Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, July 06, 2018

Pastor Ray shared…

Yesterday I read about the Argentina revival in the 1950s. I read the testimony about how that revival started. A missionary from the US spent many years trying to get his church going and nothing was happening. He got the revelation that the one thing he didn’t do was to pray. He began to pray eight hours per day! Every day. He did that for six months and during that time he didn’t hear a word from the Lord. Nothing. Then he heard one word from the Lord. “Continue!” That was it. He kept on praying. Eight hours a day. After several more months, the Lord impressed him to start an evening prayer meeting. He questioned the Lord if he should do that because he knew that only the old ladies would show up and they would only watch him pray. He announced that he was going to start a prayer meeting. Three older ladies showed up and watched him pray for four hours! Afterward, he asked the ladies if they got anything from the Lord. One of the ladies said she felt a strong urge to go up and knock on the wooden table. But she didn’t do it because she thought it was weird and that it’s wasn’t the Lord. They came back the next night. He prayed for four hours and they watched him pray. Afterward, did anyone get anything? The same lady said she got the same impulse to knock on the table but she didn’t do it. They came back the next night and the same scenario unfolded. The same lady got the same impulse to knock on the table. You can sense his frustration because she keeps getting the same thing but she refuses to act on it. He said, “We’re all going to go up front and walk around the wood table and we’ll each knock it.” He thought if they all knocked on the table that it would help her to do the same. After they all knocked on the table, she got up and knocked on the table as well. The Spirit of God came and all three ladies were filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak in other tongues. The presence came powerfully and that’s what triggered the revival in Argentina where Tommy Hicks did these massive meetings in stadiums. Things are still happening in Argentina today.

I found this article. This isn’t steps you do to get revival. This is what the church there did during the revival. It’s interesting.

The following are some of the principles that God ordained for us to follow in the Argentine church:

In His church, God desires private and group prayer where believers allow the Holy Spirit freedom to move in and through them as He wills for “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” (2 Cor. 3:17)

In His church, God, who is the Head, plans to function as the head in a very practical way and to assume the guidance and leadership through the Word and through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

In His church, God desires the Holy Spirit to operate through the leadership of divinely given ministries, rather than men trying to establish ministries that God has not ordained.

In His church, God desires repentance to be a state rather than an isolated event or experience, and He desires freedom for the expression of that repentance, be it in private contrition or even in public, if the Holy Spirit so indicates.

In His church, God desires that the development of the fruit of the Spirit balance the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit—that there be full transformations in lives rather than only initial experiences of saying the sinner’s prayer.

In His church, God desires to provide financially through faith and prayer rather than through the operation of programs, appeals, raffles and such like.

In His church, God desires a full and free operation of expression in praise and worship in their various phases. He wants the spirit of prophecy to rest upon His people (for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy”) and ministry to be in the prophetic realm. He wants time to work and does not wish to be rushed, nor required to quickly do all His work in one brief hour. He wants His church to wait upon Him—to spend much time in His presence.

In the Argentine church, God taught His children to move into His presence through worship and praise with continued cleansing of their hearts so that this worship and praise did not become a religious emptiness. This freshness of the manifestation of His presence in worship and praise can only be maintained through a definite working of the Holy Spirit in prayer.

Pastor Ray continued…

Have you ever been in worship and you’re just going through the motion? You’re not really “in it.” You’re not really worshiping Him. That, to me, that’s where religion tries to get in or the familiarity with it all. We don’t want to do that. We want to be familiar with Him but we want it to be fresh and new and real.

I thought we should let Jesus pray for us the prayer He prayed for us in John chapter 17.

Jesus Prays for You

“And I ask not only for these disciples,
but also for all those who will one day
believe in me through their message.
I pray for them all to be joined together as one
even as you and I, Father, are joined together as one.
I pray for them to become one with us
so that the world will recognize that you sent me.
For the very glory you have given to me I have given them
so that they will be joined together as one
and experience the same unity that we enjoy.
You live fully in me and now I live fully in them
so that they will experience perfect unity,
and the world will be convinced that you have sent me,
for they will see that you love each one of them
with the same passionate love that you have for me.
“Father, I ask that you allow everyone that you have given to me
to be with me where I am!
Then they will see my full glory—
the very splendor you have placed upon me
because you have loved me even before the beginning of time.
“You are my righteous Father,
but the unbelieving world has never known you
in the perfect way that I know you!
And all those who believe in me
also know that you have sent me!
I have revealed to them who you are
and I will continue to make you even more real to them,
so that they may experience the same endless love
that you have for me,
for your love will now live in them, even as I live in them!”


