Prayer Summary for Friday, January 22, 2016

Today’s entire morning prayer session was a time of worship.

Jerre led in prayer and worship…

Father, we know that our redemption draweth nigh. We take our eyes off of the clamor of the world and just look up and breathe the air of heaven. Father, we know that this place is like a filling station. It’s needed to be strengthened, to pray aright, to walk aright. In the secret place, Father, Your love is magnified to us. You pour it out on us. And the love that You’ve given to us shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost rises up to meet Your love. We taste and see You are so good. And that You’re faithful and You always meet us in the secret place. And it is there we are changed as we see You as You really are and the beautiful force and power of heaven comes upon us and rises up within us, then we are changed. We are renewed, refreshed, strengthened in the secret place with You.

I heard the Lord say to me the other day a simple phrase. I was wondering about some things in my life and instead of answering all the things, He just said to me, “I want to be with you.” So I pondered that in my heart and it gave me great rest and peace. It stopped the accuser of the brethren in that area. So He gave me this song.

I hear Your Spirit calling me… Saying I want to be with you… And so my heart lifts heavenward, seeking You in spirit and truth… And I close the door behind me… And time just speeds away… I step into our secret place and listen words You say… I love you My child… I gave all I have just for you…

Corporate worship begins with singing in the spirit…

Pastor Ray…

We pray over that way… that’s a specific way… Elements, conditions, be right. Atmospheres, be correct and right for the operation of this great delight and the power of the Holy Ghost that brings flight. For the Church has been lifted and it will be lifted more. No, no, no more down but up. Up. Upward momentum. Great illumination and understanding and seeing. We lift up the eyes… Eyes to see it. Eyes be opened up in Jesus’ name. Spirit of seeing…

It shall come to pass
A turning, a turning, a turning
The ship is turning, turning, turning to the light
Eyes to see
Father, you can shut the mouths of the mockers.
The mouths of the mockers, be shut in Jesus’ name. Shut down
Let truth be a beacon in our light
A nation of the truth
Michael, Michael, Michael!
The forces of heaven, we call the forces of heaven—the angels
We will not keep silent—we will not be silent!
Continue until she becomes a praise upon the earth
We declare, these are days of great signs from heaven
Assignments too
The Church is on the move, moving in the right way
We pray about the influx—souls, souls, souls
Eyes to see and ears to hear
Enlarge the borders of our tent
Accompaniment with power, with manifestations

Pastor Ray shared…

Jerre when you sang about the chains, blockages and hindrances, I saw a flash. Where we the Church, the pray-ers are contending and moving out into the future preparing the way, lifting up the low places and lowering the high places to smooth things out. Making a bridge. And right before we were to go over, a stop sign came up. We stopped because the sign said stop. But when we asked the Holy Spirit, “Who put that stop sign there anyway?” He said, “I didn’t put it there. Use the authority within you and call it down and believe by faith that things shall be removed and you can go on over and continually contend for the signs, the wonders, the supernatural events, the suddenlies, blessings.

Woman shared her vision…

As we were worshiping, I saw Jesus coming in the room. He was so beautiful in His robe and His fragrance filled the room. It was intoxicating. His robe covered us. Then I saw people on the edge, like a drop off in the water. They were on their toes and were trying to keep their noses above the water. But He was calling us to go deeper, to launch out into the deep and to not try to keep our noses above the water but to breathe in His Spirit, to breathe in His breath and to give Him complete control and to release the tethers that were holding us down and to be swept up in the wake of His presence. Deeper, deeper, deeper into His presence.

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