Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, March 4, 2021

Pastor Ray…

Good morning. I want to make mention of something that we lifted up along with multi people all over the earth. If you recall yesterday, we prayed for a pastor that was given a death sentence as of yesterday. But then last evening, I got a message saying he was released. He was released! Ah, thank you, Lord! On the last day, March 3rd, that was his D-Day. So I don’t know what happened, but we just got to be in on it. Pray for freedom. Hallelujah. So, thank you, Lord.

This morning I saw something this morning… a book about revival and I think it’s called Revival Fire. The book goes through many of the different Awakenings or revivals in the world. But there’s one part that talks about what happened in the United States.

I thought we could maybe worship for the Lord for a little bit and then there’s a serious point about it and the Methodists found out about it. But the Methodist church back in 1904 was the largest church in America. And so they experienced great increase because of the move of God. And He moved all across the United States. So I’m just going to go through and read a couple of things about a couple States. It’s interesting about what happened. So let’s lift him up for a little bit.

Annie led group in prayer…
Jeannie shared…

A couple of weeks ago, when I was sitting here, I kept hearing “Resurrection has begun.” And I’ve been just letting the Holy Spirit talk to me about that. And then He continued to reference Ezekiel 37. Then today with the Nigerian pastor being released from death, it became clear. So I’m going to read Ezekiel 37, and then we’re going to proclaim and declare that all those things that have seemed dead… (tongues) are coming to life. So even as I read this, think about yesterday. He was sentenced to death and a totalitarian regime was threatening to end his life, to end his calling, to end his destiny. And the Church agreed. And he was released to his calling. Resurrection has begun! I’m going to make this personal.

Ezekiel 37

“And the hand of the Lord was upon you. And he brought you out in the spirit of the Lord and he sat you down in the midst of the valley and it was full of bones.”

So God is bringing you by the spirit to those places that have seemed dead. Those places that you’ve probably given up on. Those places that you’ve said, “you know what, that’s it, it’s just not going to happen.” God is bringing you there.

“And He causes you to pass round about among them and behold, there are very many in the open valley and behold they’re very dry.
You know, sometimes we avoid pain or perceived pain. Sometimes we avoid where God is wanting to heal us or touch us. But He’s bringing us back to those places and He’s asking us… Okay, I’m just gonna keep reading here.

“And He’s saying to you, son, daughter, can these bones live?”

He’s saying to you son, daughter, “can these bones live?” He’s saying to you, the one with the resurrection power inside of you, He’s saying to you, “can these bones live?” He’s saying to you, son, daughter, “you have the name of the most high. You have the name of Jesus inside you that conquered death, already brought resurrection to your life. Can these bones live?” God’s doing it. He’s bringing you back to those painful places. Those places you’ve contended for… those places you’ve wept over. Maybe those places you’ve avoided. And He’s saying, “can these bones live?” And what do we say to Him? We say, “Oh Lord God, you know. He knows! He wouldn’t bring you back to those places if He didn’t know. He’s not trying to trick you. He’s not trying to make you remember something painful. He’s bringing you back to those places so hope for our city, the hope for our state, the hope for our country, the hope for the Church, the hope for the world, because He’s saying to you…

Hear what He says to you…

He said again to you prophesy to these bones and say to them, Oh, you dry bones, Hear the word of the Lord.”

What I love about that passage. He doesn’t make you work for it. He just demands intimacy. He just wants you to hear. That’s all. He’s like get near me. Get to a place where you can hear me so I can remind you what I’ve said. That is one thing about Him that I’ve learned. If there’s anyone that wants to be close, it’s Him. It’s true. I mean, He wants to be close. And so then we get close to Him. We have to do to hear His voice. What I love in verse five is Ezekiel hears His voice. And, you know, I suspect that is Ezekiel… Let’s just think about this. By the spirit of the Lord, He brings him back to not just a place of dry bones, but a valley of dry bones. And it’s not just a valley of a few. It’s a lot. And it’s not just a valley of a lot of dry bones. It’s a valley of a lot of dry bones that are very dry, that have been laying around for a long time. But God doesn’t see it that way. And Ezekiel knows that God doesn’t see it that way. He knows that, but that’s all he knows. So he counts on God and he says, “okay, well, you know,” and then God answers him and says, “okay, I want you to prophesied to these dry bones. And I’m going to tell you what to say.” So we don’t have to be overwhelmed by those long-prolonged things that look like it’s just never going to happen. Because we even got a confirmation today that one whose destiny was on the line by an oppressive regime was released from death. He’s got a testimony now! Let’s capitalize on that. Resurrection has begun!

