Prayer Summary for Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Pastor Ray…

You know today is 9/11 and there are a lot of different things that are happening to remember the people that lost their lives. But then there are so many people that were saved, that missed it, that didn’t show up for work on time that day.

Below is excerpt of a timeline of the events that occurred on September 11, 2001:

• 7:59 a.m. – American Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767 with 92 people aboard, takes off from Boston’s Logan International Airport en route to Los Angeles.

• 8:14 a.m. – United Airlines Flight 175, a Boeing 767 with 65 people aboard, takes off from Boston; it is also headed to Los Angeles.

• 8:19 a.m. – Flight attendants aboard Flight 11 alert ground personnel that the plane has been hijacked; American Airlines notifies the FBI.

• 8:20 a.m. – American Airlines Flight 77 takes off from Dulles International Airport outside of Washington, D.C. The Boeing 757 is headed to Los Angeles with 64 people aboard.

Pastor Ray…

I remember I came to work, got out of my car and went into the building and I got a phone call. Someone called me and said a plane just hit the World Trade Center. That was the first I had heard of it. So, just like today, we were coming here to pray in the chapel. Pastor Lynne was here and we just began to pray. Someone had a TV on in the building and they were giving us continual updates to what was happening. And we knew when the plane was in the air still on its way toward Washington.

When you see things like that and you are in the middle, you have opportunity to pray. I am telling you what, you get in your heart and you pray from your heart of hearts because you know things are happening right now and you know they need to change. I remember sitting next to one of the other pastors. His wife was a flight attendant at the time. He was praying for someone to get up and run toward the cockpit and take the plane over or that plane would need to get shot down, one or the other. That was his declaration. Of course, we know what happened to the plane. They took it over and down it went.

I am not glorifying the Devil and what he did. We do know it’s the worst terrorist attack ever in the United States. And more and more people kept coming to pray and we stayed in the chapel for hours. After that we had prayer meetings in the evenings. The sanctuary was jammed out. There were so many people and it was because no one knew what the next thing was going to be. No one expected that that would ever happen.

One thing I remember was Brother Hagin was coming to Living Word for at least a week of meetings. Remember how no one could fly maybe two weeks after. So, they all did get here but he never, ever mentioned what had happened at 9/11. He just went straight, bore sighted on the Word and what the Holy Ghost was having him to do. I know we were all surprised and shocked that he didn’t even address it. I kind of saw that as him not giving any glory at all to the Devil. In effect saying we are moving on, the Church is up, we are not in fear and we are going ahead. Amen.

Ms. Annie…

What struck me the most was the week before this happened I just kept reading and seeing all these things about Islam. I had already been looking at it for a while but even that Sunday before the Tuesday I watched this documentary on Islam. I was thinking “that has got to come down.” You know the Devil just wants you to think “look at me, I am so powerful.”

I remember while this was all happening there was a minister’s meeting I was watching online that was going on at Eagle Mountain church and they all went into prayer. Keith Moore got up and prayed the most powerful prayer and  Brother Copeland gave a prophetic word. What brought me so much peace was in his prophetic word he said “This is not the beginning of judgment on the United States. This is the beginning of judgment on that Islamic spirit and it’s coming down.” Well, isn’t that like Brother Hagin? We are not moved by what the Devil does. We are not moved by his so-called victories. Jesus is the victory.

You can’t stop every fire the Devil starts, but you can stay safe by listening to the inward witness because the Holy Ghost is always going to be leading you to not run into the burning building or that kind of thing. And all the people who were saved that day were saved because they listened to the Holy Ghost telling them to go this way, don’t go that way.

I was trying to find the prophecy on his website but it only goes back to 2015. But then I found one prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland on September 11, 2015, that I will read.

The following prophecy was given by Kenneth Copeland September 11, 2015:

“Don’t do things,” saith The LORD, “large things or small things, without inquiring of Me. For many, many things that look small to you are big in My eyes. And many things that look big to you are small in My eyes. So inquire of Me. Don’t just say, ‘I’m going to go.’ No. Inquire of Me. Inquire of Me about which route you should take in the morning. ‘But I’ve been going this way for 15 years.’ That doesn’t make any difference. Inquire of Me. Haven’t you learned anything from 9/11? Inquire of Me. I have plans. My plan is a blessing plan. My plan is big. My plan is wonderful. There are others who have plans for your future and plans for your security. This group says, ‘Come join us.’ This group says, ‘No, come join us. Oh, we have a plan. Oh, we have a plan.’

“Ah! But they’re all Babylonian, and they don’t know what they’re planning one way or the other. But My plans I have for you,” saith The LORD, “My plans are big, and they are good, and they are rich, and they are full of good health and full of debt-free lifestyle.” Hallelujah.

