is still a fourth quarter left. Fourth quarter, come back.”

I am the God of the fourth quarter turnaround…

Thank you, Father. We have 90 days of this year left. Fourth quarter. The Holy Spirit said, “I am the God of fourth quarter turnaround. Whatever happened in last three quarters, it’s going to turn around; 90 days, give or take. We’ll call it 90 days. Father, I thank you. You are the God of the fourth-quarter comeback… turnaround. If you have suffered losses in last three quarters or something was taken from you or anything sickness or disease that took your time or your money or anything, Jesus said to me, “I am the God of fourth quarter turnaround! I will turn it around.”

I was reading Psalm 90. Moses said, So teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom. The days of our lives are 70 year, some 80 years, yet only labor and sorrow. But the Lord is saying return. Whatever the enemy has stolen, victories in the name of Jesus. Next three months, 90 days. Believe God and do whatever He says and turn it around. He wants a fourth-quarter turnaround.

There was a plague in Israel. And I read this morning too. There were issues going on and the Lord said, because King David started something which was not working out for Israel. The Lord said… and there was a plague. Now so David went out and the prophet sent to him said, “Go and sacrifice. Worship Me.” David built there an altar to the Lord and offered burn offerings and peace offering. So he did the prayers for the land and the plague was withdrawn from Israel.

Father, he made it happen. Fourth-quarter comeback. Some of you, the enemy has attacked you. But this time, the next 90 days… The Lord is going to restore from the last three quarter. You’ll gain so much that you’ll forget the past of three quarter of losses.

God wants to restore you…

One time I heard that in church when the pastor was preaching and he got saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. He’s preaching and teaching. He started preaching faith, healing, hope, blessings. And the congregation talked to the pastor, “Hey pastor, you’re not supposed to teach faith and healing and all this.” He said, “That’s what the Lord told me to teach.” Because he got saved. And they said, “Well, if you’re going to teach like this, we’re going to leave.” He didn’t stop teaching. The following few weeks, one family left, another family left. And he said to the Lord, “Lord, look all the big givers left.” There was a pause. The Lord said, “Not so. I didn’t leave yet. I am the bigger giver.” If you’re thinking that it’s all over, they left you. God say, I am the biggest giver. He is going to restore you. Do not dwell in the past. For God is doing a new thing. Forget the past. The bigger Giver is still in the church. He gives gifts. He has not left yet.

Sister Cindy…

I was just texting a coworker, and she stayed home yesterday to rest. And I told her, “Well, I just heard from somebody recently and he works out. And what happens is when you’re going and going and going, you know, like lifting weights or doing certain things, you are tearing down your muscles. But it’s actually when you rest that those muscles get built up. So I thought that was interesting because we do need rest. And when you were speaking, I was thinking about rhythm and we need those rhythms, those times where we’re not just going 90 miles an hour. And we continue like that young man trying to cut down the tree thinking he’s making the best effort that he can. But that isn’t the best effort. The best effort is to take a break and rest. Get built up. You know, we do tear down but we build up.

Father, we thank you, Lord, in this world we do have trouble and there are things that need to be sorted out. But, Father, you give us sweet sleep, which means you give to us when we sleep. You download things to us, you download when we’re in that place in our brain and those brainwaves when we’re at rest, that maybe you can’t get to us when we’re so busy at it during the day. But we thank you that we endeavor more and more to enter into those places of peace, yielding to just taking all that stuff and saying that can wait, because I need to hear from you. I need to be built up in you so I can go out and do those things.

Pastor Lynne said, “We go to God and from the overflow of His presence just waiting on Him, then we go for Him. We go for Him in those things that we do, those exploits. They’re filled with grace. It’s an overflow of His presence that causes us to accomplish things. Not by might or by power, but it’s by your Spirit. And it comes from the secret place in the Most High, the garden of His delight. So He delights in us and we delight in Him.

Sister Barb shared…

As the New Testament church, we’re to be led by the Spirit. We’re not led by our emotions. We’re not led by circumstances. We say we want to see miracles, but we don’t want to do anything, right? You’re out doing whatever you do and you’re walking around, you see people hurting. But what do we do? “Oh, I got to get to my appointment” or “I have to do whatever…” And we really need to trust the Holy Spirit in us to open our eyes to the people around us. Because you want to see miracles. There are people hurting everywhere you go… in the grocery store… at the restaurant… everywhere. And sometimes it’s better that you don’t even think about it. Don’t even try to think it out in your mind.