“And thus says the Lord God…” Okay, so here’s Ezekiel… but here’s us. So as I say this, we’re all joining in. Okay?

“So thus says the Lord God to these bones. Behold I will cause breath and spirit to enter you and you shall live.” So we can count on Him. He’s up to something that’s never been done before in America, in the world, in the Church, in Minnesota, in your state, in your church, in your country! In your body, in your family. And He doesn’t leave it unfinished.

“So I will lay sinews upon you.” Think about the detail of this and when He does it, it’s done right.

“So I will lay sinews upon you and bring up flesh upon you and cover you with skin and I will put breath and spirit in you.”

So, Father, we thank you that you’re doing it now. You know, it was God’s idea to bring Ezekiel back to those places. It wasn’t Ezekiel’s idea. So if it’s God’s idea. He’s the author and the finisher. He’s the beginning and the end. He’s the alpha and the Omega. He’s doing it now. And I will tell you too. I love that Ezekiel said, “God, you know.” Like he didn’t resist. Maybe he did. I mean, but once he got to that place, he let himself have a conversation with his Father. He’s like, “okay, let’s talk about it. I mean, I don’t know, but you know.” And God answered. I’ve avoided these conversations before. But then when I just stay in the conversation, He always finds a way to get through to me. He knows how to get through to you. You’re His son… daughter. You can count on Him to say the right thing and in the right way. Okay, verse six.

“And father, you are laid sinews upon these dry bones. You are bringing flesh upon them and you are covering them with skin and you are putting breath and spirit in them. And they are living and breathing. You know, you understand, you realize that he’s God, He’s the sovereign ruler and He calls forth loyalty and obedient service.”

He changes the heart of the dry bones. He changes the mode and the purpose of the dry bones. Just the goodness of God and the design of the holy one brings forth loyalty and obedient service. What a great solution for America.

“So I prophesied and as I was commanded, there was a thundering noise and behold a shaking.” I don’t know, is there some shaking, some troubling and some rattling going on? Let’s be encouraged.

“And the bones came together. Bone to its bone. And I looked, where would be had I not believed I would see the goodness of God in the land of the living? Ezekiel looked and what did he see?

“There were sinews upon the bones and flesh came upon them and skin covered them over, but there was no breath or spirit in them.” Okay, so you know how that is in prayer? You just got to keep going till you see all of it. But here comes God.

“And then He said to me, prophesy to the breadth and spirits, son of man.” God is so practical. He’s like, okay, if you don’t see that you and I are talking, just ask me what’s next. And He tells you what’s next.

“and say to the breath and spirit, thus says the Lord God, come from the four winds O breath and spirit and breathe upon these slain that they may live.” Okay the word “slain” is interesting to me, which is an indicator that at one time, these bones were operating in their purpose. And then the enemy came in and slain them. But God never forgot. Remember it was His idea to bring restoration. And the thing that God restores always brings more glory than the thing that never needed restoration in the first place. How much do we love a comeback story? That’s what’s about to happen. In fact, that is what’s happening right now. Think about the testimony that that Nigerian pastor has now! It’s greater than if he never would have been threatened. I mean, the enemy is so predictable and our God is so great and always has been. Verse 10.

“So I prophesied as He commanded me and the breadth and spirit came into the bones.” It’s happening. “And they lived and stood up upon their feet, an exceedingly great host. Verse 10. “So I prophesied as he commanded me and the breath and spirit came into the bones and they lived and stood up upon their feet an exceedingly great hosts…” Exceedingly! An exceedingly great host. Great. And if God says it’s great, it’s beyond all we could ask or think. And it is upon us now.

Pastor Ray…

There was something you said… When we speak, there are things coming alive in the earth today, every day. Every day when we speak. And, of course, prophesizing is speaking and a lot of times it’s calling things that are not as though they were. Speaking it out forth, prophesying it to come to pass. I believe every day, if we’ll listen with our spiritual ears, we’ll know He’s working. There are things being healed, things being restored, things being changed, just like that pastor was exited right out of the death sentence and into more of his life on this earth. So, you know, I want us to be aware. I want to be aware so we can keep thanking Him. But, of course, we thank Him before we even see it. But He’s got the plan and He’s put that plan within each one of us. And we are anointed to speak it forth in Jesus’ name.

