Prayer Summary for September 28


Thank You, Father, for the blood that was shed for us
You are the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end
There is no one like You, Lord
Father, we lift that before You, and we pray over that situation
You are so great and so greatly to be praised!
We magnify Your precious holy name—Jesus!
Lifting up our voices to You today, Lord
Your voice is being amplified in our hearing, Father
Give us utterance for these days that we are living in
Magnifying Your name and declaring that You are so great and so beautiful
You, Father are the way-maker!
Each and every day, we will declare Your goodness and Your faithfulness
Not going solo, but we join hands and walk together
New utterances by the power of the Holy Spirit!
Holy, holy, holy is our God
You are giving us new ways to talk and new ways to walk
Praying over every detail, that they will be right on time and right in time!
Father, Your mercy and grace is new every morning!
Blessed is the Church in all of Your glory, Lord
With one touch from You Father, and we will never be the same again!
We will continue on, forth and forward
Declaring those things by faith today!
Looking to You, for all of our help comes from You, Lord
Leaning not on our own understanding but putting all of our hope and trust in You
Greater days and greater ways are on the horizon
The Church is rising up!
Shaking out of the old and moving into the new
In Your presence, there is freedom, peace, and restoration
Saturate and fill our hearts with Your presence, Father
We wait on You, Lord

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