I was in the store the other day to pick something up. I love it because I was just standing in line and this woman in front of me is going like this. And she looked at me… I’m just standing in line behind her. She looked at me and she said, “Oh, I’m in so much pain.” Hello! “I’m in so much pain,” she said. “I did something to my rotator cuff, and it hurts so bad.” And without thinking, praise the Lord, because the Holy Spirit is on “Go.” Right? I said, “Oh, let me pray for that.” I put my hand on her and started saying “in the name of Jesus, I release the…” I could feel the power of God go right into that shoulder there. She turned and said, “Oh, I believe in that.” I said, “Well, praise the Lord.”

But, we want to see. We’re praying about it. We’re praying for miracles. But what is it? Be led by the Spirit! Don’t let this get in the way. Don’t let, “I don’t feel like doing that” get in the way. “I’m at the department store. There’s people around. They’re going to hear me.” Who cares? You’ll probably never see them again in your life. But still… The Holy Spirit is going to start being glaringly obvious to you. “I hurt so bad!” The Holy Ghost is like, “Hello, assignment right here! Here’s an assignment for you.”

We don’t need to have an emotional feeling. We’re not looking for a feeling. “I don’t feel led.” Well, the Bible says you lay hands on the sick, they recover. And so be open and let your eyes be open today. Let your heart be open, your spirit be open to minister to everyone that’s around you because you will see miracles.

And so that lady, she checked out before I did, but I could see her walking through the parking lot. She’s going like, “Oh, feeling better.” I said, “As you’re going, all that pain’s going to leave your body.” And I didn’t care about anybody else that was around me. But God’s going to be so obvious in these days … it’s like, here’s your opportunity.

I heard this one minister say, “If you want to see miracles, all you need to do is go down to the mall and park next to the handicap spot.” Someone’s going to be parking there and you’ll know right there that person needs ministry. So it’s not that hard. That just came up in my spirit, that we’re led by the Spirit and He’s going to make it so obvious to us now. There’s so many people, you know how it is.

God delivered my from darkness…

I mean, sometimes we need ministry too. Just a few weeks ago, we had, I don’t know… it’s so removed from me now because the Holy Spirit delivered me. But about three weeks ago, we had a double tragedy in our extended family, and two people just died suddenly. And it was so heavy on me, like, it’s daytime and I saw just black. It was this dark. I thought, what is this? This thing is trying to come on me and stay on me and bring depression on me. I said, I’ve got to get this off of me. This is not good. So we’re listening to the Holy Spirit and what came up in my heart was “go to church.” The Word of God says to put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. There was so much darkness. Literally with my eyes open, I would see black. I’m like, this is not good. I need to get this off now. So I thought going to church. So I go to church because when I get into worship, it’s going to lift off of me. And I get to church and I missed worship. And so I’m sitting through the service and it’s getting heavier and heavier. And all I see is dark and the service is over. And it was so much on me and I knew I had to get this off of me. And I said, “Lord, do really I got to go home like this? This is not right.” And so I’m going to my car and the Holy Ghost says, “Go to youth.” I said, Okay. I said, “I really can’t talk about it because I’m so emotional about it.” And He said, “You just go in there and you tell Pastor Dustin to give you what he got at camp.” And I said, “Okay.” I could get that out. So I just walk in there and I stand in front of him and I said, “Give what you got at camp.” So he didn’t know what was going on. And he laid hands on me and started praying out some things, completely unrelated. And about two minutes into his prayer, it completely lifted off of me. And it was so God. I came into prayer the next morning and I’m skipping down the road! I was like, “I’m delivered. Praise God.” But literally that black lifted off of me, that heaviness lifted off of me instantaneously. I was delivered. And it’s like it happened a year ago. It’s just completely lifted. But just as little promptings by the Spirit and making a decision. I was determined not to leave church with that on me. That’s a bunch of junk. I came for help. I’m not leaving. You know, God is able. So just listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. He’ll give you every answer. He’ll lead you to the right people. He’ll connect you, whatever you need. He is there to be your helper.

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