Okay, go ahead, Annie.

Annie led group in worship…
Pastor Ray…

We’re believers. That means we believe in Him and we believe in His Word and we believe He’s working and it’s all going to work out right. In America, in the early 1900s, there were some serious dry bones. There needed to be a move just like today. There needs to be an Awakening, revivals, changed hearts. And so I didn’t know that this revival that came into America in the early 1900s… I hadn’t really read this. I thought at first that it just came from New York City with one man up in that room praying. But I was reading the history of some things that took place right when Wales… What happened there was beyond our brains… With Evan Roberts and everything that was happening in the early 1900s. But Wales had a spirit of prayer. There was such prayer happening in Wales, and that was the foundation and that’s where it came from. And so here’s what it says about Wales.

“The news of the revival in Wales was of great interest to the Christians and Christian press in America, but especially so to the Welsh-speaking churches in Pennsylvania.”

This is in the early 1900s. So the churches in Pennsylvania got news of what was happening and revival fire began to fall in December of 1904 only weeks after the outpouring in Wales.

I didn’t know that. That’s the first I read that. Revival blessings and conversions were reported in towns and cities across the state of Pennsylvania. Within four months, the Methodists alone reported 10,000 conversions in Philadelphia.” That’s a big deal. “The converts received into church’s exceeded those of the Moody meetings in the previous century. Revival spread… I just want to hit a couple of these States and what happened. If it happened then, it can happen again. Greater! “Revival spread quickly from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. In Atlantic City, not more than 50 unconverted people were reported to be remaining in a population of 60,000.” There were 60,000 people and there were only 50 that had not been converted. Wow! “Pentecost was literally repeated.” That’s what they said. “Spacious churches crowded to overflowing and great precessions passing through the streets.” They didn’t just stay in the churches. They got out into the cities. “In New York, in Schenectady, New York, all evangelical denominations joined in prayer in evangelistic rallies and the revival movement continued for months. The secular press published two columns daily on topics like the power of prayer, but the fires of Pentecost…” Can you imagine reading that in the Minneapolis Star Tribune? Let’s do it. And the other one was “yesterday’s conversion.” So they had it in the paper about the conversions that were happening. It said, “Zealous women formed teams and witnessed from saloon to saloon.” Let’s hit the bars! “In Troy, New York, 26 churches reported revival blessings. In New York City, churches were crowded as never before and 364 were received into membership in one church at one Sunday morning service. The Baptist temple of Brooklyn experienced the great revival. 500 waited for individual prayer and counseling from the pastor.” That’s one busy pastor. So this chapel will be jammed out to get 500. And they’re all waiting for prayer.

“Although there were no large evangelistic campaigns, New England churches reported the greatest outpouring of God’s power since 1858. More people were added to the churches in April, 1905 than during any one month for years. Town after town in Connecticut experienced the movement of God’s Spirit in churches in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine we’re stirred. Drunkard were transformed in summer conferences from Northfield, Massachusetts to Wynnona Lakes Indiana. God’s Spirit worked in special ways; about a thousand businessmen in Atlanta met to pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. On November 2, in an unprecedented way, stores, factories, offices closed at noon for prayer. The Supreme Court and even saloons closed so people could attend prayer meetings. In simultaneous meetings in Louisville, Kentucky, there were 1,500 inquirers.” That’s how they put it. “And 1,000 joined the churches at once. Soon, the press reported the most remarkable revival ever known with 4,000 recorded conversions in the city; 58 leading businesses closed at noon for prayer in Danville, Kentucky. All of the businesses closed, and management and employees attended services as a body. In Paddock, Kentucky, Southern Baptists reported that God sent a great Pentecostal revival that lasted for four months. One church alone added 1,000 new members. Many of the States in the South reported united prayer, evangelism and blessing. In Florida, revival meetings multiplied and were termed part of the mighty movement of the world over. Reverend Mordecai Ham who later led Billy Graham to Christ, was greatly used throughout Florida. Across the South, white and black people alike, experienced rebirth. Again, the Methodists and the Baptists were the churches that reaped the greatest harvest. Houston reported a tidal wave of revival. Not only were churches crowded, but the gambling houses closed as well. In Ohio and Michigan, there were reports such as a spirit of extraordinary prayer falling on a congregation for two hours. Fifty churches stirred an awakening unheard of for years. The unction of the Spirit outpoured. Lansing reported 1,100 converted with Methodists alone adding 740 members. The Albion district added a thousand and Big Rapids gained 500. In state after state, after state, throughout the Midwest, the Methodists and the Baptists reported conversions, baptisms and victories. Indianapolis held prayer meetings for revival in all the churches, In Chicago, Noonday prayer meetings were held. Hundreds were added to the local churches in the city and suburbs. Ministers and lay workers met together for prayer. A great wave of revival touched many churches in Minneapolis.”

