Prayer Summary for Thursday, May 26, 2016

Jerre led in worship…

You manifest Yourself, O Lord, and You light the fires of the hearts of all men… manifesting Your great power…

Pastor Ray shared…

Do you ever declare over yourself, “I’m a fire lighter!” Today, I declare it over you and you and you. When we’re on fire, we should be bright.

Reinhard Bonnke will be here June 22–26. Would you say Reinhard is on fire? Also, on June 16, Franklin Graham will be at the State Capital on the steps for a one-hour prayer meeting at 12 noon. He’s going to all the states before the election; we’ll have buses to take us to the capital if you need a ride.

In the 70s, we did a parade for Jesus with a couple other churches downtown Minneapolis. Sometimes, the way the world looks at Christians is, “You are fools.” Sandy and I were in a friend’s convertible. We had a huge sign that said, “Jesus is Lord over Minneapolis.” We were in cars with flags. As we went down Hennepin Avenue, we spoke to the left and to the right. It was awesome!

I declare over each one of us that we are fire lighters! Wherever we go, the power of the Holy Spirit is on display, creating a show. And the show will not be that we act like fools, but that we walk in the power of the love of God from heaven by the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit moves through us and the anointing breaks bondages and looses captives that have been bound for years. Sometimes we don’t even have to say anything. But by faith, we must be more aware of His presence and the fire that’s in each one of us. For we’ve been baptized in the Holy Ghost with fire. Hallelujah!

Brother Reinhard has a couple good things to say about fire in his book, Taking Action: Receiving and operating in the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.

If a church at least burns for God, it will attract notice. When churches are models of decency, decorum, conformity, and correctness, nobody says, “I will now turn aside and see this great sight” (Exod. 3:3). When there is a spiritual blaze, people stop and stare.

Bushes should not burn, and many supposed churches should not burn either! If they do, somebody will look for a fire extinguisher. A church that burns is not normal. It is spectacular, and people stop to look. Some who stop will be like Moses and hear the voice of God, though others will be deaf. However, that is where God separates the people of the past from the people of the future. The past spelled Egypt, bondage. The fire spelled freedom, adventure, and life. People are not seeking perfection but fire, warmth, and passion. Churches may look opulent, popular, and successful, but I think of Peter and John. They had to confess, “Silver or gold I do not have” (Acts 3:6). They were both too shabby to attract admiration, but they could continue, “But what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.” They did not have any cash, but they did have God.

Fire made the most famous bush that ever grew. Only Moses saw it, but nobody can forget it. Fire made it what it was, and it made Moses who he was. He was learned in all the wisdom of Egypt, but for all that he would have died a nobody, a dusty mummy in Egypt. Yet he met the God of fire in the wilderness, and he matters today very much. Similarly, the disciples were unknowns, fishing workers, until the tongues of flame rested upon them, and soon they had turned the world upside down. They did not know themselves until the fire transformed them. Their fervor brought them persecution and plenty of verbal abuse, but they were remembered and their persecutors are lost in oblivion. If any preacher hopes to be noted and remembered, let him be a burning bush.


The divided tongues brought an end to division. Even when they were following Jesus, the disciples vied with one another to see who should be greatest. After Pentecost, however, we read that they “devoted themselves… to the fellowship… All the believers were together and had everything in common… they broke bread in their homes and ate together” (Acts 2:42–46). One fire was divided into many flames, yet each was the fire of God. They did not need two flames for double power. Those divided flames created a new breed of men—not clones of one another but one new race, a new people. One flame represented the entire fire of God. Andrew’s flame burned with a different color than James’ fire. John was still John, but he became a flame called John. Thomas became an on-fire Thomas. Flame people! People who have dwelt with the everlasting burnings cannot stand smoldering smoke. The disciples were called when they were like black candlewicks, but the love of Christ lit them. Candles in a box, tossed into a corner—but taken out and set alight, they lit up the world! [end excerpt]

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Once we’ve been touched, changed by the Holy Spirit, we’ll never be the same. Throughout the rest of our lives, we will not be the same. But then too we will not be able to stand just a smoldering smoke. We need the fire, the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Thank You, Father. I think it’s so true, once we experience God’s presence, we just can’t live without it. We need it. We want it.

Pastors must be set on fire. “If any preacher, minister, teacher, evangelist hopes to be noted and remembered, then let him be a burning bush.” That’s it!


Make us a fire for Your glory, Lord
Bold in Your power and sensitive in Your Spirit
All the glory goes to Your name
We’re just a vessel of Your moving, of Your power, of Your majesty
We pray that you would be glorified and lifted up
We believe in You, Lord, and Your power
We believe in Your miracle working power and Your compassion
You’re moving in us and changing us into Your image
That we would think and act like You—going forth in Your power, setting the captives free

Pastor Ray shared…

Yesterday, a lady shared with me a testimony. She said she had worked downtown Minneapolis for a huge company. The building was almost a block long. There were desks on both sides of an aisle that went the whole length of the building. As part of her job, she had to walk that full length of the building every day. And every time she walked it, she kept a smile on her face. She didn’t say anything about the Lord necessarily but she kept walking in His love, so to speak. That’s another fire. Her boss was a Jewish man and he owned the company. One day, she had received bad news. That day she walked down the aisle but she had no smile. She was sad. So her boss called her in and said, “Where’s the smile. This business needs that. We need you to keep your smile on.” He made a point of talking to her. When she eventually left the company, he gave her 20 thousand dollars because he was so blessed by the love of God coming through her as she walked down that aisle. Don’t you love it!

