Morning Prayer Summary for  Friday, March 10, 2023

Pastor Dustin…

[Dustin is both praying in the spirit and speaking English]

The promise that you have a place for us… the promise that you have gifted us and equipped us and called us. Yes, the promises that are found in your Word. And I pray that you would even stir up the promises that you’ve made to us individually. Yeah, Lord. All the words that have been spoken, all the things that have been declared. Father, remind us, stir those things in our hearts. Help us to put our attention on the truth of your words that have been spoken over… over any other voices that we might have heard. Even our own voice if it’s contradicted your word… Father, I pray that our eyes would become fixed on the promises of your Word. And we thank you, Father, for this move.

There’s a move…

I was telling Barb Tafoya… she prays with us sometimes on Fridays. I was telling her on Wednesday night… She came to the service and we were praying afterward. And I told her, “For weeks, I keep getting in my heart, ‘there’s a move.’” I want to add things onto it in my own understanding, because I just keep hearing “there’s a move.” I want to add “There’s a move of the spirit.” But it’s just in my heart. Let’s just pray about that for a minute.

Prayer about the move…

There’s a move. There’s a move. There’s a move.
Pray out what the Lord gives you about a move.
We believe it. So we put ourselves in alignment… in agreement. We’re going to be nimble, we’re going to be flexible. We’re going to be open to your Word… to your promptings. We’re going to be quick to listen and quick to obey. We’re going to be willing to change our schedule… to change whatever needs to changed.
I thank you, Lord, that you’re dealing with us about things ahead of time. And so we’re going to give you everything that’s already yours … ourselves, our time, our attention. If it’s money… whatever it is, we’re going to give it to you, Father. We’re going to cooperate. We’re not going to resist… you’re not going to have to drag us kicking and screaming.

We’re going to be quick to listen and quick to obey, because we know that there’s a move… it’s a different time… that we’re in … Yeah. Stepping into…

Shared analogy…

I was thinking of a couple years ago, I was outside and it was kind of that transitional time between winter and spring. There was no snow on the ground anymore, but it was still kind of cold. And I opened the door of the church and the wind blew the door almost… like it was going to break the door, the wind was blowing so hard. And there’s leaves, things flying everywhere, like grass clippings and leaves and just garbage. Everything’s blowing, everything’s moving around. Everything that was on the ground is now in the air. There was a pastor out in the parking lot who works here and he turned to me and said, “The seasons are changing. I can feel it in the wind.” I was like, “Ooh, that was spiritual. It’s windy outside and you sent to chill down my spine with that word.”

The wind’s blowing because the seasons are changing and things that were stagnant and on the ground are now moving around. Can you feel it with your spiritual senses? Can you feel the wind of the Spirit of God just blowing?

Continued praying…

The seasons are changing. Out of winter… out of hibernation, out of dormancy… and into spring, into new life… into revitalization… into a new life springing forth. Yeah. Growth being accelerated. Things coming out, bursting out.

Think about the difference in Minnesota. Think about the difference when you go outside and what you see versus the middle of February and the middle of May. Oh, it looks and feels like two totally different places. You can smell flowers.

A newness of life springing forth…

I don’t even know how to say it, but I know what I’m seeing in my heart. So, Lord, just give me utterance. But that’s what it’s going to be like. It’s the same trees, it’s the same grass, it’s the same sky, it’s the same place, but there’s such a newness of life… springing forth, and there’s things that were there all along, but they were dormant, they were hidden. But we’re stepping into this other time where things are being released and things are being stirred up, and things are defrosting… and now what was always there will be, will come into its potential… its fullness… its beauty.

And so the things that God’s put in your heart, they’re not dead, they’re just dormant. They’re coming to life. They’re breaking free, they’re breaking out the buds are on the trees. And it’s just a matter of time… the Bible you see comparisons to natural things in the Bible for spiritual things, to give some sort of point of reference. And that’s one thing that I love about seasons is no matter how cold… like in Minnesota, no matter how cold it gets… it’s dark at 3 p.m. and cloudy all day. And it’s just like, “oh my gosh.” And when you get into March and it’s still snowy and it’s still cold and cloudy, what gives you hope is that you know this has an expiration date.

