Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Pastor Ray…

Thank You so much, Holy Spirit of the Living God, fall fresh. We’ve been declaring and requesting and speaking that it’s a necessity that we have more of You in our lives. And I know that means we yield to a greater degree. We don’t keep doing the same thing, same thing, same thing. We just keep yielding and You’ll show us the right things. Show us what to do. Thank You for the move. Holy Spirit, thank You for moving in our lives now and all the days to come in the weeks and the months. We put the blood of Jesus over every member of this church today and pray safety and we’ll declare no accidents, no weapon formed by the enemy will prosper in Jesus’ name.

We thank You for the protection of the blood. I plead it. We plead it. We use it. We’re covered in the blood of Jesus. And in that covering, we can say, “No weapon formed against us will prosper.” But we prosper. We’re prospering even in the midst of a storm. We’re prospering and things are working out in Jesus’ name.

The following is an excerpt from I Saw the Welsh Revival by David Matthews…

Divine movements have their birthplace in the heart of Deity. But whenever God predisposes the inauguration of a period of blessing intended for the uplift of humanity, His Church in particular, multitudes of His chosen ones throughout the earth, become mysteriously burdened with the birth-pangs of a new era. Intercessions are stained with the crimson of a splendid agony. Undoubtedly at such a time, God’s people pass through their Gethsemane. Throughout the world, there are now many thousands of devout Christians yearning passionately for a great spiritual awakening, convinced that only a mighty effusion of the Holy Spirit among the tormented nations can produce the turning point in the history of this distracted planet.

These reminiscences are sent forth in the prayerful anticipation that earnest Christians may experience a strengthening of the faith, knowing that although the “vision may tarry” it will surely come. Every unbiased person must turn away in despair from endless discussions and abortive conferences, arranged often with a full fanfare of trumpets, concluding in “smoke” and confusion. They only demonstrate that the ailments afflicting humanity from age to age are entirely beyond the capacity of human ingenuity to heal.

Pastor Ray…

One more time, how he says that we as believers should be strengthened in our faith, knowing that although the vision may tarry, it surely will come to pass. That’s actually a declaration. We would say we are in faith about it. We believe it. And things that we’ve declared over the years, year after year after year, they shall come to pass. And we’ve seen some things but we know we will see some other things. We’ve seen some things in days of old where we’ve kept pressing and requiring as a necessity the move of Holy Spirit. You moved. You were moving but we got in on the move, we’ll put it like that. So, we’ve seen it before and we’re holding fast to the vision we have inside us that it shall come to pass again. That means we’re changing today. Hallelujah.

[Continued] …
History proves that national calamities, such as wars, epidemics, droughts, famines, and pestilences are themselves but precursors of better times. Heartbreaking distresses, permitted by God, have been known to lead multitudes into the valley of humiliation. Humanity is sorely afflicted with an enormity of piled-up sorrows. Wistful longings are created in the hearts of the most concerned Christians for a speedy repetition of past history. What of present-day omens?

During past European wars, when fears of invasion created sleepless anxiety in the hearts of the inhabitants of Britain, evangelists of the Whitefield-Wesley type traversed the country with their flaming evangel, asking “repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.” So great was the moral impact upon the character of the people that the course of British history was changed.

George Frederick Handel composed his deathless oratorios at the time when the footfall of Napoleon on the continent of Europe made the nations tremble. Following immediately upon the tragic days of the South African War, Wales experienced one of the greatest revivals in the history of the Church since apostolic days. David Lloyd George, Earl of Dwyfor, then Prime Minister of Britain, frankly confessed, after World War I, that “nothing less than a great spiritual awakening among the nations could possibly enable the leaders to iron out the appalling difficulties harassing their minds day and night.” Nourished and reared in the atmosphere and tradition of revival, he knew what he was talking about.

