Prayer Summary May 20

The following excerpt is taken from Hosting the Presence by Bill Johnson:

The historic transformations of culture didn’t happen merely because people got into political office and made changes according to their convictions. While that can be good, there’s something much better. Presence. These normal people became heroes of the faith, not because of their giftedness, their intelligence, or their pedigree. They are heroes because they learned the value of their greatest gift—the Holy Spirit.

Charles Finney

Charles Finney is one of the great revivalists in American history. While he is well-known for revival and his preaching of true repentance, not everyone recognizes him as a great social reformer. The emancipation of slaves and the rights of women were two of the issues that were heavily impacted through his preaching. The revivals were obviously to get people converted to Jesus Christ. But his target was far beyond filling churches with new members. He knew that if there was to be a lasting result to his preaching, there had to be deep cultural change. All true preachers of the gospel must keep this in mind. But for the theme of this book, one story stands out head and shoulders above the rest. He writes of this unusual experience in his own autobiography.

He entered a factory one morning after breakfast. In a room filled with young ladies working on their weaving machines, looms, and spinning devices, two in particular stood out to him. They looked a bit agitated, but seemed to cover it with laughter. He said nothing, but walked closer, noticing that one was trembling so badly that she couldn’t mend her thread. When he got to within about 8 to 10 feet, they burst out in tears and slumped down. In moments nearly the whole roomful of workers was in tears. The owner, who was yet unconverted himself, recognized that this was a divine moment and ordered that his factory be shut down to give his workers a chance to come to Christ. A mini-revival broke out, which lasted several days. Nearly the entire mill was converted during this time. It all started with a man upon whom the Spirit of God loved to rest. And so without words, a room full of workers came under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and a revival was born.

While this exact experience did not happen every day, I can’t help but wonder if maybe the Lord is trying to draw us into a greater hunger for more, now that we know what else is possible. This testimony is in God’s resume. It reveals how He is willing to affect the surroundings of those who host Him well.

Smith Wigglesworth

Here is the final story that is my favorite story in this chapter. It is one of my favorite stories in all of church history. Smith was a man of the Presence.

There were 11 leading Christians in prayer with our Brother at a special afternoon meeting. Each had taken a part. The Evangelist then began to pray for the Dominion, and as he continued, each, according to their measure of spirituality, got out. The power of God filled the room and they could not remain in an atmosphere supercharged by the power of God.

The author on hearing of this from one who was present registered a vow that if the opportunity came, he at any rate would remain whoever else went out. During the stay in the Sounds a special meeting was called to pray for the other towns in New Zealand yet to be visited.

A like position to the other meeting now arose. Here was the opportunity, the challenge, the contest was on. A number prayed. Then the old saint began to lift up his voice, and strange as it may seem, the exodus began. A Divine influence began to fill the place. The room became holy. The power of God began to feel like a heavy weight. With set chin, and a definite decision not to budge, the only other one now left in the room hung on and hung on, until the pressure became too great, and he could stay no longer. With the flood gates of his soul pouring out a stream of tears, and with uncontrollable sobbing he had to get out or die; and a man who knew
God as few do was left alone immersed in an atmosphere that few men could breathe in.

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Father, we thank You for Your presence
Every day we desire, hunger, and thirst for more of You
Father, we ask that You would help us to be more open and more yielded to receive from You
In Your holy presence, situations get rearranged
Father, we thank You for infilling us with Your Spirit; we understand how necessary it is in this time for our being filled continually
Father, one thing we need is Your presence, empowering us to be what You’ve called us to be
We purpose to enter more into Your presence
Let the weight of Your presence fall and saturate us
Father, we let our direction come from heaven; in that direction, we will not miss it
Thank You, Father, that through prayer, we are consumed by Your Spirit’s leading
In Your presence, we believe we will pray out and see answers, revelations, and assignments
Father, thank You for eyes to see; clearing out the obstructions
Thank You, Father, for leading our hearts in that right way; it’s a clear way, with clear steps and clear plans; uncovered and revealed
Taking the turn, moving by Your Spirit
Father, we call Your plans into alignment today; we believe it, we see it, and we expect it; we rise up and declare it!
We thank You for an even greater furtherance by Your Spirit
We rise and sustain and move through by faith
It is vast, it is huge, so much greater
We ask that You would raise up greater numbers of laborers to receive and declare Your plans boldly
Father, by Your Spirit, impart to us the vastness of Your plans which no natural eye has seen or ear has heard
We thank You, Father, for the fresh and the new
There is liberty in You!
Spirit of the living God, You are falling on us
More and more increase; door after door after door—more of You
In us and through us; more of Your strength to contend, a greater anointing
Refreshed in Your presence; we receive more of it, Lord
Father, we ask that You would touch our lives with Your fullness
Out of our inner most being flows rivers of living water
Father, we thank You for rivers of living water springing up to everlasting life, flowing from our innermost being where You dwell
Thank You for the living waters, more of Your Spirit flowing through us
Father, we give You all the glory, praise, and honor

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