Prayer Summary for November 25


Jesus, You are exalted above all things
All Power is in Your name; thank You for giving us authority to use it
Using it as the ultimate weapon—nothing is impossible in Your name
Overcoming through the blood and in Your name
We always receive when we honor what is in that name


The following excerpt was taken from Born to Battle by Arthur Matthews

On the battlefield the real enemy is fear
and not the bayonet and the bullet.

WEAPONS DO GIVE AN IMPRESSIVENESS to the soldier on the parade ground. But as soldiers facing an implacable foe we have to realize that battles are won only by the soldier who fights, and fighting involves using a weapon.

Unused weapons do not inflict casualties on the enemy, nor win wars. Therefore the ability and the will to use weapons is what warfare is all about. It is not enough to give mental assent to the fact that a spiritual warfare is going on. Passivity toward our enemy is what the devil wants from us. It is his trick to cool the ardor of God’s men of war.

There is no neutrality on the battlefield. Jesus said, “He that is not with me is against me.” Everywhere, the Word of God is against passivity and advocates action. “Fight the good fight of faith.” “Endure hardness as a good soldier.” “Resist the devil.” “Take the sword of the Spirit.”

One thing we need to consider IS the will of the soldier to use his weapon in actual combat situations. The trained capabilities and skill of the soldier in hitting the bull’s-eye on the practice range is not enough. To illustrate what I mean, let me quote from the book Men Against Fire, by S. L. A. Marshall:

Only five infantry companies (on Omaha Beachhead, June 6, 1944) were tactically effective. In these companies one-fifth of the men fired their weapons during the day-long advance from the water’s edge to the first row of villages—a total of not more than 450 men firing consistently.

On another front, the survey turned up these facts:

The best showing that could be made by the most spirited and aggressive companies was that one man in four had made some use of his fire power.

From facts like these we draw the conclusion that having a weapon and having the will to use that weapon are not the same thing.

Yes! God needed a victory. But only as some man is willing to use his weapon can victory become a reality. And since none of the soldiers in Saul’s army volunteered for the privilege, David willed that this should be his battle, but only as God’s representative to fight on his behalf.

God needs the will of men to take up weapons and engage the enemy. When he has such a man, the deadlock is broken immediately and the victory is God’s.

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Continued Praying…

We are anointed to do the will of God; to carry out His plan
Looking upward and letting go of all hindrances
Thank You, Father, for the baptism of the Holy Ghost!
That You have given us the ability to pray out Your will without knowing it—in the Spirit!
Believing there will be words in English to move us further on
Reverencing and honoring the power that is in the precious blood of the Lamb
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Father!
If there is any bending, let it be our knees that we would rise higher in You
Thanks You, Father, that each step has a plan
Clearing out hindrances by the name and through the blood
Pleading the blood over mandates and calls, specific ways and directions in Jesus’ name
Clearing them up in Jesus’ name; operating in the right way through the spirit of seeing and knowing
There is greater, there is more!
A way through, a way beyond—through the power of the anointing
It’s open, it’s approved
Contending by faith and using our weapons
Speaking to impossibilities and saying “TURN AROUND” in Jesus’ name
Obstacles, move out now and be gone forever more in Jesus’ name!
Father, thank You that our action is in our declaration of faith in You
It’s like when Paul said “I am on my way to Rome and nothing will stop me on the way”
We are on our road to victory and nothing will move us out of that way!
We have overcome and will overcome in Jesus’ name
Father, we thank You for Your precious holy Word
The ministry of Your Precious Holy Spirit—You are so welcome in our lives
Thank You for the blood that has cleansed us and is cleansing us and will continue to cleanse us
We give You glory and honor for this day, believing to have the right word at the right time to bring healing, refreshing, and deliverance to those around us
Thank You, Father, that we are carriers of Your presence, Your love
We give You praise for it in Jesus’ name, Amen

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