Prayer Summary for Thursday, January 12, 2017

Annie led in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

I want to go over a scripture we went over yesterday. I still have it in my heart. Luke 6:38. “Don’t pick on people, jump on their failures, criticize their faults—unless, of course, you want the same treatment.” We must watch what we say and how we treat people. “Don’t condemn those who are down; that hardness can boomerang. Be easy on people; you’ll find life a lot easier.” Okay, now we come to verse 38. I wanted to again make the point that this verse isn’t just about finances. Yes, it is about finances, but it’s not just about finances. “Give away your life; you’ll find life given back, but not merely given back—given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity.” (Message)

Yesterday we went over a couple things it says here, like walking in love, giving our love, caring for people, say what we should say and being led by the Spirit. This morning when I woke up I had this thought. I’m going to rat on myself. I did something really stupid the other night on my phone. My point I’m making is that our prayers are instantaneous. When God said, “Let there be light” it wasn’t like… BANG suddenly. Boom! There’s no distance in the realm of the spirit, right? So I wanted us to think about the words we say in our prayers and worship and that they instantaneously go forth. There’s no distance. We can lift up a prayer of agreement for someone in another nation thousands of miles away and by faith believe that those prayers… BANG! They go right to where they’re needed. Right?

Do you think that prayers are slower than the Internet? No. You know how fast the Internet can be, or let’s say Facebook. I did something. I had a picture that I had to take of my driver’s license and send it to a company. I was about to go to bed and looked and saw that that picture was on my phone. I meant to delete it but I hit the wrong button and it downloaded it onto Facebook. Is that a good thing? No! I was like, “Oh my gosh! What did I do?” To me it was instantaneous. BANG! It’s all over the earth. I started hitting buttons and guess what! I put it on my profile! I’ve got a picture on my profile of a sailboat and then behind the sailboat… you know you have whatever you want to have put on there. It’s my license photo! So my son, Brian, called and said, “What is going on?” It was after 11 p.m. I said, “That’s what happens when I stay up late.” With Tory’s help, we exited out of there. But still it took 10 to 15 minutes. That was embarrassing. And dangerous. Thank God it wasn’t my credit card.

When Patsy Cameneti was here a few years ago, we had a prayer meeting in the chapel and she declared over this place that “Everywhere people are gathered together in His name, He’s there.” If you pray the way you should pray, those prayers go forth. She compared it to this. There’s a tower in the spirit that goes up above this building and it’s like beaming out the prayers that are prayed right here in this room. The tower is up there and the words go forth and bring about change. Isn’t that the way we have to believe it to be? Otherwise we’re actually saying that in the Spirit, it’s slower than Facebook. And Facebook seems pretty fast. When you hit something like the wrong button, you have a problem.

We’re ever making progress if we’re led and directed by the Spirit and we speak words given to us by the Spirit. I love it. Even as beautiful as the ocean and the sand and the 80 degree weather is, the best place to be is right here in this room in the spirit praying out His will. That’s the best. It’s better than anything in the natural. I can sit and stare at the ocean for hours. But it’s not as beautiful as His presence. Amen? He created it. It is beautiful, but He’s more beautiful.

So we’re sending out our supply, and we send it out by the Spirit. We have help in the matter. That’s Romans 8:26. “So too the Holy Spirit comes to our aid.” Thank God! “And bears us up in our weakness” or in our inability to know what to pray. The Amplified says, “For we do not know what prayer to offer nor how to offer it worthily as we ought. But the Spirit Himself goes to meet our supplication and pleads in our behalf with unspeakable yearnings and groanings too deep for utterance.” Do you believe you can send out a prayer like [utters a groan]. Just a sound. It’s the heartfelt prayer of a righteous man or woman.

The Word makes it clear. There is groanings and yearnings, unspeakable. But the Holy Spirit goes to meet our supplication. Verse 27, “and he who searches the hearts of men knows what is in the mind of the Holy Spirit, what His intent is.” That’s what we want to pray out. “Because the Spirit intercedes and pleads before God on behalf of the saints according to and in harmony with God’s will.” That’s why we want to be in the spirit. Praying out not what we think in our minds, not what somebody else said, but what He’s saying for us to pray right now.

Erika shared…

Pastor Lynne has taught us that it’s not necessarily just the words you say but it’s what you’re projecting into the prayer. That has to do with what you’re giving, what you’re sowing and where it’s coming from.

Ray interjected…

Something you just said, reminded me of this. Sandy and I were gone for two weeks in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. As you know, there was a man that flew from Alaska to Minneapolis to Florida. While at the airport in Florida, he got his gun out of his luggage and started shooting people. I got an email from Imelda and she said the Lord directed her to go to the airport and begin to pray over it here in Minnesota. I loved it! It blessed me. You reminded me of that when you mentioned Pastor Lynne. Lynne was talking about something that happened in south Minneapolis that was a big hassle. She said, “We don’t go away from the problem. We go toward it and we declare the Word there by the Spirit.” That’s it.

Erika continued…

Instantly something takes place because it’s in the spirit. You’re going to see that when I read this from Jonathan Cahn’s book, The Book of Mysteries.

