Prayer Summary for October 2


The following excerpts are taken from True Stories of the Miracles of Azusa Street and Beyond by Tommy Welchel:

The Hundred-Year Prophecy

Sometime in 1910, Seymour just stood up on the stage, took the box off his head and started prophesying. He said in about a hundred years there would be another revival like Azusa Street. Only this time it would not be in one place. It would be all over the world. There would be a return of the Shekinah Glory and the miracles. This revival would not be with just one person or just pastors. It would be with everybody in the Body. This time the revival will not end until the Lord returns.

Seymour repeated this revelation more than once. All the saints told Tommy this prophecy.

On the opposite coast in New York City, according to Charles Parham’s granddaughter, Parham just stood up one day and declared the same prophecy, using almost the exact worth. This happened within a couple of days of Seymour‘s prophecy. They both pronounced that this modern-day outpouring would surpass Acts 2, Topeka, and Azusa.

Celebrate! We are now in the hundred-year period, and you are alive in this time!

According to Jesus in Luke 10:24, we are the envy of prophets and kings to see such an outpouring of the Spirit: “For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what  you hear but did not hear it” (NIV).

Modern-Day Manna: Miracles of Today

Crossing the continent, my favorite story takes place on the West Coast in Banning, California. This particular church was filled to the brim, full of different youth groups from five churches. This was the first time I was introduced as the “last living link to Azusa Street.” This title made me feel pretty historic.

I got up and spoke, and when I finished my stories, I said, “Now, if any of you young people get a word from God to do something, obey Him.” This little thirteen-year-old girl, with long, dark hair, came walking down the aisle.

Her pastor’s leg was in a cast from a ballgame injury. She walked up to him and laid hands on him. She prayed for him, and afterwards he got up and started dancing around the church. After that, many people got healed that night.

At the end of the evening, I said, “Somebody get the little girl who laid hands on her pastor. Bring her to me.” They found her and brought her up front. I said, “Sweetheart, how old are you?”


I said, “I want you to listen to me. Did you know that you can pray for healing anytime and anywhere?”

“Anytime and anywhere?”

I said, “Yes.” She took that advice to heart.

On the football team, she was what you call the towel girl, the one who runs back and forth handing out towels to the football players. The quarterback got injured pretty badly in the game following my meeting. He was lying there on the field, moaning.

She went up to him and said, “I believe that if I lay hands on you and pray for you, you’ll get healed. Do you want me to lay hands on you and pray for you?”

He groaned, “Yeah.”

She laid hands on him and prayed, and he was healed. He returned to the field to play. Somebody else got hurt that night, too. She went up to him and healed him as well.

A few games later, if anyone got hurt, the doctor and coach would call her over. “Come here. Come here,” they’d say, and ask her to pray for the player. Even the school nurse would call her down to pray for someone in the sick bay.

The school tried to stop her. She was told she couldn’t pray for people since it was a public school. She said, “Oh, good. I’m so glad you’re trying to stop me. My father said this would happen, and He wants to take this to the Supreme Court.”

She asked, “Have you ever heard of Jay Sekulow? Every time he takes one of these cases to the Supreme Court, he wins.” She said, “I never just walk up and lay hands on anyone. I ask people if they want me to pray for them. They all say yes. So I’m not forcing them. I have a right, a Constitutional right, to my belief and faith, and you don’t have a right to tell me not to. So, thank you. My dad will really appreciate this.”

Well, that little middle school thought it over and backed off. It was a public school, but most of the students became Christian because of this little girl.

Now she’s almost graduating high school and is having the same results. She continues to pray for people and heal them. There’s revival in those schools all because one little girl was told she could pray for healing anywhere and anytime.

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We open ourselves to You, Lord!
Pour out of Your Spirit
The wind of Your Spirit brings change
We need an awakening all over the earth!
Today we pray for open doors, avenues, and hearts across every boarder and nation
Declaring we are the dispensers of the Holy Ghost fire
Father, we pray for the Church to be revived again!
Proclaiming the name of Jesus over businesses
Lifting up the CEOs
Grant them revelation and wisdom
Let them say yes to Your will and plan!
We are hungry and thirsty for it, Father!
We water the words spoken in this prophecy
Seeing a great expectation rise up in the Church
Father, we remind You of what You spoke in 1910
Calling the things that have been silent and sleepy to get up and wake up!
Cities – WAKE UP!
Wipe the sleepiness out of your eyes and see what was set before you!
Declaring this is the time and this is the hour
There must be a new and fresh desire for You, Lord!
Seeing some pastors that are on the verge of quitting
We declare, “NO, you will not quit!”
Calling for a strengthening in this very hour to carry you through to the end
Pleading the blood of Jesus around you—pastors, teachers, missionaries, apostles, ministers
The blood of Jesus covering your families
Declaring healing to you physically and to your company!
A heavenly standard of excellence is rising up within you!
Pressing on like a forward march!
Shaking off every hindrance in Jesus’ name!
Daily looking to the Lord, for that is where your help comes from!
Excepting sudden change and alertness
Covering their ministry in the blood!
Seeing the operation of the Spirit move this weekend
Every religious spirit, you are bound by the blood!
We declare you have no right to move in this place, and we send you back where you came from!
Lord, we say yes to Your will, purpose, presence, and change

A word of the Lord came forth…

“Do what you know the Word has told you to do! Continually say ‘yes’ to what I, by My Spirit, have told you to do. For I have never called you to do something that another person has been called to do, just what you have been called to do! So be faithful today to what you have been called to do! That is how you will be judged. That’s it! For every man, for every woman, and every child to be faithful in that what was given by the Spirit for each one of them to do. Not what sister or brother so-and-so are doing, but what you have been called to do. Do not look over unto a sister or a brother and judge yourself about what you have been called to do. I have placed within you a specific call and that, and that alone, is what you have been called to fulfill. So rejoice in it! ‘Stand strong in it,’ saith the Father. Let my impartation through the blood of My dear Son work in you and work through you and bring you out into the fullness that I have called unto you! My yoke is easy! It will all work out! It’s been called to blend in with each and every other one. You know the calls, the positions, the plans – they all will function together in Me! Don’t sweat it! A blending of My Body! A blending of My Church! A blending in this hour for greater power, for more of My presence to come into every single gathering. And, yes, it will be a paradigm! And, yes, it shall be watershed moments in time! Things that have never been seen before will begin to come forth through every door! Fire, wind, rain, and the oil—that precious comfort that is in the oil of My Spirit is coming unto you!”

Continued Praying…

We contend and continually move in the call You have placed on our lives
Operating in victory every day!
Seeing Your presence manifest so strongly that ministers can’t even stand
Pushing back doubt of any kind
Lord, we draw unto You today
Your joy is our strength in our prayers for positions of authority
We thank You for the times spent in Your presence
You are continually changing and transforming us!
Lord, You get all the glory!

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