Morning Prayer Notes for Thursday, November 4, 2021

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Peg led group in worship…

Pastor Ken…

Good morning. Great to have you with us on this Thursday morning. There is a healing flow here today. And I want us to pray and agree for healing right here, right now. In you’ve got symptoms in your body, if you’re suffering from pain, if you’re struggling with some issues physically, if COVID, cancer, a cold, whatever the case is, I want you to reach out with your hand of faith. I want you just to lean in with your faith, reach out and just believe you receive as we pray right now. We’re going to pray and release the power of God through our intentionality and our prayer right now. I just believe that that power is going to just issue forth. It’s going to minister and touch you with the healing power of Jesus.

He is the great physician after all. Not only can He heal colds, COVID, and cancer, but He can also heal a broken heart and a broken situation that maybe you’re facing. So just extend your faith, set your expectation to receive right now in this moment. The Bible says when you pray, believe that you receive and you will have.

So heavenly, Father, right now in Jesus’ name, we thank you that there is healing power available to us. Right now, Father, I just pray that at the sound of my voice and at the mention of this prayer, that healing power would be released into each and every person who is looking to you this morning for relief from pain, who is looking to you for a speedy recovery from a surgery, everyone who is looking and expecting and believing from you this morning for deliverance and breakthrough from a serious prognosis, from a negative doctor’s report, from uncomfortableness in their bodies. We declare in Jesus’ name, “peace to every situation.” Be whole, healing and wholeness, restoration, and peace to everyone. I command in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, be whole, be restored, be free from pain. Be raised up, be delivered, be set free. Lord, we receive it and thank you for it.

Pastor Ken shared…

I thought I would just a couple of things to you this morning as a point of reflection. Actually maybe I’ll just read one thing. Some of you may have heard Pastor Lynne this weekend share about the Genesis of the prayer ministry and the start of Living Word, where things all began. And it went back to a time when Pastor Mac and Lynne were at a Kenneth Hagin meeting in 1981. This prophetic utterance came forth. I thought I’d share it with you. It not only applies to this church and the Church as well, but I think to the foundation of and the essence of our lives too.

The Spirit of the Lord said through brother Kenneth Hagin, “Some would say our church is a singing church. Others would say our church is a word church. Some have said our church is a power church. But yea, saith the Lord, I’m seeking for a praying church. I’m seeking for those that will wait upon Me. For you can never sing like you ought to sing until you have waited upon Me, saith the Lord of hosts.”

You can never do life like you ought to do life. You could never create, make decisions, lead your family, run a nonprofit, run a business, run a farm, whatever you’re doing in life, you can never do it on the level that you could potentially what could be and should be in the mind of God. You could never do it until you have waited upon God. That’s the whole precedence of the scriptures and the life of Jesus for that matter. He demonstrated it in His earthly life. The precedent is God first, living a God-first life in all things. Where we wait on Him, where we seek Him, where we rest in Him and trust in Him and look up and say, “What’s up, God?”

“How long?” you might ask. Pray until He speaks. Until He does what He wants to do. Until you’re fulfilled. Because what flows out of your life, the level and the quality and the creativity and the answers and the wisdom and the power and whatever it is, is congruent or equivalent to what flows first into your life.

We’re simply vessels. Cleansed and made right by the blood of Jesus. So as I’ve said before, we would become the very tabernacle of God… living, breathing tabernacles of God designed and intended out of the heart and our intentionality of God to be filled with Him. Amen? So that when we go do what we do, it is on a level that far surpasses what we could do on our own. So take heart in that today.

So often we to get worked up and struggle at trying to figure things out. And we struggle at “How am I going to do this? I can’t do this, Lord.” Maybe simple things, maybe big things. God didn’t ask you to figure out how to do it. He asked you to come to Him. Every day, the Holy Spirit whispers, wooing us and inviting us and drawing us to Him to have a personal journey with Him. Maybe you’ve journeyed to the cross to receive Him at one point in your life. Well, that is just the first time. We’re to daily be journeying to Him, to come into the holy place, to the secret place, to wait on Him, to receive from Him, to be filled by Him. Because when you’re filled, then things flow. When you’re filled, things start to flow in a good way in your life. And in prayer!

The key to effective and powerful, collective or corporate prayer is a community of pray-ers. In other words, they have their own personal journey with God so that when you come together, you already have something in you. You have a supply of the Spirit. You have an utterance in other tongues. You have something prophetic. You have something of God that now coalesces and comes together in a gathering such as this online or in person and create something and expresses something and does something in the spiritual dimension that never existed before and is far greater than what could occur individually. Because we all bring a supply. We’ve all been to the throne.

Once again, the Bible says to come boldly to the throne of grace that we might receive. The throne of grace is the throne of mental wellness and emotional health and healing and all other things that you would ever need in this lifetime. It’s found at the throne. The great Creator, our great Shepherd, our doting heavenly Father. That’s ultimately what He is. He’s a Father! He’s not some far off God or deity that’s on a power trip. He cares. He sees. He knows. And He wants to pour Himself into you.