[begin quote]
We walked for some time until we came to a pool of water hidden at the foot of one of the desert mountains. We sat down by its edge.
“Smile,” said the teacher.
So I did.
“Now make a face of anger.”
So I did.
“Now open your hand and stretch it over the waters as if giving a gift.”
So I did.
“Now do the opposite.”
“What’s the opposite?”
“Stretch your hand to the waters, close it and withdraw it, as if taking something away.”
“I’m not seeing the point of this.”
“Oh, but there is a point,” he said, “and the point is critical for you to learn. When you smiled at the waters, there was a man smiling back at you.”
“My reflection.”
“And when you glared at it, the face of an angry man glared back at you. And when you stretched your hand out to the waters to give to it, the hand in the waters stretched back to give to you. And when you reached toward the waters to take from it, the hand reached back as if to take from you. This is the law of reflection. As you do, so it will be done to you. If you bless others, you will be blessed. If you withhold blessing, your blessings will be withheld. If you live by taking, it will, in the end, be taken from you. If you live a life of giving, it will, I the end, be given to you. Condemn others, and you will be condemned. Forgive others, and you will be forgiven. Live with a closed hand, and His hand will be closed to you. Live with an open hand, and His hand will be opened to you. What you give will be given back. What you take will be taken back. Therefore, live a life of love, of giving, of blessing of compassion. Of an open hand and heart. Whatever you do, remember what you saw here. Live your life in view of the face in the waters.”

The mission: What is it that you seek from life and from others? Today, make it your goal to give to others the very thing you seek. Pro. 27:19; Luke 6:37-38, Gal. 6:7-10 [end quote]

Isn’t that good? We need to live our lives that way. Sometimes we need to hear it said just a little bit differently. If you think about the face in the waters, you’re in a situation where there is conflict, you can think about the waters. Ohhh, that man’s growling back at me. If you’re saying all the right words in prayer yet inside there’s “errr.” Instantly something is going forth. Is that what you want to go forth? We’re talking about prayer, communion, and fellowship with almighty God. If you don’t want an instant disaster, don’t give one.

The following is from the book, The Book of Mysteries by Jonathan Cohn.

“Come,” said the teacher.
“Where?” I asked.
“Up,” he answered. “Up a mountain.”
He then took me on a half-hour journey through the desert to a particularly high mountain.
“Let us go up,” he said.
So we did. There was nothing easy about it. I had to rest several times, just to catch my breath. Finally, we made it to the top.
“Look at that,” he said, pointing to the majestic panorama before us. “It’s something you can only see from up here, from the heights. It was worth the climb. Do you know what it’s called in Hebrew, what we just did?”
“No,” he said, “It’s called Aliyah. It means the going up, the ascent. When you read in the Scriptures of Messiah going to Jerusalem, you’ll find the word used over and over again. Why is that? Jerusalem is a city set on the mountain. So to get there, you have to go up. So the journey to Jerusalem is called Aliyah… the ascending. And it was not only because of the physical terrain but because Jerusalem is the Holy City. So to go to Jerusalem is to make “Aliyah.” In the modern age, when the Jewish people began to return to the land of Israel, the return was called Aliyah. Going to the Promised Land was known as “making Aliyah,” the upward journey. The children of Israel were commanded to make Aliyah. But those who are of Messiah are the spiritual children of Israel. So what would that mean?”
“They also have an Aliyah to make?”
“Yes,” said the teacher, “but people must make a spiritual journey.”
“So what’s the journey?” I asked. “What’s the Aliyah?”
“Your life,” said the teacher. “Your entire life is the Aliyah. Your life is a journey, but in God it is to be an upward journey… an ever higher ascending. How do you do that? The same way you ascended the mountain. Every day you will be given choices. Every choice will give you the chance to go lower, to stay the same, or to go higher. Choose the higher path, even if it’s harder, take the higher step… let each of your steps be higher than the step before it, each of your days be higher than the day before it. And you will end up walking on mountain heights… and your life will be an Aliyah.”

The mission: Today, choose the higher step, the higher act, the higher ground, the higher path in every decision. Start making your life an Aliyah. Ps. 121; Mark 10:32

If you would like to purchase this book, please contact LW Store online or call 763.315.7015.

That’s what we want as individuals and for the church of God.


Thank You, Father, You’ve given us things by the Holy Spirit as equipment to go further, to make Aliyah.
To be able to give things that are good and right
We have the opportunity to give and instantly what we have goes forth to its destination
We believe each day we make choices
For the revelation and unveiling of Your compassion and mercy
It’s our desire to be doers of Your Word
Sons of God are led by Your Spirit
Our desire is to have an impact that is greater and greater
We are overcomers
By Your mercy, let us take up the last leg of the race
With greater vision than before… greater determined purpose to know You and Your power
That You work on the inside… a transformation going on in the Church
A transition in the Church
Increase in the Church
Not the way it was done before
The Church is in the middle of the action
There is a transmission of Your plans and purposes… no hesitation
We run into the plan… no longer drawing back… no longer ashamed
By Your Spirit, words from heaven… dispensers of Your glory
Speaking and declaring
Sequences falling in line… one after the other… right along the time line
Supernatural aid and assistance… angelic help by Your Spirit
Arrangements and alignment
We take authority over lies and deceptions
There is synchronization … each will know where to go, what to do, what to say
Stepping up and out… boldness and courage
Ascension of and by Your Spirit
Come up into the high places of God
Forget those things that are behind
There is momentum and motion
The stirring… more and more and more… momentum… sustain it, maintain it
Going all the way to the finish line… for the joy that is set before you
This is the way it shall be… when we say “stop in your maneuvers” it will stop NOW in Jesus’ name
For the blood of the Lamb, it is instant help
Calling things to turn even further now
Calling things to line up in an even greater way… in America… calling things that have not line up to get in line in Jesus’ name
Entering into an upward momentum for this nation…
We pray over the days we are in right now
Leading up to the transfer of power… we declare momentum… wisdom
We pray over the President Elect… for a lifting… for momentum… for that spirit of seeing and knowing to operate in him and those that are around him
So we can enter into greater days and plans

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