Morning Prayer Summary for Monday, July 26, 2021


Father, we pray for healing for those who are oppressed of the Devil
You are in and with us today, Lord
Thank You for Your power surging and moving upon our gathering
There is power in the name of Jesus
Jesus, we speak and release the power of God over this assembly
We release the power and the virtue of Jesus over our tent healing revival tonight
Thank You for the wonder working power that is in the blood of Jesus
You have set the captives free, You have raised up the dead, and caused the blind to see
We draw up power for the plan of God, power for our journey, and our next steps
Calling for power in our homes, marriages, and children today!
Declaring for Holy Ghost power to be over our capital
Power to reveal that which is of the enemy
Bring light to that which  is unjust and untrue
Give our leaders eyes to see and ears to hear that which You are speaking unto them
Open up, open up, praying for an opening up of the riches of the knowledge of God
Calling for doorways to be broken down, every obstacle to be removed in Jesus’ name!
Open up today in the name of Jesus
We pray for an opening of a gate on the inside of each of us
Praying for a release of power, signs, and wonders in these last days, Father
In the spirit we open that up, that it would spill over into the natural
Your Spirit is moving in our homes, in our cities, and in our services
Thank You for Your great purpose and plan in our lives, Lord
You are causing them to grow and to flourish in these days
Stir up Your Spirit and those seeds that were planted down on the inside of us
Seeds for awakenings, seeds of revival, seeds for Jesus to be seen and heard!
Yes, praying for an opening in Jesus’ name!
All of our hearts collectively call for what You are wanting now
We call for those messages to be sent, translated, and downloaded
Messages to those who are far from Jesus
Praying for those that show up to the tent healing revival here tonight
Messages of hope, messages of deliverance, and messages to set captives free
Help us to tune in and connect to that which You are sending, doing, and saying
There is more of the plan of God, there is more to be done, and more to be walked out
We pray for a pouring out of Your Spirit, Lord
Calling for a heavenly momentum and a heavenly motivation
There is a heavenly release to set us in motion in the right direction
Thank You for divine orders, assignments, purposes, and callings today
We lean more and more into that, Lord
Father, we trust in You, and You are flowing through us in these last days
Grant unto us strength, power, and wisdom of the spirit
Yes, we lean in now; we rely more and more on You
No, we will not stop or rest, but we will continually press on to more of You
We trust in You, for You are doing a new thing in and through us
You are showing up, and we are at the center of the will and purpose of God Grant unto us those assignments that You have called us to
Praying for supernatural, appointed steps of obedience, Father
You have ordained us for such a time as this, and we trust in You
Yes, You have called us to walk on water, to raise the dead, and heal the sick
We praise and worship You
Bend us, Lord, let our wills be saturated and softened and handed over to You
Soften our wills, breakdown our indifferences, and the hardness of our hearts
Rain down on our hearts, Lord
You are showing up to minister and do surgery on the inside of us
Calling down strongholds, challenges, and problems
We ask for supernatural healings, restoration, and wholeness, Father
Praying for healing of every kind spirit, soul, and body
Open us up, Lord, open heart surgery that there might be a greater flow
We trust in You, for You are our good, good Father
Yes, we pray for healing for those that have been abused, those that have gone through trauma
Eyes be opened, not just naturally but spiritually in our hearts
Casting down blind spots and for blinders to come off, for eyes to be opened
It is the time and the hour to come out, You are calling us out now!
We are calling for the broken, the helpless, and the hopeless to be healed and restored
You have called each and every one of us to the plan and the purpose of God
Yes, we are being energized with holy, supernatural power!
Father, You are restoring and reconnecting us to family and to the body!
You are calling us back into Your loving arms, Lord
We trust in You, for You came for those that are lost and broken
Casting out a net to those that are far from You, and far from the plan of God
Praying that they would be brought back in to Your kingdom
Whatever it takes, as long as they come back to You
You are leading us back to the heart of God and back to the plan of God
It is the key, it is the key to healing, it is the key to restoration
No, we will not stay here, but we will take a step
Casting down all fear and hopelessness in the name of Jesus
Get up in Jesus’ name, don’t listen to the enemy, get up and take the first step
The Holy Ghost is speaking, and the Spirit of God will guide
Thank You for Your presence, Father
We hunger and thirst for more of You
Yes, we will go where You are leading us, we will be led by You
Leaning more and more into You, we are being ordered by Your steps
Praying for obedience and a holy responsiveness
Our leaders are responding and obeying You, Father
Obedience will set you in motion, and we will move more and more in Your will and plan
We call for the miraculous in these last days, Lord
You have called us to obey, and we surrender to You
Father, we pray for You to help us to clean out the clutter in our hearts
Reach down and draw our attention to what needs to be addressed on the inside of us
Clean and clear out all that is in our way to do Your will and plan
Thank You for Your presence, Lord
Calling for a cleansing and healing flow
Help them to see, grant them ears to hear
Keys, keys to unlock hearts, keys to unlock situations
Thank You for openings
We worship You, Jesus
Father, we come to the altar and we humble ourselves before You
Have Your way in our hearts and in our lives
Uncover, heal and restore us, Father
We invite You, Holy Spirit, to have Your way in and through us
Thank You for change, preparation, and supernatural working of Your Spirit
You are preparing us and getting us ready for what You have called us to
Tune us in to the gentle loving whispers of what You are saying to us
We plead the blood of Jesus over each and every believer
Praying for strength, courage, and grace for those who love You, Lord

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