Prayer Summary for October 29


Father, send Your rain for the sake of the harvest
There are seeds that are incased in hard and stiff things
Send Your holy fire, Father!
Let the wind of Your Spirit blow and stir the hearts of men
We are looking for the more because we know we have not yet attained all that which You have prepared for us
You have not bought us just for us to live for ourselves
Let us be moved and lifted by Your Spirit
It is Your will and wish to manifest Yourself in the earth
Abba, Father, we are hungry for You!
We need more of You to move in and through us
Be glorified, Father!
We are looking for You, Your very self to come down among us
Because of Your joy in us, we contend and press ahead
Father, let us be about Your business!
Open our eyes to understand the times
There must come a new passion and determined purpose to know You
Praying for atmospheric change!
There is a great production
It is time to throw off all limitation
There is power in the name of Jesus to break EVERY chain!
Lord, we are rising up because of Your Spirit in us
Thank You for all of the new—steps, days, weeks, and months

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