The Welsh in past generations experienced spiritual quickenings almost in every decade. Wales earned the envious title, “The Land of Revivals,” in addition to “The Land of Song.” As in the Book of Judges, so in the history of this little nation, God raised up men of inflexible conviction and great audacity. They went into “the highways and byways” with the divine message consuming their very souls. They called upon the people to repent in “dust and ashes.” Names such as Vavassor Powell of Radnor, Griffiths Jones of Landdowror, William Williams of Pantycelyn, Howell Harris of Trevacca, Rowlands of Llangeitho, Christmas Evans of Anglesea, John Elias of Lalngefni, are forever enshrined in the heart of the Celt. Richard Owen of North Wales, whose spiritual torch was kindled in the Moody-Sankey meetings, roused his compatriots to a deeper consecration. He himself burned out completely at the early age of forty-one. He preached to crowds that would give him no peace.

Perhaps the name of Evan Roberts is the most fascinating of all our honored revivalists because of both worldwide publicity and strange happenings reported to have occurred in his meetings. From the ends of the earth, men and women in all ranks of life, representing different religions, came to Wales to witness personally the strange phenomena. Some criticized, and carnally-minded skeptics scoffed. People thronged the churches day and night, far beyond the registered capacity of such buildings, without any decrease for months on end. Mr. W. T. Stead, the intrepid editor of Review of Reviews, followed the revivalist for a whole week, attending every service. Writing to one of London’s periodicals, he declared in all seriousness that he could find no trace of the devil in Wales at the present time.”

In all Wales, songs of praise raised in ceaseless chorus from the burning hearts of countless thousands were heard in homes and churches and even in the coal mines. There are few, if any, parallels with this mighty outpouring of religious fervor, bringing a whole nation to its knees at the foot of the cross in adoration and praise. It was a fearfully glorious sight, an awe-inspiring spectacle which can never be erased from the memory.

Pastor Ray…

That goes for us individually. The things that He’s done for us will never ever be erased from our memories. We are told by the Word to recall or bring to our remembrance the things that He’s done individually and for all, the things that by Holy Spirit were done in our lives to change us and get us on the right track, those things we must bring back up into our memories in these days so that we can remember He did it then, He’ll do it again! Hallelujah!

We are opening up our hearts and we’re saying “We are taking the cap off! We are opening up every part of ourselves for more!” More of the glory, more of the presence, more of His peace, more anointing, and more encouragement.

Thousands found in all circumstances of life testified in later years that at this crucial time they were “transplanted from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his dear Son.”

Let us think of the instrument used by God during this period of blessing in order that we may be wisely instructed in the mysterious, yet majestic, ways of the Divine Spirit, when another such visitation is granted to the Church of God.

Pastor Ray…

Father, thank You for the power of Your Spirit. In just reading this, I am reminded of how Billye Brim declared a few years ago, even before President Trump was elected “No man, no president, can totally change America but only an awakening, revivals turning into an awakening will change the whole nation of the United States. An awakening, an awakening, an awakening – not so much because the stock market went down, not so much because other battles or wars or things happening.. No. But because You began to move across our country. You did it before. Okay we’re reminding ourselves today about New York and how that city was changed by noon time prayer meetings. It swept across state to state to state changing America through noontime prayer meetings.

Incoming change, it’s a rearranging in the way we’ve seen things, a paradigm shift. So, we being to see things the way we need to see them!

Ms. Jeani…

I see the heavens open up over the White House. I see the heaven open up over the White House. Kingdom come, Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Kingdom, Kingdom, Kingdom thinking, Kingdom speaking, Kingdom hearing, Kingdom doing, the Kingdom, the Kingdom forced, the Kingdom rejoiced, the Kingdom celebrated in the White House. And it goes out, it goes out like the Potomac River. Rivers, rivers of truth, rivers of faith, rivers that set the captive free, Kingdom waters, Kingdom water, cleansing, restoring America like never before, like never before, like never before! We do. We take the cap off the White House and we receive the open heaven. We receive Kingdom, Kingdom, Kingdom, Kingdom, Your Kingdom Father.

