Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, June 24, 2022

DJ shared…

I was driving to chapel this morning. I heard from the Holy Spirit, one word. We all heard before many times. “Those who know their God shall do exploits.” The Lord is saying, who know their God like you and I and others, who’s watching this morning. Where are two or three gather together in His name, things are done quickly and faster and miracles happen. We are here 2, 3, 4, many of us together. And today is the day you receive your healing. You receive your miracle. What you’re waiting for days and months, two or three agree. We’re gonna agree with you today. You keep watching. Keep listening this morning. You will have a miracle from the Lord.

We shall do exploits…

When I heard this, the Lord say, “Who knows their God shall do exploits, great things.” So I was driving by to come to here and there is a donut shop. There’s a line from here to there. I had in my heart last night about this donut shop. So I stopped by there. There’s always line. So this morning I went there and while I’m going to the chapel, so I picked up a couple dozen of donuts. These donuts are from heaven. We call it donut heaven. Heather tried one. Heather, is it good or no? And Mike Gross was here. He tried one. But these are the best of the best donuts. So I learned from the Holy Spirit, this is for me doing exploit, doing something. Maybe it’s not big, maybe not large. He is in the doing. We know Him to do something. I know not too long ago someone sitting here did the big thing. They gave their car to someone else and that was doing. They know their God and they did exploit. They did big. Donut might be small things. Doing something for God… doing for others. He said be good to all men, especially to household of the Lord.

Whatever you put your hand to will prosper…

I got two things. The first thing is, I mean, what a flow… Everything I’ve been praying and talking to the Lord about this week, they’ve been praying out all morning. It’s like, Holy Ghost is the same at home as He is here. Praise the Lord. But He reminded me of a couple things and Cindy touched on whatever we put our hand to that God would bless. And do we really believe that? Because sometimes we’re praying and praying and praying and we’re going, “Lord, you’re not telling me what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m not getting an answer.” And He said, “Whatever you put your hand to will be blessed.” So if you’re not hearing something specific, do what you know to do. And it will be blessed.

I remember a time years ago, we were in business and had a partner. There were two different sides of the company. And we decided having a partner isn’t that great. Let’s just separate the business. And so we had two parts. And there was one part that we knew… this part is gonna be great and be really successful. This one will do okay. But the Lord said, “You let that person choose first.” And it was like, Okay. You know, kind of like, you know, Abraham and Lot. He said, we’re too big, too great. We need to separate. And he let Lot choose first and Lot chose the beautiful, lush land. And what does Abraham get? The desert. Right. But he let him choose first. And we know what ended up happening.

So the same situation. And it’s like, okay… So of course the partner chose this one that we all knew was gonna be great. And we got the other part. But the Lord said, “You know what, whatever you choose, I will bless.” And what ended up happening our side [pointing upward] and his side [pointing downward], you know? And it didn’t look that way. It did not look that way. So you can’t… If the Lord tells you something and it doesn’t seem like that does not look like the right choice, that does not look like the best choice. But He’s saying you do what I say to do. Even if it doesn’t look good, you do it. And I’m gonna bless it. Whatever you put your hand to is blessed.”

So even if you’re not getting specific direction right now, do what you know to do and believe God’s gonna bless that thing. Until He gives you something specific, He will bless it. We believe the Word or we believe the Word.

And then the second thing, DJ stepped on my favorite miracle, which is the oil. I know you’re not supposed to have favorites, but I love something just resounds inside me every time I think of that miracle. And as he’s sharing that, the Holy Ghost is trying to get the body of Christ to get from beyond “let’s just get outta debt.” You know, the prophet went beyond that. God blessed her not so that she just got out of debt, super abundant, exceeding supply. It’s time for the body, not just get out of debt, but to be a people that the world would say, “Wow, what is on you? What are you doing that is different than what I’m doing because you’re having great success.”

So it’s time for the people of God to be who He called them to be and to succeed beyond imagination just by starting out by doing what you have to do. Whatever He has for you to do. You just are doing it and you’re succeeding in every way. But that has to be our mentality, that has to be what’s coming out of our mouths. Whatever I do is blessed. Whatever I put my hand to today is blessed. Wherever I go, the Holy Spirit is leading me. He’s guiding my steps. I’m in the right place at the right time. I’m meeting the right people. Wealth is chasing me down. I don’t have to chase after wealth. Wealth is running after me and chasing me down.

Praise the Lord. Because this is the time and the hour for the body of Christ to shine in the earth.


It’s time for the body to shine in the earth… to be healthy, to be wealthy, to be strong, to walk in victory. We are the people of God …

A word came forth…

And there’s one more piece. I heard the Holy Spirit say, “a pressure, a pressure release, a release of pressure today.” Some of you have been under so much pressure to make a decision or to do something, and that it’s just pressure, pressure, pressure. And so it’s like, He’s going to release that pressure valve today so that pressure can just lift off to you by the Holy Spirit.

Well, how do we do that? How does that pressure leave? Well, rejoicing, laughing, praying in the Holy Spirit, singing a song of victory. So right now in Jesus’ name… Thank you, Holy Spirit for releasing that pressure… for letting that pressure lift off, escape in the name of Jesus Christ… that we would not be under pressures of this life and the world Father God, but we would walk in perfect peace in Jesus’ mighty name.

Sometimes it’s just a shout to let that pressure out… that pressure of the enemy… We release it. We cast it off in Jesus’ name. Ha ha. Get out! Get out! Ha ha ha.

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