“Rejoice in Me and I will show you how to be fear free. Rejoice and know full well that all that I have is prosperous. All that I have is wonderful. All that I have for you is love, and magnified love, and more love and more love; more than you can see any way to use. More than you can imagine. For My love is rich unto all who call upon Me. My name is rich unto all who call upon Me. And remember, I have given you all things richly to enjoy,” saith The LORD.

Pastor Ray…

I had the word “continue” come up in my spirit about a month ago. Continue on what you are doing together, taking authority over the enemy, and continue to declare the precious rich Word of God everywhere.

Ms. Annie…

But as for you, continue in the things that you have learned and of which you are convinced [holding tightly to the truths], knowing from whom you learned them, 2 Timothy 3:14 (Amp.)

We just keep putting one foot in front of the other no matter what the Devil throws at us. We continue in those things we have heard, known, and received from God and He does the work.

The following prophecy was given by Kenneth Copeland on August 8, 2018 at Living Word Christian Center:

Don’t be concerned at this time about the direction that the nation is taking. For you see, you are in transition. You are transitioning from a splintered sick and dying nation, swarmed and choked by political ideas and godlessness. You are transitioning to one nation under God, indivisible. Don’t pay so much attention to the news media. They don’t know much and all they know is what is already happened. For my angels are at work. Thank you Lord.

The prayers of My people have been heard on high sayeth the Lord. This United States…(giggle). Is the only nation on this planet formed by people expressly because they love and wanted to worship Me, sayeth the Lord. I created the nation of Israel because I love them, but the United States was created because you love Me and I WILL, sayeth Jesus, never, ever forget it. I’m not bringing judgment and destruction upon this nation. It has already happened and the healing of that judgment, the healing, has already begun, and for the most part the healing and deliverance from that judgment has just now been resolved sayeth the Spirit of Grace. Because you have no idea how much prayer is going on in the White House. You have no idea how much prayer is going on around this president, at his request. You don’t know, but understand this, I put him in there and I’ll take care of him in there. (praising/clapping)

He has a lot of rough edges but so do you and My grace is being poured out on him and on his family and I am asking you sayeth the Lord, I am asking you, I am telling you, don’t make your words stout against Me or against him. This is not a time to be critical; it’s a time to pray. It’s a time to stand in the gap. It’s a time to know and understand that I’m not about to let this nation fall. I’m not about to let it fail. Its greatest hour is yet to come and it’s very soon to manifest.
This nation is in the midst of being Born Again.

Pastor Ray…

One thing that Pastor Lynne asked the Lord years ago was how many people she should be believing for to be saved in America, in our city. What the Lord said to her was “all.” Contend for all and we have to keep that before us. Maybe sometimes it’s a good idea to drive over on the West Bank neighborhood in Minneapolis. Contend for all to be saved. What do you see on the West Bank? A whole other culture. It has changed from one culture to a completely different culture.

Brother DJ…

Seventeen years ago I woke up at 2:30 a.m. on the 11th of September praying in tongues until it was time to come here in prayer. So, I left my house at 8 a.m. but between 2:30 until 7 a.m. I am praying but not knowing what I am praying. Then suddenly I start thinking about planes. I didn’t know what was going on. But that 5 or 6 hours of praying, I believe there were many other people up praying that morning not knowing what they were praying. Then I left to get ready and stopped at the gas station and someone let me know what was happening. I came here and we were all praying.

But I remember that day how I was up at 2:30 a.m. praying and now knowing. But He knows to get us up to start praying because according to Him, our enemy is a devil roaring like a lion, looking for whom he may devour. So, He gets us up so we can watch and pray. So, I just wanted to share how God can wake people up at different times. And once and a while I get something in me to get up and pray. You pray what you know and then you run out. What am I going to pray? Then you say “Okay, you know what, I am just praying for somebody in this world who needs my prayer and it’s going up and then it’s going through the satellite, through the heavens and spreading out all over to those who need the prayer. And they can get saved or delivered or pass by an accident.”

Ms. Jeani…

Also, when we are praying over the West Bank neighborhood in Minneapolis, we are also praying over the West Bank in Israel. That same spirit has no authority over the West Bank there. It belongs to God. So that same spirit that is trying to take over the West Bank, has no dominion over the West Bank here!

Brother Mike…

We don’t just say “Well, you can have this and we are taking that.” The Devil has no authority. It’s like saying a police officer only has authority if you are actually on the street. If you are on the sidewalk, he’ll let that go. That is not what God did. That was never His intention and the enemy knows that but he still has that in him, like you said DJ, to go about roaring. He doesn’t actually have any teeth. He has no power. All he has is influence if we give into it.

Ms. Cindy…

The people in the West Bank are just people like us and to think of a culture as something that is a certain entity, it’s not. They’re people. They are people in bondage to that spirit and we do have the authority to go in and knock down the gates that have held them in that bondage of fear and release them because the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church. And that’s what we are here for, to knock those doors down, go in, and drag them out into the light because they are under the influence of that evil spirit which has no sway over the Church.