Oh, I know that you have Him if you professed His name. But I’m here to tell you, you can have more. We have as much of God as we desire of God. The Bible says those who hunger and thirst for the rightness of God shall be filled. In other words, the spiritual principle is, as you hunger and as you thirst and as you desire, and as you seek, you shall receive. And that’s not an arduous process. That’s just simply opening your heart and saying, “God, I’m here. Fill me. I’m a sponge. I need you. I’m desperate for you. Less of me and more of you.”

That’s where life changes. That’s where the momentum of our lives in any area shifts and begins to move in a positive, powerful, beautiful, restorative direction. That when we let ourselves be drained out and we let Him flow in… That’s why I’ve called prayer “The Great Exchange.”

Some might be saying, “Wow, Ken, you’re just far out today. You’re really out there spiritually.” You might think I’m weird. Just wait. Just wait a little bit longer. Wait 10 years. Wait the rest of your life. You’ll step over and we’ll all see. And the perspective of God will come into full view. We’re like, “Oh, I get it now.” Now we see through a glass darkly, but then we shall see Him face-to-face and we shall know. So these spiritual things are not spooky. This is reality. This is the bottomline Christianity. What we’ve called normal is really abnormal from God’s perspective.

This prophecy through brother Hagin goes on to say, “For you can never sing, like you ought to sing until you’ve waited upon Me, says the Lord of hosts. For you can never praise like you should praise or you can never really walk in faith to the extent that you should walk in faith until prayer is as much a part of your being as breathing is of your physical being.”

That’s the normal of God. The normal of God is that we would pray like we breathe.

You can never really enjoy the fullness of the Word and the power will never be in full manifestation until you become known as a praying church.

Or you could say until you become known as a praying person. It’s not just for one or two or a select few. Prayer relationship connectivity with the person of God the Father is our life and our highest aim and ministry as human beings. It is our created purpose to know Him.

So I know I keep coming back to this, but I feel like God is still working to recalibrate the Church, recalibrate us to His ways and thoughts and modus operandi. He’s trying to jerk us and break us out of the “world flow.” Break us out of distraction. Break us out of religiosity and religious indoctrination that teaches us things that in many ways are contrary to the ways of God.

Wow! Okay. I opened up a can of worms there, but it’s true. Jesus came as a revolutionary to start a revolution upon planet earth in the first century. He came to say that we were to lay down our lives, not to hoard it up and look out for number one exclusively. But to give our lives, to pick up our cross and to follow Him. To be generous, to pray for our enemies and those who hurt us and do bad things toward us.

In other words, the very antithesis of the world. He taught us that the kingdom of God is righteousness, truth, joy in the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah! That it’s not striving and struggling this journey of faith. But resting and trusting and leaning into Him and working in partnership with Him. Praise God. Thank you, Jesus.


We pray that you would have your way, Lord, to bring us into place that you would orchestrate our hearts today.

Orchestrate the church today… orchestrate the nations today.

Even in Israel today in that great land and city, we call Jerusalem.

We declare orchestration and alignment and peace over it today in the name of Jesus

We pray over the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ today.

We pray over our own lives and families and churches today that there would be a healing and a dissipation of all that has covered over our hearts and covered over our churches in our lives and the way of sin and distraction and worldly things.

Lord, cause our hearts to beat in sync, to cause our hearts and our prayers to reflect you.

We pray for a Holy Ghost surprise! I just heard the word “surprise.”

We pray for Holy Ghost ordained surprises. Good surprises. God showing up in hearts, in situations, in lives, in ministries, in church.

And the Spirit of God with a smile saying, “Surprise! Here’s what I have for you. Here’s what I’ve done for you!”

Opening it up… We pray for an uncovering and an unwrapping of those things.

Lord, those gifts for this time, for this generation, for our lives.

Lord, that you would unwrap us … that you would unfold your purposes …

Surprise for the Nations…

And the churches that are represented with us in the nations of Europe and Asia and South America, North America.

We pray today for a release of the gift of God, for release of Holy Ghost surprises, for a release of purpose, for a release of power.

I just see surprises. The Lord has some surprises for the nations.

There are some nations that thought they were going down the tubes and the Christians were losing and the Church was declining, but not too far from now, there’s going to be a surprise.

And the Church is going to laugh and say, “Surely the Lord is still on high and alive and well on planet earth, because look what the Lord has done.”

He had this plan all along. He had prepared this and the time just simply came due. And there it is in the midst of us … in the midst of the nations… in the midst of the church

The Spirit of God is saying, “Learn how to step into the fray. Don’t be afraid. Don’t back up. Remember I’m with you. So step into the midst of darkness. I’ve sent you to be inserted into the affairs of this world into dark places, into difficult places, into messy situations. So go, Church. Come pray-ers, go and step into the Spirit … step in the natural where I lead, and I will use you to sow righteousness and justice. I will use you.

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