The season might extend a little bit longer than I would like… There might be a last-minute snowstorm at the end of April, but it’s just different because, you know this thing’s not going to last forever. The sun’s going to come out tomorrow, the snow’s going to melt… you know this thing’s got an expiration date and so you just kind of… depending on the mood, you might even start laughing when you get that six inches of snow on your birthday at the end of April. Because you’re just like, I know this is isn’t going to last long. Because I know the calendar, I know what’s coming, and I know this season’s going to end. And I know soon and very soon I’ll be able to go outside and not be in physical pain because we’re entering into a new season.

We’re entering a new season…

I want to say we’re entering into a new season individually and corporately. And so you can have hope… joy… excitement… expectations… you can look forward to it… you can make plans because you know that His Word is going to come to pass. You know what’s coming and so it doesn’t matter what it looks like now. If you knew nothing about seasons and you were just new to this planet and you stepped in here, you could think winter is all there is. You could think this is the way that it always is. You’re looking around and you’re like, “Maybe it’ll be different tomorrow.” And it’s still February and it’s not different. There could be a temptation to lose hope because you haven’t tasted and seen… you haven’t experienced it. But if you’ll just stay there, to the next day and the next day… that season’s going to come, that season’s going to come. That’s what I’m trying to say.

It’s coming… summer is on the way…

And the same thing is true. It’s not just a matter of hoping. That’s kind of the sense that I have in my heart. Like, if I give up and abandon hope that summer’s ever going to come, that’s not changing the fact that summer’s going to come. It’s coming. Summer is on its way, whether or not I believe in summer. If I choose to not believe in summer anymore, summer’s still coming. I’m just going to have a pretty bleak period of time, personally, until summer does come. And then I’ll be shocked and I’ll be grateful.

I believe that what God’s getting ready to do, what He’s currently doing, I believe it’s on its way. So you might as well just be happy about it.

Sister Barb…

I have two scriptures. One is Solomon 2, and it says, “Look, the winter is passed. The rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth. The season of singing has come. The cooing of doves is heard in our land. The fig tree forms its early fruit. The blossoming vines spread their fragrance. Arise, come my darling, my beautiful one, come with me.”

So we’re not just talking about the weather here. We’re talking about in the spirit, He’s saying to His church, “Arise. It’s time to come out of that season that you have been in and it’s time to step into the new season and come with Me.” Because He’s moving. “Arise and come with me.” He’s already moving. He is in that next place, and it’s time for us to get up and move with Him… move with the cloud. When the cloud is moving, we move.

Psalm 1:26…

And the second verse is Psalm 1:26. “When the Lord brought back His exiles to Jerusalem, it was like a dream. Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy, then it was said among the nations, The Lord has done great things for them.” So this new season that He is moving us into… He’s calling us up and into this new season. And it’s going to be so good. It’s going to be like a dream. We’re going to go, “Wow, is this really happening?” And He’s saying, “Yes, rise up. Come on, get up. This past season is over. We’re moving in the new things of the Spirit. We’re moving in the revival of the earth. We’re stepping into that revival place. We’re stepping into that move of the Spirit, and we will have joy in this time.

And it’s a move, like Dustin was saying, it’s a move. He’s moving us with Him into that place. So we thank you, Father.


It’s time to move with the cloud… with your Spirit… to enter into that place that is so good that it’s like a dream. It’s almost unbelievable how great it is. How wonderful it is to see that provision… so see all the things that we’ve been praying for these many years and those that went before us that were praying. We thank you that we get to reap the rewards of their prayers. Glory to God. I thank you, Father, that this is the hour. Ha ha. The hour of power. The hour of your anointing in the earth. The hour of your blessing on your church. It’s time. Your church, you are calling her to rise up… into this new place… into this new season of grace. We welcome that season. We step into that new season, that new place that you prepared for us. We welcome it, Lord.

