Prayer Summary for November 21


Lord, thank You for today
We make a decision to look up and be lifted up by You!
Every day is a new day
We cover the body of Christ in the blood of Jesus!
The blood has done it all!
We apply the blood over our nation, Lord!
There is power in Your blood!
We are looking for a greater revelation of the blood

Scripture Focus…

(29) “A vessel (jar) full of sour wine (vinegar) was placed there, so they put a sponge soaked in the sour wine on [a stalk, reed of] hyssop, and held it to [His] mouth. (30) When Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, It is finished! And He bowed His head and gave up His spirit.”
(John 19:29, 30 Amp.)


The following excerpt was taken from The Cross by Rod Parsley

Listening at the Cross

The few remaining observers on Golgotha heard the man on the center cross shout something about His God having abandoned Him. A little later He had whispered a request for water—one that was answered, not with a ladle of cooling, soothing water but with a vinegar-filled sponge. Now we see the expiring troubadour of heaven summoning His last remnants of physical and mental strength…rising to speak once more.

Just one word this time.

When John, the beloved disciple, recalls this statement to record it in his Gospel narrative, he uses a Greek accounting term – tetelestai. Future English translations of John’s Gospel will render that term in a way that tends to strip it of the legal and financial connotations. They translate it, “It is finished” (three words for one). But tetelestai does not mean merely that a thing has ended. It has a far greater implication than merely a clock has run out and the game has concluded. It is a declaration that all has been accomplished. All that was lacking has now been supplied. The breach has been healed. The debt has been fully satisfied. Shalom—nothing broken, nothing missing.

Charles Spurgeon called this declaration, “Christ’s dying word to the church.” But our King’s proclamation carries even more dimensions of meaning than this. He means that all the types, shadows, and symbols of the Old Testament have now been fully manifested in Him. He decrees that the prophecies that pointed to a future Deliverer King have been fulfilled. John the Baptist had asked, “Are you the One or should we look for another?” Jesus’ answer at that time was suggestive but indirect. Now He speaks plainly. His “Tetelestai!” emphatically shouts, “You can stop looking! The promised One has appeared and accomplished the prophesied task. Dominion of planet earth has been restored to its rightful steward.”

As Spurgeon wrote of this victory cry:

[T]he whole Bible, from the first to the last, in both the Law and the Prophets, was finished in Him! There is not a single jewel of promise, from the first emerald which fell on the threshold of Eden, to the last sapphire of Malachi which was not set in the breastplate of the true high Priest. No, there is not a type, from red heifer downward to the turtle dove, from the hyssop upwards to Solomon’s Temple itself, which was not fulfilled in Him; and not a prophecy, whether spoken on Chebar’s bank or on the shores of Jordan; not a dream of wise men, whether they had received it in Babylon, or in Samaria, or in Judea, which was not now fully worked out in Christ Jesus!

Finally, in that cry of consummation, Jesus declared an end to separated man’s religious striving to build a ladder back to God. God Himself has donned flesh and bone and blood and condescended to fallen men and willingly lain down on a cross.

“It is finished!” we hear Him cry aloud. Then He slowly, reverently, and with victorious humility bows that thorn-pierced head. Yes, of course, He bows now. There is nothing left to do but exhale a prayer.

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Continued Praying…

Doubts and deceptions about the blood must be gone!
If you don’t have a revelation of the blood, we call you up
Help us to appropriate everything that You died to give us
Full, abundant life is in the blood
The fullness of power and victory is found in it!
Lord, thank You for Your blood!
The blood is sufficient and works 24/7
We cover those who have walked away in the blood!
Praying over Your plans for them, Father
Every step that will bring them back is being set forth before them
Bring laborers across their paths!
Lifting up pastors who have quit and laid their call down, we call you back!
Pastors and positions of authority coming back and taking their places in the body of Christ
Don’t miss your timing to come back!
Wipe the dust off of your Bible, and start reading it again
Do not forsake the words that have been spoken over you!
Hidden things be uncovered by the blood
The pathway they are to take is covered in that blood and it makes a way
Low places are filled in and high places are leveled out
Every aspect of the ministry is being covered
Calling for restored relationships!
We extract every operation that would try to hinder the believer’s from coming back into the Father’s house
Pleading the blood over the choice to make the first step!
Enemy plans, stop in your maneuvers!
It is finished!
The blood has sealed those doors!
The love of God bringing freedom and peace
Your blood covers the gifts, Lord!
Seeing people with calls moving into their places and those with no calls moving out
Praying over the offices—places where decisions are being made
Father, we need people in the positions they have been called to
Give them a revelation that all of their needs will be met!
We pray for the full body of Christ
Shaking off all of the debris and seeing the Church rise up!
Revival must come!
It is our desire to go up higher in You, Lord!

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