Prayer Summary for March 13

Morning Chapel Prayer Playlist
Morning Chapel Prayer Today


Father, we thank You for Your goodness and Your mercy today
Thank You that Your plan for us has not changed and it is still the same
Your plan for us is for good, and for hope, and healing and goodness
Lord, we lift our eyes to You, and we humble our hearts before You
We know that we can do nothing without You
Father, You have made a way for us where there is no other way
You are for us, in us, with us, and moving in our lives today
Yes, You are the head of the church, and we find our completeness in You
We worship, honor, and praise You, Lord
You are the head of our lives, of our families, and of our situations
Bowing our hearts before You, and we pray that there would be an openness
Yes, an openness in our hearts, in our lives, and in this place today!
We receive all that You would have us receive, Lord
Calling for change, that we would never be the same again!
Holy Spirit, we honor You, we thank You for the beautifulness of Your presence
You are the spirit of grace, spirit of prayer, and spirit of healing
We welcome You and receive You today, Lord
Have Your way in this place, in our hearts, lives and circumstances!
Praying that You would mobilize and do all that You want to do in us, Father
We love You, we worship and honor You, we bless Your name – Jesus
Thank You that we are not left alone, but that You are always with us
You have equipped us with all that we need to fulfill Your call and plan
Our identity is in You, for it is in You that we live, breathe, and have our being
It is in You that we find our true self and that we remind ourselves that we are righteous
Thank You for Your presence; the blood of Jesus is our weapon
The Word of God is our double-edged sword
Holy Spirit, we ask that You would stir up our hearts today, that You would work on our behalf
You are causing us to profit; we thank You for crowning us with Your glory
Yes, You call us by Your very name, we thank You for hope and a supply of Your Spirit
We open up to those things today; You have made all things in Christ available to us
Thank You that You have blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly arena
You are causing us to triumph; You have sent Your Word to heal us
Yes, You are our peace and You have broken down every wall of the enemy
Those walls must come down; those hindrances must come down!
There is no condemnation in You, Lord
We stir up the gift of God that is within us today; we thank You for that today
Yes, we live by faith and not by sight, we are the bright light in the darkness
Thank You that You have equipped us with all that we need
No weapon formed against us shall or will prosper in the name of Jesus
We are called by Your name, and we thank You for Your throne of grace
Hallelujah, praise be to God the Father!
Yes, we stand on a place of victory and forgiveness sent from heaven
We love You and worship You, we thank You that we are pleasing in Your sight
Glory be to God!
Thank You for all that You have made available to us
We are on our way, it is a new day, and victory has come
Yes, we take hold of that, and we will keep our grasp on the prize of Jesus
No, we will not grow weary in well doing, but we will contend all the way
Jesus, You are worth it all!
We will continue to take steps onward and upward
Angels are being sent to assist and guide us
Yes, we will stand strong, and we will be alert and be present
Stirring up the gifts of the Spirit, and we will fan the flame
Praying in the spirit and there will be a stirring up the gifts of the supernatural
Thank You for the gifts of supply, power, and healing!
There is a stirring up and a filling up!
Give us eyes to see and ears to hear, Father
Thank You, Lord, we worship You, Jesus
Let Your presence  be kindled in us in a new way
Stir us up to fullness in a fresh way
We give You praise; we lift up the King of Kings and the Lord of all Lords
Father, we exalt and bless You with all that is within us
Thank You that You are forever with us; You are forever for us and in us
Bless the Lord, we bless and love You, Father
We give ourselves to You, Lord, have Your way in us!
Jesus, we worship You, we love You, we exalt You
Open our hearts and our eyes, Lord, unstop our ears
We pray for an expansiveness, and we open the floodgates now!
Yes, we are more aware and sensitive to Your Spirit
Father, we pray for a diving openness now
Praying over our nation and our families
Calling for the floodgates to be open in the name of Jesus
Lifting up those in leadership positions and we pray for the blood to cover them
Broken up now, every strategy of darkness is breaking up
Casting down every evil plot of the enemy, we command them to be broken up now
Yes, you will be stopped and brought to a halt!
We dispatch and assign angels and ministering spirits to go and work on our behalf
Calling those out of the darkness and into the light
Father, we pray for those that have gone into the darkness and we pull them back into the light
We pray for a heavenly embrace to be over them, and we pray for the blood to cover them
Evil plans of the enemy are being broken up and cast down in Jesus’ name
There is a breaking up of those evil plans of the enemy today!
Give us eyes to see and ears to hear
We speak to deception and darkness and we command them to be released now!
Prison doors are being opened and chains of darkness are being cast off
Calling for signs, wonders, and miracles in these last days
Praying for a release and a sending of laborers to go
We leave nothing behind; we call for all of it now!
Thank You for everything that has been prepared for this hour to come forth
Yes, be released today is the day and now is the time
Calling for every spiritual gifting
You have been called in to position; You have been called for this time and this hour
Yes, we will occupy all that You have called us to, Lord
Thank You for the Spirit of the living God is moving now
It shall be so, and it is so!
Calling for end time preparations; we lift them to You, Lord
End time preparations for cities, churches, and families
We speak that out over our own souls and lives
Make way for the coming of the Lord, prepare the way!
Set in order, make preparations, we turn those things over to You, Lord
Casting down and off those unnecessary weights
Open eyes, open hearts and tune us into what the Spirit would say
Locked in to the leading of the Spirit
There is a shifting now, an aligning now and a preparing now
Clearing out and cleaning out in Jesus’ name
Praying for a release over every initiative
You are showing up now today, You are showing up in America
Angels are showing up and the glory of God is showing up all across this land
We pray for diving cooperation like never before
Yes, there is a meeting in the middle, a coming together now
The church is coming together, and we pray for it to be so
Calling for the glory of God to fill this earth
Declaring for a harvest of souls to come into Your kingdom in these last days
Those things are being overturned and redeemed
Open up, America, open up, church
Yes, we will receiver the former and latter rain
Calling those things that have been spoken to come forth in these last days
It is all coming in now
We declare it now from the north to the south and from the east to the west
Yes, sent from heaven above
Open up, church, open up, cities, open up, nations!
Declaring an opening up in every area spirit, soul, and body
Hallelujah, glory be to God
Calling in restorations and restitutions 

Thank You, Jesus, we thank You, Father
We receive all that You have for us, Lord
All that is broken will be restored
All that is out of joint will be reinstated
All that is troubled we declare peace and wholeness
All that is sick and full of infirmity we declare healing, recovery, and peace over it
What has been scattered, we command it to be gathered and united
Thank You for restoration of hearts, bodies, souls, and minds
Calling for healing, casting down every evil plot of the enemy in Jesus’ name
We call for light to pierce through the darkness

Scripture Focus…

So Timothy, my son, I am entrusting you with this responsibility, in keeping with the very first prophecies that were spoken over your life, and are now in the process of fulfillment in this great work of ministry, in keeping with the prophecies spoken over you. With this encouragement use your prophecies as weapons as you wage spiritual warfare by faith and with a clean conscience. For there are many who reject these virtues and are now destitute of the true faith, (20) such as Hymenaeus and Alexander who have fallen away. I have delivered them both over to Satan to be rid of them and to teach them to no longer blaspheme!
(1 Timothy 1:18–20 TPT)


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