Prayer Summary for October 11

The following excerpt is taken from The Cross by Rod Parsley:


The cross of Christ is the heart of the gospel. All our teaching must relate to that like all the spokes and rim and tires of a wheel relate to the axis. Jesus is the center, the pivot. Everything else will fit into place around Jesus. Indeed, the entire Word of God revolves around Him. If Christ is not the hub, the wheel will wobble and break. People say that we Christians are eccentric. An eccentric object wobbles around a point that is off-center. But that is what the Bible calls “the world.” It is not believers, evangelists, witnesses, or Christians who are eccentric, but the world. The world wobbles as it revolves around itself, but the believer is centered on God. When people in the church talk about “making the gospel relevant,” they usually mean that we need to show that the gospel has something in common with the world of industry, entertainment, and commerce. They have things back to front. The question is not whether the message can be related to this world, but whether the world is willing to relate to the message of the cross. Relevance is a matter of position and focus.


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Resting in You, today, Lord
Walking in victory, healing, and health
Thank You, Father, that we can walk sin free
Your Word is working in and through us
We want to be more stirred up today, more than ever before
Asking for opportunities to be moved by Your Spirit in the right direction
The blood of Jesus is assisting us, today and every day
Faith words are being spoken and lining up to Your Word
Keeping our attention upon what was done on the cross
That we would be faithful servants in these days
Not one drop of blood would be wasted
There are walls being broken down by the name of Jesus
Hindrances that are holding back denominations are coming down
That we would know the fullness of Your purpose and plan
Calling for fresh baptisms of the Holy Ghost
Revelations by the Spirit, that You would open our eyes, Father
Thank You for the power in that name—Jesus!
Blinders are coming off, and we will see and know the truth, Lord
Standing on the foundation of Your written Word
We hear from Heaven, today
Hindrances are being cut out of the way!
Nothing would hold us back from going all the way
Declaring for a touch of Your Spirit
We will never be the same again, Father!
Those things will be terminated and cut down
Declaring and receiving the increase of Your anointing
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!


The following word given through Betty Dilbeck at noon prayer webcast led by Dr. Billye Brim on  September 11, 2013:

The Lord let me see America, and there were bars around us. He showed me a spirit that is coming from the other nations–hatred; it was awful, and that it wanted to destroy us. But God said, as He did in His Word, if we submit to God, resist the Devil, then he has got to flee.

He said the next six months is crucial. And He said the next three months is really crucial. He said take your place of authority. You take your place of prayer. You listen to My Spirit; don’t slough it off like it is not that important.

He said, “I am doing a work.” He said, “I am not finished with America. I have set America up that I can be glorified through her, that I can make Israel jealous because of what I do through her. If I can raise a nation in one day, I can raise this nation back up to its glory.”

He said especially this next three months, and this is prophecy, and you can write it down. I do not know what is going to take place, but He said, “It is crucial that you hear My Spirit and that when I draw you, whether it is three in the morning or three in the evening, you get to your position of prayer, and you intercede because I use you! I use you! I tell My power through you. I’ll give you the words to speak that will put the enemy to flight. I’ll put the words in your mouth to speak even though it is written in laws in this nation. It’s been signed, and they say there is no way of changing it.” He said, “There is nothing, nothing that I cannot change. Things that have been put into law that are against me, I can tear them down. Pray children! Pray! I am calling you to that position especially this next three months.”

Billye’s—I do witness and say that is the word of the Lord.

Continued Praying…
The name of Jesus is turning things right now!
That name will cut through and make a way where there seems to be no way
Obstacles are being removed!
Glory to the name that is above every other name!
A fresh stirring and anointing of power from Heaven
Calling for God-ordained strategies
Your plan would be revealed under the power of the Holy Ghost
All shame removed!
Preparing the way of the Lord with our words today
Declaring that it shall go in the right way
A complete turnaround!
Busting out into uncharted territories
Speaking to those doors, be opened in the name of Jesus’
Breaking through where we couldn’t break through before
Not in our own strength but in the strength from Heaven above
No condemnation of any kind!
Declaring for an increase of favor—it will go before us and prepare the way
Praying over every lock and key
Those keys are made to fit perfectly—it will open doors and we will march through
New opportunities for the blessing are coming upon us
Some things will be eliminated but will be replaced by something better
Speaking over leaders that they would move in the plan You have called them to
Negative words that were spoken, we call you down in the name of Jesus’
Wielding the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God
Contending for the fullness of Your plan to come to pass
No, no, no weapon formed against us will prosper
The joy of the Lord will bring a strengthening
Stability in the body of Christ, today
Holding the blood of Jesus over every plan of the enemy
Uncover and reveal those lies, Lord
We reign over you, Satan, we call you down in Jesus’ name
Completely removed and taken out!
Those plans are removed and dissolved—you will come to nothing
Deception be gone—we wash you in the blood of Jesus
Casting down every evil thought and plan of the enemy
We will not be moved by what we see but by what we know
Staying strong and maintaining our position of authority
Come in alignment in the body of Christ!

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