Prayer Summary for Thursday, March 26, 2015

Erika Prayed…

Father, we know that all the nations will bow and worship before You. We know it because of Your Word. Evil will not prevail. We look to and yearn for that day, Father. Father, we also know that these days in which we live that there is a great tumult in the earth. Father, we’re looking to be co-laborers with You in the realm of prayer to pray out the outworking of everything that is coming forth in these days. We thank You that You didn’t leave us alone, that You gave us Your Holy Spirit. You said to come boldly before Your throne of grace to obtain mercy and grace in time of need. Father, we’re keenly aware of need in the world, need that is screaming all around us, so we want to pray those prayers that will be effective and effectual in this day to produce. We don’t want to just be puttering around and praying something that doesn’t produce. So, Father, we’re joining our hearts once again in this place of prayer and we thank You, Father, for Your presence. We thank You that we can do this, that we have the freedom to do this, to meet, to come, to seek Your face. I know there must be some intervention in these last days. So we’re asking for You to help us by Your spirit to cause us to be sensitive, to cause us to be obedient, to cause our ears… You said You are the Creator of the hearing ear and the seeing eye and so we trust You for it as we pray in these last days. I know the pray-ers of the last days… that’s not a limited few. You’re calling many more up to You, to Your throne of grace to sit before Your face and to hear and to know. There must be a negotiation and navigation in these last days. Where, when, and what… Even as Jesus, Father, that everything you say, everything you show us, those things alone are what we endeavor to do and to speak. The body, the Church, which is His body, coming into that place of harmony and unity and one accord. Father, that we would hear your voice and the voice of a stranger we would not follow. This is serious business in serious times. There are some things that must be dropped off and shed off and set aside. Not just a casual thing but flinging away some things. We don’t want to pick up some things that we dabbled in, but, Father, as the Church of the living God, we want to be right on course. Exactly where You’ve called us to be.

Pastor Ray shared…

While you were praying, I saw that when we set things given by the Spirit… Of course, without a vision what happens? The people perish. But God has a vision. There’s a higher place and a greater standard for the ministry of the Church in these days. What kept coming before me in my mind was the teaching that brother Hagin shared about when Jesus told him not to pray for money anymore. Do not pray anymore for money. But do what? Get an amount. Where you gonna get that? From the Holy Ghost. Declare the amount, bind the enemy away from it, loose the ministering spirits to go get it. And then what? Expect it to come. But there is more to that thought. There are other things we are to declare in these hours. Souls. In one of our services, I was sitting next to Pastor Nick, our evangelism pastor. Pastor Mac was teaching about goals and vision for the year and he came around the corner and walked right in front of Pastor Nick and said, “60,000 souls this year.” No pressure! So while Miss Erika is praying along, I just saw in a quick picture, that ministries all over the earth were to begin to declare numbers of souls to come in this year. He is giving to positions of authority, leaders, numbers of souls to declare this year. He has a plan for the whole earth to come in—that’s every people group, every color, every nationality on the face of the earth!


Remove the limitations off those leaders in Jesus’ name
Holding the blood of Jesus against that fear
Declaring strength to them to declare those things they’ve been given to declare
It’s not just numbers of souls, it’s other things they must declare right now
People called all over the earth, every man, woman, and child
It’s the Father’s plan and they will come in
This is the time, the hour for heaven’s power to operate in the Church and to begin to declare these things forth
And bind the enemy from every evil work
Declare it to the ministering spirits to go there and get them
Bring them in, bring them from every direction
It’s the Master’s call
It’s His plan for these days all over every land

Jerre shared…

In Revelation it says all the nations shall come and worship Him—for the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all the nations will see it. Your glory revealed through men, in their stepping up. Your glory within and Your glory upon. Thank You, Father, for men stepping into that place where Your glory dwells so they can manifest it to the people in their people groups.


My city, My city, My city
Father, You must by Your Spirit assist them
Yes, Father, divinely granted appearances by Your Spirit
All in preparation—great preparation all about
It must be a coordinated, collaborative, cooperation with Your Spirit
Being about the Master’s business
On the path and on the plan and on the purpose of God with the determined purpose to know Him and the power of His resurrection
To seize every moment and opportunity to be fully aware, walking circumspectly before You
You are the heavenly orchestrator
You are the one who leads, guides, giving instruction by Your Spirit
We fuse the blood of sprinkling unto obedience now
Help from heaven in the preparations

Pastor Ray shared…

When you started praying about “my city,” right before that, there was something Miss Jerre was singing that took me back to Ariel in a room above the lobby in a hotel where Shelly Brim was singing. We could see out the windows while we were worshiping the Lord in Israel. We could see the soldiers. We could go down the steps into the lobby and see holes that were blown in the floor by a terrorist attack. But in the middle of all of that (this was maybe ten or more years ago), things were happening left and right but in the nation, prayers were going up and preparing. And you started to pray that right now this morning—preparation for these times that we’re in. The preparation has already been done for the temple, the instruments and the altar. Everything is ready. So things are about to break loose and come forth in these days. So preparation even now must be made through our prayers as we come into and by the Spirit. And roll off every care and roll away from every anxiety. And rest in Him and see the glory and see the manifestation of that presence again—more and more and more.

Continued praying…

So we prepare the ways right now for the days and weeks and months that are to come
For the end has come clear
Signs are being shown here and there, near and far
For the Church must wake up and call the lost in
Prepare for that day
We pray for the peace of Jerusalem
The city on a hill
For the glory, for God’s presence
Feet will set on the soil
The land, we pray over the land
On the borders, way up there in the name of Jesus
We watch and pray
Upon the high places
We touch that and apply the blood over the high places, the positions over the companies
We loose ministering angels to guard, to guide, to watch, and to protect
Be watchful in Jesus’ name
Get up, get up and get ready
Some things are ready, some things must be ready
Seems like there are some connections, wires that still need to be attached for the current to flow, for the power to go
Supernatural aid and assistance
We pray over those connections; they must be ready and prepared
Father, some switches have been flipped
Some are about to be flipped
Father, we apply the blood of Jesus over the whole situation
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, supernatural aid and assistance by Your Spirit
Let not one thing fall by the wayside
Let them not miss one thing or one part of the plan
May it unfold precisely according to Your plan
I bind the Devil from any lines of communication in the name of Jesus
We put the blood over lines of communications
Clarify them
We call for an orchestration of Your Spirit
We shine the light and let there be an exposure
Let it come to nothing
Strengthen their resolve and purpose
Watch over the cities, call things forth
Preparations, preparing the way by the Spirit today
It’s a recipe from heaven, declaring and moving
Behind the scenes and processing by the Spirit
Calling it forth
Some things will be resuscitated and life will come in and they’ll stand up and go forth in liberty and strength
Some things have been let go
Some things have been put aside, put down in a way so they could hide
But it’s time to raise them up and bring them forth and shine them out and declare sounds from heaven
Rearrange and change by the power of the Spirit
Bringing it forth—declare it
It’s for the body
Numbers and people groups, countries, nations
For the Church rising up, rolling all the debris off
Out of the shadows and into the light
There are events that have not happened before
Revelation that has not been seen until this time and hour
But it will bring about permanent change
Prophecy is being fulfilled every day

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