The infinite possibilities of the Church with the mind of Christ… Let Me remind you, I had a crown of thorns, your identity of royalty restored. Today, continuing to heal, continuing to be restored. You have the answers. You have the answers.

A Word of the Lord came forth…

And so, step by step by step by step. Sometimes picking up the pace and sometimes slowing it down for you are in a continual race. So step by step, day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year taking, taking the positions I have called you to take will bring about My perfect plan upon this earth. And souls, souls of men shall begin to come in in greater degrees as the Church, My body, contends, keeps moving, keeps the momentum of My Spirit working within them, these things shall unfold and those shift or those paradigm ways of seeing things the way I see them, you’ll begin to see them more clearly than ever before. And your prayers and your words and your declarations and your expectation will line up with the way I’ve created it to be. Things that you did not know would ever come to pass, shall come to pass. Where it looked like there was no natural way, there was no natural way. But there is My way. And My way is supernatural. By My Spirit they shall break loose and come to pass. Things that needed to… things that were stored up in heavenly places shall be loosed. My glory and My presence shall come to pass in My Church, in My body. Thank You for it, Lord. Thank You for it, Father.

Eyes, eyes, eyes, the eyes, the eyes to see, the seers, those that see things shall be revealing those things, a spirit of seeing… those that hear things will begin to say those things they heard. And they shall bring about these things that I have planned for this hour and these times on this earth.

And this church shall continually be, as it was said in times past, a distribution center. A distribution center for My plan, for My will, for My word, and for the move and for the power of My Spirit. Yes, you will sense it. You’ll even smell it. And it will move and change and rearrange lives that enter into this place! And the increase will come. It will continually come. And it’s not just corporately but it is individually! Oh, increase upon increase upon increase! Hallelujah!

Continued to pray…

Okay, okay, money, money! Finances, dollars, increase on the way – now is the time in these days! Thank You, Father. We trust You. We trust in You. We trust Your ways. We trust Your Word. We trust Your plans. We’ll stay watching and know that You’ve given us, these things shall come to pass. We know that every care has to get out of the way. Over the brim! Over the top! Hallelujah!

Syncing up with that heaven-given plan, in sync with that plan, cooperating – whewww! Thank You, Father. Thank You, Lord. Hallelujah.

Signs, signs, signs, and wonderful happenings and supernatural ways, open, open, opening those ways. Thank You for it, Father, hallelujah in Jesus’ name. Because it’s all in His name. We could come in and just say His name for 60 minutes. All power, all authority come to us in the name that is above every other name. Hallelujah.

Ms. Cindy…

God speaks to me a lot in songs and a song just pop up in my brain while we were praying. I heard “Hoist up the sail, see how the main sail sets.” It’s the Sloop John B. song. “Call for the captain ashore…I want to go home” (ha, ha, ha). But last week I saw people in their homes in dark rooms laying around, preoccupied with TV and video games. But was the middle of the summer and they should be outside in the Sun. Then I heard the wind of the Spirit. And God said “I am blowing into the houses of the people whether they know Me or not. And I am causing them to crook their necks and just say “Let’s go outside.” You know all of a sudden it just seems like a good idea. They think “Why are we sitting here?” You know kind of like the leper at the gate? “Why sit here until we die.” They sense the breeze of the Spirit of God and suddenly think “this is ridiculous sitting inside. I am going outside.”

We all can remember being kids and having our mom come into the room and yell “Get outside! the sun is shining! it’s summer!” But they don’t need to be coaxed because it’s a work of grace. God is blowing through this nation, the world, and causing people to hoist up and set their main sail. And that wind is carrying them where they need to be. God is doing a work. He is blowing the wind of His Spirit though the houses. But if the sails aren’t set, that wind isn’t going to do them any good. But He’s also causing the people to hoist up their sail and see it set to where they need to be – outside under the Son-shine where God’s light will open their eyes to see and develop into who I really am. Amen.

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