Ms. Annie…

I don’t know if this would be considered a testimony but several weeks ago we had prayed in here about the event at the US Bank stadium where they said there was going to be… I can’t remember exactly how many thousands would be there. It was a Muslims event where they planned to do sacrifices and all this stuff. And we just prayed “Jesus is Lord over our city and that spirit can’t have ascendency in our city.”

I don’t watch the news closely so the next day or the day after I thought “how many people really came to that?” So I just googled it. All I could find was the story beforehand “30,000 Muslims expected to descend upon…” It was going to be this great big thing. So, I was trying to find out how many people actually came but all I found was a photograph. It looked like there was hardly anyone there. It looked like a big non-event. And the Lord just reminded me, just like what Cindy said, these people are all people and their hearts are longing for the truth. And yea, there was this small amount of them that went there for one reason or another. But He reminded me that most of these people know there’s nothing there. They know they are not going to receive what they need there. Just like all the different things I have read of all the different Muslims who have come to Jesus, it’s the same. It’s all a different story but it’s the same story “I tried to worship Allah. I tried to follow him. I did everything I could but the more I tried, the more empty I felt.” And we have Jesus.

And He used that to remind me. Look we don’t need to be intimidated by false religion because it’s false. It’s false and we need to keep yielding our hearts to the love of God, how much He loves them and ask Him to make us avenues in prayer or in physical hands that reach or words that we say. Just that we would be the channels whereby His love flows and sets them free.

Ms. Jeani…

How ironic is it that they came to this country. They pursued this country. They pursued America, the country that was founded on a love for God and God’s love for His people. They left the county that had that dominating spirit to come here. They are doomed to be saved!

And so, we thank You, Father, even now, the Church’s eyes are opened to see that. Every time we see them, we know that they are here to be saved; hope rises up in us. We are happy because they are here to be saved! We didn’t say “Get over here.” They came here and they are hungry to be saved.

Father, we thank You for that
We bless Your name over every one of them now!
We call them “Born again!”
America is in the process of being born again
Umm, are you in America? You are being born again!
That’s the deal and by the way, all of you!
That would include you, and you, and you, and you!

Pastor Ray…

Hallelujah, I came to Minneapolis to get saved too. I had to exit out of Iowa and come to Minneapolis. Even before there was a Living Word Christian Center but there was about to be a Living Word Christian Center and I was about to be saved and I didn’t even know I needed to be. Hallelujah!

Ms. Annie…

Lord, we lift up all of the Muslims in the world but especially those that You have brought right into the heart of our community
Father, I repent for ever having disbelief or lack of love or a heart that’s cold or judgmental
Lord, I ask You to forgive that and fill my heart with Your heart
Your heart of love
We ask for a mighty move of Your Holy Spirit now
The wind of the Spirit to blow through the Islamic community here in Minnesota, Lord
That You would send laborers into that harvest field, Lord
You know who they will listen to
Those who sat in darkness, upon them a light has shined
A great light shining into every place, every dark place here in our state
The name of Jesus!
Oh, Father, You know what will reach them
Visitations, we ask for them to have dreams and visions of You in the night, Lord
That You would visit those whose hearts are hungry and crying out for You
They are crying out for Your love! They are crying out for the truth that sets them free in Jesus’ name
And, Lord, we yield ourselves to pray, to love, to give, to speak
Whatever we can do Lord – use us to reach every soul that You died for in Jesus’ name

Ms. Jeani…

And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot extinguish it
And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot extinguish it
And the light, the Light of the world shines in America, the Light of the world shines on the West Bank and the darkness cannot, will not, never has extinguish it
Father, we thank You for the light – You are the light of the world!
We put a demand on the Light!
And every believer in America, and every believer whose foot would tread upon the West Bank in the Twin Cities – the Light shines in You, You bring the Light wherever you go
The Light that has no opposite! The Light is never and never will be extinguished!
The Light that finished it! The Light that causes America to be saved!
We praise Your name! We bless Your name! Your name that is above every name!
The love of God that sheds abroad in our hearts for Your plans, Your purposes for the West Bank
The thing that is transformed brings you glory! We declare Your Massive Glory!
The glory that You have longed to display on the West Bank, we declare it today!
West Bank, you were made for the glory of God!
West Bank Rise Up! West Bank Shine!

Pastor Ray…

Father, thank You for all the Muslims that You have appeared to and are appearing to
Jesus, You are showing them that You are the way, showing them who You are
And thank You that it will be multiplied many times over!
Thousands and thousands will begin to see what the Way is and who the Way Maker is – Jesus, Lord of lords, King of kings!
Let these days, let the times that we are in be times of You showing Yourself for who You really are!
For those that are hungry, even those that didn’t know what they were hungering for
Let them see and let them know it’s You!

