Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, September 2, 2022


We gather together today to lift up your name and magnify you … Come and fill your temple

We wait on you and we ask you to give us eyes to see…

Fill our eyes with understanding and wisdom… so that we would know the hope to which you’ve called us

As we gather together, in the name that is above all other name, the name of Jesus, I say the sickness must bow … cancer must bow… disease and infirmity must bow…

Oppression and tormenting thoughts must go and flee in the name of Jesus.

Strongholds must crumble… We thank you, Father, for the light of God to light up all of the shadows, to light up all of the dark places and cause the enemy to scatter seven different ways.

We declare freedom of the captives and the releasing of those that are in prison.

Father, we thank you for all those across this world that are called to be salt and light, we thank you for grace and mercy and the empowerment that you give to get up and to shine

We abide in your vine, taking our cues… taking every opportunity to exercise our faith in developing all the character of you…

So thank you, Father, for the conforming of your body to the image of Jesus

We speak to those parts of the body that are weak and feeble, the arms that hang down low and we say “life to you, light to you.” The Spirit of God quickens the mortal flesh

Sister Cindy shared…

The Lord once said this to me. He said, “Cindy, stay with me. I am the only one who can navigate a bull through a tiny shop without chipping a single cup.” We are that bull. We have authority. We have power given to us from on high. All authority has been given to Jesus and He’s handed it over to us.

Prayer continued…

Father, we desire to navigate in this life with strength and authority, but not harming…

We thank you for the love of the body of Christ because in that love, He has commanded blessing.

Cane said, “I don’t know where my brother is. Am I his keeper?” Yeah, we are our brothers’ keepers. We thank you, Father, for the discerning of the body of Christ. We thank you, Father, that when one is down, we can lift them up. When one has gone astray, we can call him back.

Thank you, Father, for the love of God that flows throughout the body of Christ and reunites and restores. I thank you, Father, for the giant arising … the giant that arises right now in the earth and because the identity of who we are to gather is being restored. We are members that belong to each other. I speak to every prodigal. I speak to every person who has drifted away.

We speak to all of them. We call them back into that place where they belong… our hearts yearn for them. We need their beautiful presence… We call them in. Father, we thank you that you gather… they’ve been scattered, but you gather… gather them now by your spirit, by your angels, bring them back… into the house that they would not be cut off from the life flow.

I speak to prodigals in the name of Jesus. I thank you, Father, that you strengthen the mothers and the fathers who have been standing in faith waiting for the return… right now we can agree with them and we can thank you, Father, that all things are being lined up right now for their return.

Thank you, Father, that in a moment they can be restored… All the years that the locusts consumed… be released now into the love of the Father and see and taste and touch and feel His good pleasure

And those that now are called … appointed, chosen, and on their path doing the things you’ve already appointed them to do. Father, we thank you for the light that dispels all lies … Lies must fade away

Prayer for pastors…

Lord, we lift up all the pastors Living W… from Pastors Mac and Lynne all the way down through all the staff pastors, young and old pastors… we thank you for all of them. We hold up their wives and their families as well, their children, their grandchildren… we proclaim this morning the precious power of the blood of Jesus Christ over all of our pastors… and say greater is He that is in us, greater is He that is in our pastors than he that is in the world. And we say, no weapon formed against them will prosper. All those who rise up against our pastors will fall… for they are the servants of the Lord… and we say in the name of Jesus, Satan and all demonic powers, you have no authority especially over any of our pastors or their families. We cancel every curse that was spoken against them in the name of Jesus. We cancel a curse that may have even been spoken in their own soul. We come against those voices that come to condemn and discourage our pastors. And we say in the name of Jesus, be encouraged. We release the spirit of encouragement upon them supernaturally beyond their expectation that they rise up on the inside.

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