Morning Prayer Notes for Thursday, January 6, 2022

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Pastor Ken…

Welcome everybody!

Don’t just spectate. Whether you’re in the chapel here or online, we’re coming together for a purpose. God has called us together. Put us in this season and this generation with the opportunities and the connections we have to advance His purposes, to be a part of what He’s doing in this hour.

What I want to do is have Peg lead us in singing these words that we were singing about how great our God is… sing them over circumstances, situations at particular people. I’m going to lift up some people by name this morning that are battling some health issues and really significant things. And maybe you are too or know some people in your life, your sphere of influence that are battling things. I believe God wants us to lift those situations up right here at the outset of our prayer time today. And so as I pray and lead us as we sing in just a moment again, just declare and lift up those people by name, those situations. Just inject yourself as an intercessor, as someone who is reminding God of His promises and His faithfulness.

Like I said the other day, there was just something about Jesus that He carried around in His earthly ministry a continual awareness and confidence in His Father’s faithfulness, power, and the authority that was invested in Him. That authority has been invested in us.

Like I said on Tuesday, we’ve been created as “speaking spirits” in the image of God. And our words are productive. Our words release power, life, light, deliverance, freedom, and healing. The last time I checked, my Bible still promises that He is our healer, our great physician, and the promises of healing and deliverance and wholeness are for our generation, as much as they were in the generation Jesus carried out His earthly ministry.

And I hear the Spirit of God beckoning and inviting and prompting us right now today to boldly step out in faith, whether you’re in the midst of circumstances or you’re going to intercede for some circumstances and situations and people today, because the power of God is flowing from heaven. The storehouses are chock full and overflowing with resources and answers to prayer and healings and new limbs and new organs and wholeness for people’s souls and freedom from trauma and fear… It’s still there! It’s still available to us. It’s waiting for earth to place a demand to bring what is in heaven into the earth realm. That’s what prayer is all about, right? Contending, believing, boldly declaring, and working with God so that what is on His heart and what in those storehouses in heaven become reality in people’s day-to-day lives and in our journey.


So, Father, in Jesus’ name, before we go any further, we just lift up the name of Jesus.

Lord, we thank you that we don’t have to succumb and relent to the enemy’s devices, and darkness, evil, trauma, sickness, depression and fear and our past experience. But instead, today, the word to us is that we can step into 2022 with a bold, unreserved faith, that we can step into 2022 with a confidence and an assurance that you are with us, for us, and you are working in us.

We’re here to work in concert with you. So, Holy Spirit, we invite you to flow through us today. Let us be a conduit of glory. Let us be a pipeline for your presence and deliverance and for transformation and changes today in the situations we’re going to lift up across this prayer network this morning.

Lord, we thank you that there is a release of healing, of deliverance, of hope and peace and comfort right now. We just declare it today. I declare it over this prayer community, this family online and in-person, over those that we lift up right now, those that we’re thinking of, people right now.

Lord, we lift up Pastor Baltimore right here on our staff. We lift him up. Mark, Lord, we lift him up today. And others, Lord, that we know personally in our families. We just lift them up by name. Even as the apostle Paul said, “I make mention of you in my prayers.” Lord, we make mention of these and others. We lift them up to you today, Father God, and we’re not willing to let them struggle on their own, but instead we surround them today with faith and a supply of the Spirit. We pray for a strengthening in their hearts, souls, and families today. Where they need healing, Father, we pray for a supernatural download of healing and surgery and new body parts, new hearts, new lungs, new joints, new cells…

Renewed… we speak renewal, healing, reconstruction. We command pain to go in Jesus’ name. We speak to that pain in those people’s lives, and we command it to cease and bow its knee to the name of Jesus. And we pray for a release of healing power and supernatural pain relief sent from heaven, downloaded and received right now into their lives and into their bodies into the part of them that needs that. We declare that over them right now.


We declare comfort over them and their families and over whatever is affecting them. We declare peace be still in Jesus’ name. We declare those around us that are walking through a struggle or standing in faith… we declare life and strength over them. We declare they will live and not die and do the full will of God all the days of their lives. We say, Devil, get your hands off of them. We say, Devil, remove your devices. We declare no weapon formed or fashioned against them will prosper in any way. No, it won’t. It won’t prosper. We declare every operation of the enemy ceases today. We plead the blood of Jesus over them. We plead the blood of Jesus over their lives, over their journey, over their minds. In particular, we speak over people’s souls, emotions, and minds.