Sister Cindy shared…

One of my prayer friends sent this scripture to me. So even just sitting here in morning prayer, I was sending it out to all kinds of different people. But it’s the Song of Solomon 2:10–15 in the Passion translation. “The one I love calls to me, rise my dearest. Hurry my darling, come away with me. I have come as you have asked to draw you to my heart and lead you out. For now is the time, my beautiful one. The season has changed. The bondage of your barren winter has ended and the season of hiding is over and gone. The rains have soaked the earth and left it bright with blossoming flowers. The season for singing and pruning the vines has arrived. I hear the cooing of doves in our land filling the air with songs of awakening you and guiding you forth. Can you not discern this new day of destiny breaking forth around you? The early signs of my purpose and plants are bursting forth. The budding vines of new life are now blooming everywhere. The fragrance of their flowers whispers. There is change in the air. Arise, my love, my beautiful companion, and run with me to the higher place. For now is the time to arise and come away with me. For you are my dove hidden in the split open rock. It was I who took you and hid you up high in the secret stairway of the sky. Let me see your radiant face and hear your sweet voice. How beautiful your eyes of worship and your voice in prayer. You must catch the troubling foxes, those sly little foxes that hinder our relationship, for they raid our budding vineyard of love to ruin what I’ve planted within you. Will you catch them and remove them with me? We will do it together.”

Springtime, Jesus…

Miss Jeanie would reference Song of Solomon a lot. And she would say, “springtime, Jesus.” So this morning when I was coming in, I was walking down the hallway and DJ was just pulling in and he’s like, “Where are you?” And I said, “I’m looking through the window. I’m springtime, Jesus.” You got to come inside. He’s beckoning us to move with Him because where we’re sitting may not be the place where we’re supposed to be. So He’s looking through our window and saying, “Come away with me and we’ll go higher and I’ll show you the things that you need to see. I’ll give you my eyes.”

Like Pastor Dustin was saying that suddenly you’ll see those things that were always before you. You just didn’t have eyes to see them. And when he said that, I saw myself putting on like a pair of rose colored glasses and I started seeing things differently. Almost like those pictures where things pop out that you didn’t see, and they’re like the flowers.

He gave me a vision. And this kind of goes along with the flowers are starting to come into bloom. He gave me a vision years ago actually. I was walking down the hallway and I heard Him say kind of in an announcer like a movie trailer kind of voice. “Imagine a world where you wake up and you go to work, you go to school, you go to the grocery store, wherever. It’s your pattern, it’s your path. And every day everything looks the same and there’s nothing different. But one day you wake up and everything changes. And you look down and along the side of your path is brightly colored flowers. And they just pop out with varying different colors, just like almost neon.”

I asked the Lord, “What are those?” And He said, “Cindy, they’re answers and solutions and I’ve planted them for you ahead of time. And every single one of them is perfectly suited for whatever you’re facing.” So that they’re never way out of reach. They’re right within reach. Right in time, like Pastor was talking about. It’s unfolding in time. It’s like timed released. And so, we only have to have eyes to see them.

He said, “Cindy, they were always there. You weren’t able to see them, but now you see them and you can pick them.” But He said, “Don’t worry if you miss one because I’ve planted another one perfectly suited for the next moment, so that you would always know that you’re never at a loss ever. I am for you. I have provided for you in every way, shape, and form. So just relax and come away with Me. Put on My eyes. I’ll show you those things. And then you’ll know that you’re never at a loss.

And like two weeks later I was just not even thinking about this vision and it just plopped down in my heart and came out of my mouth. And He made me to know that those flowers were people. So I know that the planting of the Lord is people. He’s planted people all along the side of our paths, and they were there by His design. It doesn’t matter what it looks like… good, bad, ugly, beautiful, whatever. They are meant to be an answer for everything that comes against us. It’s a dual kind of thing. They’re an answer and we are an answer. So it’s reciprocal.

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