Erika shared…

More and more, we believe the Church is awakening. There is a fire that’s burning up all the unnecessary things in our lives to go about like Jesus did… as He went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the Devil. That’s all He went about doing—the will of the Father, which was ministering His love and goodness, power, and mercy to the people. It’s not about anything else other than the harvest. Souls. And the Lord is not limited in how that fire is going to be operative, manifest, and shown to the world. He has a variety of operations, manifestations of the Holy Ghost in order to do the task that He’s called us to do. What’s our job? First of all, we hear what He says and we obey. If you’re filled with God, born of the Spirit, filled with the Spirit, you hear His voice. He will tell you to do something, and when you do it, there’s power there to make a difference. If that means walking down an aisle for year after year, smiling, that means there is power. We’re not moved by feelings. “Well, nobody said I did a good job today.” What did the Master say? The Master said “I want you to push that cart and just smile at the people.” Who is in you? Christ is in you, the hope of glory, to give hope to people.


We pray about the fullness of the Spirit in the body of Christ coming up to the full stature
To the full measure of Jesus Christ Himself
That we would stir one another up toward love and good deeds
Wherever we go, He goes
Lord, that You would work that in the Church, waking us up to the call
That Your wind would blow, stirring up the flames all across the earth
That in the Church, there would be pillars of fire
Operating in the fullest sense of what God ordained from the foundation of the world
All lit up with somewhere to go, with a purpose to minister God Himself
These are days of great joy and great expectation for the great harvest
Touching the eyes of the Church, eyes to see the harvest and know their place
Where to put in the sickle, everybody has a part
All the parts working together
A supernatural revelation: “I know my part, I know my job”
The spirit of seeing and knowing operating in the Church of the living God, operating at a greater level
Father, we ask that You who began a good work in us will see it to the day of completion
There are some joinings together by the Spirit for operations and manifestations
We apply the blood of Jesus over those great events and activities
We are cognizant of the time and the day and the hour
Each part of the body synchronized by the Spirit
The lightnings and quickenings of the Spirit
Some things must be pulled up by the roots
Throw that on the fire!
Touch some feet today! Touch the feet in a new way. Light them up! Talk in a new way!
That is an answer to a lot of things. They have so much energy, we don’t know what to do with them
I’ll tell you what to do with them—get them in the fields!

Jerre interjected…

I hear the word “mobilize.”

Pastor Ray added…

When you said that, at first you would think, “get it going, mobilize the whole force.” But I saw eyes that were mobile and they could see things that the world could not see. Mobil eyes. Watching. Seeing. And praying it out. You know, eyes internal. Eyes to see these things and ways.

Continued praying…

There are new things that need to be fought
Those things that don’t mean anything need to be put down and put away
The energy of the Spirit, we lift it up
Mobilize, moving, moving
Some things need to stop so there can be a mobilization
Tasks not ordained of the Spirit, must stop in Jesus’ name
For the energy of the Spirit must be there to fulfil His call and His call is to mobilize
Mobilize the troops in the classrooms, teaching
It is the true love of God, a new way to see it and a new way to do it
Up, up, up, up and aligning of it
No stagnant pools; there are stagnant pools that need to come to an end
The higher calling, help us to see and do it, Father
Must be the fire

Pastor Ray interjected…

Erika just leaned over and said she smelled fire. Then I took a deep breath, guess what? I smelled some fire! Thank You for the fire of the Holy Ghost. That can work through compassion. I had that recently for someone that was going through something. The compassion of God just, I almost didn’t even have to say words. It just comes out of us. That is fire. It’s holy. Holy fire. The compassion of God that draws us and draws up out of us supplies. That’s the rivers, the living waters that will flow out by faith today over the church, the leaders, the pastors, of ministry gifts and every member of the church as a minister. Fire. Fire of God. Greater revelation about how that fire looks. How it will work through us and the gifts that He’s placed within us. That’s how Peter could look one way. Thomas looked another way. All the disciples, once that fire hit… remember we read this morning that they then recognized who they were once the fire hit. But their names weren’t changed. Peter was still Peter. But he was on fire. Your name won’t change but every part of you changes in that fire. It comes in the manifested sweet presence of the Holy Spirit like now upon us. Thank You, Lord, for those waters flowing…

Jerre led in worship…

All that You gave, we receive… A hot glowing fire, all that You are we need… All that You are, we want… All that You gave, we receive…

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