We speak peace…

Just like Jesus spoke to the wind and the waves on Galilee on that notable day as recorded in the narrative of scripture, we speak peace to people. We speak peace perhaps to our own soul today, to our own emotions, to our families, to our children. Lord, we speak peace be still in Jesus’ name. And we just declare a release of anointing, a release of encouragement, a release of hope. We pray for a streaming forth of light. Your Word says, Lord, that we’re to pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you. In other words, divine supernatural illumination and light and revelation. We pray for that over these people we’ve lifted up. We just lift them and we declare light over them. We pray that you would open their eyes, that you would unstop their ears, that you would soften their hearts and help them to receive a personal delivery to the door of their lives.

A whole new atmosphere…

A personal FedEx, UPS delivery of hope, of encouragement, of being able to draw a fresh breath and exhale the toxicity of the enemy and their past and what they’ve been through and inhale the very presence and essence of God to bring a whole new atmosphere into their souls and experience of life. We pray that right now today.

So just lift up those people right now, make mention of them before the Father.

Lord, we release a supply of the Spirit to those that we’re thinking of and those that were mentioning today… we declare release to those ties that bind… we declare a breaking of chains and bondages and hindrances and whatever it is that has bound people … I see people that have been tied down, stuck in a rut, perennially struggling never able to break free.

Today, Father, we pray for burden removing, yoke destroying once and for all … chain breaking … liberating deliverance and freedom today in the name of Jesus … people’s hearts and souls and relationships…

Prayer about finances…

We speak over finances today. We say the Devil will not have church finances … will not have the believers and Christians finances… No, you won’t, Devil, take your hands off the finances today of God’s people … remove your paws from the finances of this church and churches that are represented online today in Jesus’ name … we declare good things are breaking forth in the finances and businesses and churches and fiscal situations. We declare goodness… we declare abundance. We declare breakthrough… we declare a stopping today of everything the enemy is doing to try to siphon and steal. We say, Devil, you’re done! We draw a blood line around our finances. We draw a blood line around the church’s finances. And we entrust them with you, Lord. And we lose angels and ministering spirits to work on our behalf, to open up doors and opportunities to bring forth promotions, to bring and to deliver to the doors of people’s lives the abundance, the more than enough resources, provision and finances that are needed in this time, in this season…

Prayer and declaration of abundance throughout the 2022

In 2022, as we step in to follow the purpose and plan of God collectively as a church, as a community, and individually as well… we declare abundance over January. We declare breakthrough over February. We declare promotion over March. We declare increase over April. We declare more than enough over May… over June, we declare even more and more and more will begin to flow… in July, we declare there’ll be a breaking forth of the goodness of God. In August, we declare breakthroughs are seen left and right … in September, oh my September, September, September, there’ll be nothing missing, nothing broken, only peace, only fullness and wholeness… in October, we declare that we’ll know you intimately as the God who’s not only more than enough, but the God who’s prophesied that He wants us to increase, our children and our families more and more in every regard … in November, we will have nothing better to do than to give God thanks for the goodness of His faithfulness and His breaking through in the ways that we needed it at the right time and at the right place. And oh, in December, once again (hahahaha), we’ll celebrate… we’ll celebrate that you were the God all year long, who was our all in all and the one we found ourselves complete and supplied in and full standing strong with Jesus. Thank you.

Group worshiped the Lord…

Pastor Ken shared prophecy…

Let me read this really quick here. There’s a prophecy that I read from time to time, probably every other month or so. But it’s a prophetic word by brother Kenneth Hagin from a number of years ago that kind of aligns with what we’re talking about this morning. And it’s just a good reminder and a good thing to kind of take with you as we break here today. Under the Holy Spirit, he was inspired to declare this word:

Kenneth E. Hagin

The time is coming and now is when blood washed, blood bought men and women will come to realize and know the fullness of the covenant that belongs to them. We’ll come to know the authority, the rights, and the privileges. And there shall arise a company in these last days that many people will call supermen. Because they’ll operate in the realm of the supernatural in a way that has not been done up until now. Many have touched the edge, gotten just to the edge of it occasionally. But the time is coming when men and women will walk in it, will walk in their covenant, will walk in the supernatural. And it will be just as natural to walk in the supernatural as it is for a bird to fly through the air or a fish to swim through the water.

Hearts must be prepared. Minds must be renewed. Spirits must come into subjection to the Father of Spirits. Speak out, and by your speaking out in prayer, then you create it. The revelation is coming. They’ll be able to teach men in the realm of the spirit in this area. Where they can operate in that area. Like men and women in the mental realm, will teach people the multiplication table and they can operate that multiplication table. So spiritual things will become as real, as natural, as material things. And it shall be said in these last days as it was said of the days of old that there are giants in the land. These would not be giants of physical stature, but of spiritual status. [end]

Well, let that just kind of reverberate into your heart as you go into your Thursday. And thank you so much everybody who’s joined us online and all of you that are here in the chapel. God bless you and have a really great Thursday. And we look forward to connecting again tomorrow morning. God bless.

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