Ms. Jeani…

We receive the gift of repentance right now
That every place of darkness is the moment of opportunity
Darkness, you are the opportunity for the Church
Darkness, the Light of the world consumes you today, you cannot extinguish the light!
Father, we thank You for the light, we are people that take the opportunity!
We cease every opportunity now! We strengthen feeble knees!
For the time is short!
Everywhere we go, the darkness is extinguished!

Pastor Ray…

Thank You, Lord. I keep hearing in my spirit “The things that the Devil has stolen from you personally, they are about to be restored many times over.” So, keep believing and keep declaring for those things that were stolen are coming back upon you in Jesus’ name.

And they are coming back in an even greater way! And things that were broken up, things that were cracked up, they too shall be restored and made new! And where symptoms or sickness or pain has tried to attach itself to you, those things too will be restored now in Jesus’ name! And these cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, are not going back to the old days. They are moving more ever in a greater way toward God’s perfect will and God’s perfect plan for these cities in Jesus’ name!

Deception will not have its way in Minnesota. No deceiving plans of the enemy, deceiving the people to go in another way, trying to deceive the people to vote in a wrong way! No! No! No! No, in Jesus’ name! For we are moving more toward God’s right way!
We plead the blood of the Lamb, take that blood and plead it from Washington DC over our president, over those in positions of authority, all the way down through from state to state to state in Jesus’ name
We pray over the elections, lift them, and bring them before heaven this morning
As it is in heaven, it shall be on earth
And the plans that the Devil had planned for these days are coming to nothing in Jesus’ name
Any kind of other terrorist attack shall not take place in Jesus’ name
This nation is one nation under God indivisible and the power of the blood is covering from shore to shore from the north to the south
Okay, thank You, Lord, we hold the blood against that storm over on the east side of the United States
We say “Come down! Come down! Come down in Jesus’ name!”
Weaken and break up! Break up in Jesus’ name!

Ms. Jeani…

The torrential shift of Holy Spirit
We see the torrential shift, the winds of the Spirit from coast to coast
Peace, be still – Peace, be still, still, still

Pastor Ray…

The blood of Jesus – we overcome by that blood
We testify this morning “We have overcome through and by the power of that precious holy blood of the Lamb, Jesus.”
Thank You, Thank You for the blood, the power that is in the blood

Ms. Annie led us singing There is Power in the Blood of Jesus

Continued praying…

We break all those lies, all those inaccuracies that are being spoken
Every lie from the enemy coming through the lips of those that have been deceived or those that are trying to deceive, we break every one of those lies!
They are like chains! We break them in the name of Jesus, by the blood today!
Because there is power in the blood!
Broken! Loosed! Severed! Cut off!
Every wrong influence stopped, all maneuvers the enemy has planned cut off, cut out, done away with in Jesus’ name

Ms. Jeani…

The justice of the blood, the recompense of the blood
The massive recompense of the blood, the blood cries out and we agree!
The justice of God that sets the captive free!
Free indeed! Free to move out! Free to be!
You are our vindicator and we receive it today on behalf of the plans of the kingdom of Heaven!
The kingdom of heaven, redeemed on the earth!
On earth as it is in heaven!
On earth the elections, as it is in heaven

Ms. Annie Led us singing There is Power in the Blood of Jesus

Continued praying…

Jesus be Jesus in and through us today
That Your light, the light of Your presence within us, goes through us
Wherever we go, You go – hallelujah

We speak to every heart in America right now and we say “Are you tired of the darkness?” and we answer for you “Yes!” You are weary of the darkness and the weight of the darkness draws you to the light! And the light frees you! The light is contagious! And we welcome you into the light, the chains of darkness broken off of you. You are free to be free indeed right now. In fact, even now you know “I came to America to be saved.”

We thank You for that, Father
Even as Kenneth Copeland prophesied that people from many nations will be coming here
They are already here! We thank You for more to come even now
And so we welcome them, we welcome you!

Ms. Annie led us singing Shine through Us with Your Love

Pastor Ray…

In our hearts, Lord, we desire to yield to more of You and more of Your presence, more of that light, heaven’s bright light, to show forth, to go places You’ve called us to go, to listen and obey
Today, Lord, that is our plan – yield to You
Yield to You to do what You want us to do
All honor and all glory and all praise and all worship goes to You
Get some glory today, Father! Get some honor today, Lord!
For what You’ve done, what You’re doing, and what will come
We thank You in advance, Lord, thank You that You’ve called us, thank You that someone prayed that we might come into the light
Thank You For it, Lord
Thank You for this day, we call it blessed
We believe to be where we need to be, on time and in time
We thank You that Your favor goes right before us creating opportunities for Your blessings in our lives in Jesus’ name, hallelujah, Amen
Thank You for coming this morning

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