Prayer Summary for January 25


The following excerpt is taken from The Anointing of His Spirit by Smith Wigglesworth:

To be filled with the Holy Ghost is to be filled with the Executive of the Godhead, who brings to us all the Father has and all the Son desires. And we should live so in the Spirit that God can cause us to move with His authority and reign by His divine ability.

God would have us see that we must be filled with the Spirit, every day live in the Spirit and walk in the Spirit, and be continually renewed in the Spirit.

The Holy Ghost coming upon an individual is capable of changing him and fertilizing his spiritual life and filling him with such power and grace that he may not be able to foresee what would happen. What cannot happen, what is not possible, if we reach this place and if we keep in it, if we abide in it?

I beseech you, by the power of the Holy Ghost today, that you see that there is one thing only that is going to accomplish the purpose of God, and that is being in the Spirit.

I don’t care how dry the land is; I don’t care how thirsty the land is, or how many vessels, or how few there are round about. I beseech you, in the name of Jesus, that you keep in the Spirit. That’s the secret.

Justification will not be sufficient to accomplish the purpose of God. People may be justified and sanctified, but can never be satisfied until they are filled with the Holy Ghost. There must be a real travailing of the human heart for God to bring forth power. People are never safe until they are baptized with the Holy Ghost.

If you will allow the Holy Ghost to have full control, you will find you are living in the Spirit. You will discover that your opportunities will be God’s opportunities. And you will find that you have come to the right place at the right time. Then the Holy Spirit will give you the exact words to speak, anointed words that will meet the need of the movement.

It is important that day by day we should be full of wisdom and faith, and full of the Holy Ghost, acting by the power of the Holy Ghost. God has set us here in the last days, these days of apostasy, and would have us be burning and shining lights in the midst of an ungodly generation.

I am hungry that I may be more full, that God may choose me for His service. And I know that the greatest qualification is to be filled with the Spirit. The Holy Spirit has the divine commission from heaven to impart revelation to every son of God concerning the Lord Jesus, to unfold to us the gifts and the fruit of the Spirit.

“Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people” (Acts 6:8). The Holy Ghost could do mighty things through this man because he believed God, and God is with anyone who dares to believe His Word. All things were possible because of the Holy Ghost’s position in Stephen’s body. He was full of the Holy Ghost so God could fulfill His purposes through him.

God wants you to know by experience what it means to be more than a conqueror. The baptism in the Holy Spirit has come for nothing less than to empower you, to give you the very power that Christ Himself had, so that you, a yielded vessel, may continue the same type of ministry that Jesus had when He walked this earth in the days of His flesh. He purposes that you should come behind in no gift.

“It is impossible to overestimate the importance of being filled with the Spirit!”