I remember Pastor Steve Sibinski had a printout of a church in downtown Minneapolis that had almost the identical vision that Pastor Mac and Lynne had when they started Living Word. They had the vision, but something happened and they weren’t able to carry it out. So it was already set in motion in Minneapolis.

“In one Minnesota town, one sixth of the population professed conversion.” And then this is the point I wanted to get to because it’s not what we, you know, well, just I’ll read it.

“The Methodists added 35,000 new members per year for four years during the revival period. A few years later…” Okay, so things were happening because God was moving. A few years later, they had a nationwide campaign to gain 2 million new Methodists.” It was their plan. Get it? They decided “let’s have a plan, a nationwide campaign and bring in a million new Methodists. But only a few were added to the roles.” Ouch! Revival does what human programs and campaigns, even though they’re well-intended, cannot do. Presbyterians reported in 1905 to be the most remarkable year of evangelism that had ever been witnessed.”


Great Father in heaven, we come before you this morning. Precious Holy Spirit, we thank you for the move… The way things happened back then in the early 1900s. But we know that it’s been prophesied and declared a hundred years later, it will happen again. But it’ll be bigger and greater. It’ll be grander. It will be more. And so we’ve reached that place and we bring it back up before you, before heaven this morning. You said through your prophets, these things that were happening will happen again around a hundred years later. And so we’ve come beyond that point now… yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, Lord. Yes, Lord… and more and more and more and greater and greater… Oh Father, by the power of Your Spirit… in the name that is above every other name. We speak to the dry places. We speak to the dry regions and realms in Jesus’ name. Oh Father, we speak in every direction this morning to the north, the south to the east, to the west. We thank you right now for that pastor that was set free. Oh, Father, as an indication as a revelation, as a sign for today. Oh, that we keep speaking, that we keep declaring, that we keep commanding… you’ve been defeated. You can’t stop it. No man can stop it in the name of Jesus… Thank you, Father… We speak to nation after nation after nation. Oh, thank you. That the dry places would be revived. Where people said it’ll never happen. It can never happen. You said it will happen. You said it is happening. Hallelujah! That these are new days. Hallelujah. Oh my… it doesn’t matter what your government heads say. It matters what the Word of God has said, and that word will remain true and it shall come to pass… no, no, no border can stop it. No! In the name of Jesus, we thank you for a great mighty supernatural Holy Spirit outpouring all across the face of the earth. You said, Lord, your glory would cover the whole earth…  That the world could see… Can it be? Yes! Are you working? Yes. Are things changing? Yes.

I kept hearing this. If there’s something that seems too big, maybe too dry, whatever… a situation that you cannot… when you think you’re speaking in your faith, you know you’re not, because it seems too big to believe. Wait on it. Pray around it. Set it right there before you, and begin to pray in the Holy Ghost, pray around that situation. Keep praying and keep praying until your faith becomes bigger than whatever that situation is that needs to be changed. Then speak to it in faith and watch it change suddenly. Oh, supernatural rearranging and changing… That’s why we prepare in advance. So when we get there, our faith is ready to declare. The power from heaven and the plan that God has given shall unfold… Hallelujah. You’re worthy of worship…

As we come daily, as we lift Him up daily like this and join with one another, there something about building upon day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year after year after year. I want to encourage you if you just tuned in a couple of times, maybe just to see what it’s all about, just don’t stop. Just keep connecting. We want to connect with you and join together in one accord, as we declare and believe to receive the things that we speak out by the Spirit. So thank you for tuning in and praying along. Hallelujah.

Thank you for coming and tuning in today. Appreciate it.

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