Thank You for the times we’re living in … for permanent changes… heaven’s mandate… than You for the new… a new man and a new woman… new ways… new plans… almost like a new country… plans for the country… freedom for the country… new revelation, new leaders, new direction… things in this world, a shaking… we’re not to be shaken… we stand strong on Your Word… strong in the Lord and in the power of His might… You put it in us to finish strong… all the way through… to not be shaken or in fear or walk in doubt… always expect… we lift You up and honor You… not that way… this way… enabled to see and know… crooked things straightened out… things that need to be stopped, be stopped! … many, many, many more… greater… eyes to see and able to see it and watch it… walk in wisdom … we lift up the positions of authority… standing on the Word… declaring this is the way it will be… one nation under God… indivisible… we declare our nation is moving in Your way… more of You and Your presence… if You moved in Argentina, You’ve moved across our nation, in Azusa Street, we know You’ll do it again… we’re calling for it… we take authority over division and doubt… we overcome by the blood… because You overcame… not in the mental realm but in the realm of the spirit… all of the numbers… Your body is increasing… there’s room for everyone… it’s Your will that everyone comes to You… praying out in other tongues… in other languages… no weapon formed against us will prosper… now in this time… we take hold of our assignments… like the woman that knocked on the table… You’re revealing to us the way to go… each one of us… mobilization of the whole body… every stream… pastors, we pray for the pastors… freedom for the pastors… utterance… the sheep will know the voice of the shepherd… numbers are adding up… a multiplication… those assignments… we purpose to fulfill them… in You and by Your power… operations… calling those in that are out of sight… momentum… we can’t do it in our own strength… more of You… an outpouring… more and more and more… at every gathering… we hunger for it

Open up… wide open… poured out… bellies full… pouring out of the belly… Your Spirit flowing thru us into this earth… out of that belly flows… deliverance… it’s time … every step has been laid out … line it up, Lord… illuminate… let the way be clear, every step… every word… action… everything that You’ve called to come together at this time… You cause them to come together now, Father… for the sake of Your glory, Your anointing, Your harvest… let Your light show… illuminate… the hearts of Your people to see… they see the doors that are opened unto them… they see the path that’s been set before them… whether in the ministry or in the world, Father… it’s time to do the work… it’s time to step out in faith… take hold with the Holy Ghost… let Him move … take hold together with Him and do the work… alterations… to destinations today… change coming… every direction, Father, coming from the Father of lights… in whom there is no shadow of turning… it’s so clear… that voice on the inside… let it flow… and those that would try to stop the flow, Father, move them out of the way… if they’re not willing to get in… You move them out of the way… bring those that would facilitate that river of life … put them into place now, Father… You’re calling them into order now… each one into their places… to do their parts… it’s time to take us out of here, Father… into a place of overcoming… by the blood of the Lamb… we enter into Your glory… by the blood… we hold the blood over this church… over this body… these pastors… over every member… to do the will and call … blood over your mind, words, body… it’s time to come on into the river… for the light is come and His glory is seen upon the church… arise, body! Arise and let Him shine through you… He is the God who is more than enough… rise up in Jesus’ name… let that river flow… let go of the past… let go of the darkness, that depression, that hindrance, that worry, fear… in the name of Jesus Christ… we command those things to go in Jesus’ name… we loose the body today to operate in the highest anointing… to move in the spirit like never before… ordained before the foundation of the world… to carry out the plan… power in the name… we yield to the power of the Holy Ghost… to the anointing… time for complete and total transformation… inside, outside, through and through… in the eyes, ears, heart… in the hands, feet… legs to run… bodies strong in Jesus’ name… operating as one with You… as You are, Lord, so are we in the earth… what You have we have, what You are, we are… we have no lack, no limitation… we yield to that river… we let You flow and move… every operation of the Spirit in manifestation… functioning fully with no lack… words of wisdom, knowledge, miracles, signs, wonders… an atmosphere of the glory… a tangible presence… so much more You have for us… thank You for taking all the limitations out of our minds… so we can embrace Your greatness…

Pastor Ray shared…

I saw this while Barb was praying. I saw that each one of us is a key. We are all keys. And there are locks that only our key will open. They’ll open, I’ll call them doors. They’ll open that lock for us that we might receive and go through into the new and give forth the flow of the Holy Ghost for others to even begin to see, that they are also a key. Then they’ll begin to unlock the things that they’ve been called to unlock. Just like the woman was a key for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Argentina. One lady following what was in her, like a key, that the Spirit of God gave direction to go ahead and do. Today we receive it for ourselves, to continually be the key that we’ve been made to be, that we will open those things that need to be open. To do our part in the plan, bringing forth what God has called the Church to bring forth.

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