Opening up our hearts to Your presence and yielding to You, today, Father
We lift up the United States of America and our stance with Israel
There are so many keys, decisions, and plans that need to be walked out
It is so critical that we continually yield to Your Spirit, Lord
Ears be opened, eyes be opened!
Yes, we will be listening and watching for what the Spirit is leading us to do
We are opening up our hearts for more, yielding to You for greater signs and wonders!
You will lead and guide every step that we need to take, Lord
Calling for the former and latter rain to come together
Believing for every kindred people and every people group to come together in these last days!
That each and every one would be filled and led under the authority and power of the Holy Spirit
Give us direction to the steps we are to take and the plans we are to walk out
We call those things not as though they were!
Speaking to those things, and we watch over them as we pray, Father
Lifting up the body of Christ, no weapon formed against them shall or will prosper!
We pray over those in positions of authority, and every leader in the Church
That they would fulfill their plans and destinies that You have called them to, Lord
Your Word is true, and we call those things You have said in Your Word to come forth in Jesus’ name!
Receiving Your grace, strength, power, and anointing greater than we ever have before!
We will go where no man has gone before, for these are new days, new weeks, new months, and a new year!
Yielding unto You, Father, listening in our hearts with the ears of our spirit man
We will listen to Your voice, read it in Your Word, and do what You have called us to do
Calling for those low places to come up and the high places to come down, Father
Smoothing those things out in Jesus’ name!
Praying over the economy of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ!
Declaring for an increase in finances for the Church to do what You have called it to do!
Lifting up the financial arena—every need will be met today!
We believe to shake out of any old ways that have held us back, held us down, or held us in lack!
Right keys, not the wrong keys, right doors, not the wrong doors!
Calling for some things to be shut up, shut down, and shut away!
Open up those ways, that You want us to go, Father
Declaring that blood covering over the body of Christ today!
Pleading the blood of Jesus over India!
Calling for Your Spirit to move across that nation!
Make a way, Father, where there was no way!
Bringing forth such great revelation of who You are, what You did, and what You will do
Give them a revelation of who Jesus is!
Limitations get out of the way in Jesus’ name!
Pleading the blood over every step that needs to be taken, Father
Pathways be made clear, increase come forth in the name of Jesus!
Increase for the body, increase over ministers that they would rise up strong and contend!
Calling forth those things that You have called forth for these days
These are the days that You have called forth greater days and greater ways
Many lives are at stake, and many things are hanging in the balance
By the blood of the Lamb today, we are spreading out and making room
No, we are not hindered by borders, or walls, but we are moving out into new territories
Taking bigger steps in the faith realm, using our faith for what needs to come forth today!
Lifting up pastors, ministers, and each and every one in the body of Christ
That they would know and fulfill the purpose and destiny that You have called them to
By Your spirit, quicken and strengthen them
Aid and assistance, Father, to arise to the place, to arise to the vision, to arise to the plan
That they would implement and execute all that is in Your heart, all that You have designed and ordained
Grant boldness and courage to step out on the truth of Your Word
By the power of the Holy Spirit, they will step out and say I can, and I will!
Lift them into the higher way, into the highways of our God
Assistance of and by Your Spirit, loosing angels and ministering spirits to go, and work on their behalf
Supernatural help, aid, and assistance for pastors all across this earth!
Eyes to see, ears to hear, flood their hearts with light!
Implicit obedience, Father
Casting all their cares upon You, Lord
Moving out, forgetting those things which are behind and pressing on to the higher calling in Christ Jesus!
Pastors, be filled with divine energy, supernatural strength, and anointing to fulfill their plans and purposes
Grant utterance in the Holy Ghost
Words, words that will arrange and change, words that will build up and words that will tear down
Building together with the Spirit, building the great vision and plan of God!
Anoint their lips and fill their mouths, give them boldness and courage in Jesus’ name!
Praying over the steps that are about to be made, You know the right ways and the plans, Father
They are supernatural steps that move the body forward in a marching way
It’s a united way, it’s a united plan, and it’s a united purpose!
More and more to come alongside, more and more to lift up the hands
Calling for more to encourage, more to strengthen and more to push!
You can and You will and You shall finish, it’s in the finishing, Father!
Pleading the blood of Jesus over eyes, greater acuity of vision!
To see it, to know it, to seize it and to walk in light of it
There will be joining’s by Your Spirit, joining them together, Lord
One by one filled, full, and releasing that anointing that You have granted unto us
Time released anointing’s for such a time as this!
There is security and strength in and by the power of the Holy Spirit for these days we are living in
Count up the many things that have taken place over the years that have gone by
Count them up and be strengthen up, count them up and look up
There is a furtherance, Father, there is boldness, and there is courage
We welcome You in this place, Lord
Precious Holy Spirit, we are so humbled and thankful for Your power in our lives
Thank You for new Holy Ghost robes for pastors
That they would not walk in old ways, but they would walk in new ways!
Lead them by Your Spirit, dear God!
No, they will not be in a place of defeat, but they have God-given authority!
Declaring today that Jesus is Lord!
Calling for increase from every direction, that the anointing would break every lack, bondage, and yolk!
Change is coming!
Many will be drawn; many will be changed and rearranged
There will be a greater cooperation with what You said in Your Word!
Thank You for those who have gone on ahead of us, we are so thankful for the ways they have walked
They have made a way where there seems to be no way!
We want to walk the way they walked and talk the way they talked
You have called us for our own purpose and plan, but we will use what they did as a help to do what we need to do
Lifting up this day before You, we have overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony
We have the joy of Your strength working through us; we have more than enough
Giving You all the glory, honor, and praise today!
Glory to God!

A Word of the Lord came forth:

Use a new measuring rod in Me, saith God, for that no longer applies in this day, but take up the rod of God, and move forward in the power of the Holy Ghost exercising your authority and dominion, and you shall see mighty demonstrations and operations and manifestations of My Spirit for this day that multitudes would bend and say, surely there is One God, and He is Lord!

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