Prayer Summary for Thursday, February 18, 2016

Jerre led in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

We heard a message last evening by brother Creflo about faith and grace. One of my least favorite things would be to ask for something that is already mine. He made that clear about “before the cross and after the cross.” As pray-ers we have to have it right. If we’re trying to get something that He already gave to us, then we’re just spinning our wheels. Along those lines, I want to read from a book by Lester Sumrall called “Take It, It’s Yours.” I wanted to read a small part about prayer.

Brother Sumrall wrote, “Throughout all of history every outstanding man or woman of God has been a person of prayer. Prayer is one of the Christian disciples’ most powerful weapons. In prayer, the believer receives the infilling of divine energy.” I believe it. I know it and I experience it and I know that you do too. There’s a key that we have to do and that’s “get in prayer.” Pray!

He said, “After Jesus had prayed, fasted for 40 days He victoriously defeated Satan single handedly in the greatest spiritual struggle ever recorded. The prayer closet is actually a council chamber where divine commands are issued. So we must purpose in our hearts to move out of our natural minds and thinking and what we think we know and move into the spirit. Then we’ll begin to hear His instructions more clearly. That place of prayer is a heart study place. It’s not where the mind learns. It’s where the heart becomes instructive. In prayer, we learn about God, His blessings, and His anointings. The anointing. Jesus told Peter ‘flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee but my Father which is in heaven.’ We learn more in an hour of devotion or prayer than in many hours of searching libraries and seeking out man’s wisdom. Divine revelation is brought into focus in the prayer closet. You won’t find it anywhere else. Prayer is the key that unlocks the treasures of God.”

Brother Sumrall said prayer is power. Then he gave a couple examples. “Elisha demonstrated the dominion of prayer when he called upon God to send rain on the land. The New Testament points out that Elisha was a man just like we are. The difference? He knew how to prayer. The early church prayed in the place where they were assembled together was shaken. (Acts 4) Paul and Silas prayed and sang songs in the inner cell in the Philippian jail at midnight and the strength of their prayer and praise shook the jail itself and it resulted in the salvation of the jailer. The act of praying generates omnipotence.” Omnipotence means unlimited power. “Prayer gives the frail human reed unshakable strength. We’re weak, but in Him we’re strong. If you do not know how to prayer, you do not know the power of God. Prayer is the most talked about, discussed and the least used power available to mankind.” It shouldn’t be like that. Prayer should be the main deal. It is the main deal.

Erika shared…

The Lord is answering our prayers. He is working. I got on the journey about effective prayer. I went to James: “confess your faults one to another and pray for one another that you may be healed. The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” He goes on and says, “Elijah was a man with like passions…” He was just a man. But he “effectively” prayed. And that’s what we’re looking for. We’re not looking just to take up some space. We’re not looking to just speak some nice words. It doesn’t produce. That’s part of the reason for dissatisfaction in the body of Christ. “I don’t see the fruit of it.”

Pastor Ray interjected…

That’s why there’s an absence of prayer. They see no fruit. I think brother Creflo touched on that. People get discouraged and stop because they don’t see the fruit of their prayers.

Erika continued…

In order to produce fruit, you have to be connected to the vine. You have to have the same life flow, the same “sap” flowing in you. It has to produce the same life all the way throughout the whole structure. And it’s the anointing. It’s the presence of God. That’s what we’re looking for. Active, effective results working power in the Church of the living God. That means we’re hearing by the Spirit, we’re seeing by the Spirit, we’re knowing by the Spirit what to offer up in the power of the Spirit and it’s all of Him and none of us. He gives power to those prayers. It’s active, effective power. “Effectively” is one of the four big energy words. The words all stem from a work and have to do with the active operation or working of power and its effectual results. So that’s what we’re looking for. We’re looking for effective, effectual results in the realm of prayer.

Now sometimes you see it and sometimes you don’t, but if you know that you know that the Holy Spirit has inspired that prayer, He’s given it to you, you lift it up because you’re so connected to the vine, you know that your Father wouldn’t give you something to say and speak and pray that would not happen. So you can just rest.

I like what Ray was talking about taking a hold of what you have. What we have is Him. What we have is the Holy Spirit. We have rights and privileges in Him. It’s yours. So we have to get that part right. We must know what He’s given and granted. We need to read the Book!


Father, You’ve given us the avenue to enter into the affairs of man in a supernatural way
Not being shut out in any way
Father, we enter in with effectual prayers that avail much
It’s about setting captives free and setting things right in ministry
Help by Your Spirit, encouraging and exhorting one another
We cease from our own labors and fall in the arms of mercy and goodness and Your love
Everything coming together now for the last leg of the race
There’s an excitement because of victory
It makes a way and clears out a path
There’s influence by the power of the Spirit
Plant your feet and don’t let go

Word through Pastor Ray…

The power of the Holy Spirit in this hour, there is an unction like never before because of the times and condition of the times… it’s time to get our places clear concerning our races and take it. Take the territory that each one of us has been given. We each have a gift and a call. Answering “Yes, Lord!”

A word through Erika…

Stop! Stop saying “I can’t. I don’t know how.” Stop saying it’s too hard. Stop saying we’ve been doing this too long. Stop saying that and say this. “I can. I will. I must. I’m empowered by the Holy Spirit. He has anointed me.”

Prayer group enters into a spirit of joy…

Pastor Ray…

I just jumped in another river! I’m in another flow. I got in another boat! Like a blasting off, like a rocket! New positions of supernatural strength coming through the body in these days. Not just one of two or twenty or two hundred or a thousand, but we’re talking about the body of Christ, the sheep taking their places. We say “Yes.”

A word from heaven is “stop it.” That’s a divine Holy Ghost word from heaven that says, “Stop it right now. Stop doing that. Stop asking for that. It’s already been sent. Take it. Use your faith.”

Sleepers, wake up and get in the race! Wake up and take your place. Wake up, take your position of grace. It’s been given. We receive. That’s the rest. We labor to rest. It’s not sleeping. It’s resting in Him. We give up and give into the rest.

Mary sings a song to the nations…

♪ We speak to nations, Be open. We speak to nations, Fall on your knees. We speak to nations, The kingdom is coming near to you. We speak to you, Be free. ♪

Prayer continues…

We lift up the nations
There’s a way, a voice, the sound, there’s a call
(group singing in the spirit)

Jerre sings…

♪ The nations are our inheritance… You promised them, O Lord… So we will thank You for the nations You have given us, O Lord for our inheritance. Your love will draw them, Lord… Your goodness, they will see… When we lift up Your mighty name, all men will be drawn to thee… They will see Your goodness, O Lord… And experience Your love… The nations are our inheritance… You promised them from above… We receive them, Lord… We trust in You, O Lord… Have Your way, the nations are our inheritance… ♪

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