Prayer Summary for May 5

Pastor Ray shared…

Today we are especially praying for America because it is the National Day of Prayer. I like the theme for this National Day of Prayer for America “Wake Up America.” I remember how Sister Billye in the middle of a prophecy she said nothing will save America except for a revival. Not this party or that party or whatever but we need revival. So here the theme is “Wake Up America” and they used the beginning Isaiah 58.

Shout it out aloud. Do not hold back and raise your voice like a trumpet… Isaiah 58:1

That would be for the pray-ers to be expanding and increasing and taking some territory that has never been taken, standing up and letting our mouth be the trumpet.

The following prophecy was given by Kenneth Copeland on November 4, 2014:

The dominating power and authority of My WORD is very plain and very obvious in the Scripture. I made certain statements calling things that be not as though they were. I said a virgin would give birth to a child in the city of Bethlehem. And My WORD dominated the heavens and the earth and peoples in the earth for over 700 years until that child was born in Bethlehem at the appointed time, by the appointed virgin, and the Son came into the earth at the exact proper time.

I have spoken certain words over this nation. They will come to pass. They are coming to pass now, saith The LORD. “And all of the things that Satan has attempted to carry out in order to stop My voice in the earth has come to naught. For I said this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all nations and then the end shall come, and not before. It’s coming to pass, and this nation is the cradle of that message. It has come out of this nation, the revelations and the changes that have taken place. And over the years and centuries that have gone by, I’ve called upon this nation to be My judgment arm. I’ve called on this nation to be My voice. I’ve called on this nation and many, many of your sons and daughters have answered My call and laid their lives on the line and I do not forget that.

So hear, My people. Hear My voice. Yes. The door is open. Repent and come through it; for I have a plan, and it’s THE BLESSING plan, and it’s far greater than anything you have ever seen before. I have a new birth for this nation. I have planned a nation that, right at this moment, you really don’t have any concept of what it’s like. For think back to 1770, 1771, 1772, 1773 and a new nation was being born.

But do you think that the men of that hour had any concept of what this nation would look like 100 years from that time? No. They had no idea. It had never happened before. Hear My words, America. I have a new nation in My heart and in My mind and you don’t know what it looks like. The door is open. Step through it and together we will bring a new nation on the earth, one nation under God that trusts in God. And there are those that would say, ‘How could that possibly come to pass?’ It can come to pass because I am God and I change not. And My plan has already been planned before the foundation of the world. And you listen to Me, and you walk with Me, and together we’ll see it come to pass.

But for all of those who will turn their back on what I am doing now, you will be like those of old who get trapped in the desert, and your bones will fall in the desert, and you will not experience the greatness that I have in store. But I have a people. I have a people that have humbled themselves and have turned from their wicked ways, and I have more and more and more that are seeking My face. And I’ll tell you this: I’m easy to find. And I’ve raised up people throughout this nation and I have a people all over this earth who are praying for the United States in this very hour, who are holding this country up before Me because they realize they need this nation also.

So these are the days of your deliverance. Rejoice, and be glad because I have given you your nation back. And the manifestation of its new birth is at hand. So rejoice and lift up your head and be of good cheer. Your sins are forgiven you. I have given you your nation back.

Continued praying…

We lift up all the screens to see it
Greater collaboration
By Your Spirit, You make us One
One plan, one purpose
We are thanking You for it, trusting You for it
There is a shaking off of the dust
New territories, new realms, occupying them fully
Watching out ahead
Possess the land!
The new thought is Victory, overcoming
In the governmental realm, we speak godly influence
Do not delay, advancement every day
You will not hijack this nation, this plan of God
This nation is blood bought in the name of Jesus
Have I not declared, have I not given you authority
So use your weapons!
We call it, we see it, we expect it!
Reaching and pressing on and through
Calling things that are not
Calling for things to open for the advancement
We are not ashamed of the Gospel—boldness to speak and to stretch forth our hand
Greater demonstrations of Your Spirit
Every part of the body do your part—obedience by the Spirit
Greater strength, increasing in ability, anointing, vision
Mandates by Your Spirit—no hesitation
Each member synchronized by Your Spirit, coordinating and esteeming the gifts
Divine strategy and plan unfolded
All of the tributaries, the contributors!
Loosing the ministering spirits to facilitate great gatherings
Greater in number, influence—it’s turning now!
Lifting up the platforms, venues, and avenues—ceasing the opportunities
It must be now!
We will not be detoured—it’s like a dynamo!
Get in step in the name of Jesus
Making increase in the body
Not just in the United States but all over the earth
That’s the voice to cry out!
Calling those that are lost in to their place—the glory place!
It’s an increase in joy that brings about strength
Increase in calling things forth
We lift the five-fold ministry gifts before You
Supernatural strength and utterance—plans given and accuracy in the Spirit
Connections be made and assistance given
How to execute, how to work together
Not at the end but seems like it is right at the start
Time-released anointings for such a time as this
A spirit of seeing and knowing

Jerre led us in praise and worship…

Continued praying…

I keep hearing Mexico. We pray for an awakening for Mexico
Let the Catholics rise up and stand in Your power
Filled with Your Spirit all over Mexico for an absolute awakening
Getting ourselves in harmony with all those praying for Mexico
Churches beginning to fill up in Jesus’ name
The power of the Holy Ghost drawing them forth
We lift up Zacatecas, Mexico
Loose ministering spirits to help
Resources come their way in the light of God
Influence from this place move out all across the nation of Mexico
Binding every religious spirit in this area in Jesus’ name

Ms. Jerre led us in singing “God Bless America”

Continued praying…

Father, we pray that the light of the glorious Gospel shine on America. I bind you, Devil, from blinding the eyes and stopping up the ears of the people of this land. We say “light be” to America! Those things that must come forth, that must be born of Your Spirit, Father. So we lift up the authorities of the land in Jesus’ name. We come against all the authorities of darkness, the spirit that would cause deception. We say get out and down in Jesus’ name. For all those in authority, Father, turn their hearts and turn them to the light in Jesus’ name. Turn, turn, turn with a call to turn. Deception, get off in Jesus’ name. Light be, light be, light be there.

We thank You, Father, that the weapons of our warfare are mighty through You to the pulling down of strongholds of sin, unrighteousness, darkness, witchcraft. We say come down in Jesus’ name! Strongholds of pride come down in Jesus’ name. Light be, light be, light be. The multitude of angels go forth in Jesus’ name

And, Father, make each minister of the Gospel a flame of fire. Not just in this country but in all nations. Let the fire of Your love, righteousness, and truth prevail across every land that You would be glorified; that every knee would bow and every tongue confess that You are Lord.

Ms. Barb shared…

There is a pressure that has been built up just as pressure builds up in the earth. Like volcanic eruption, the earth groans and then releases. Nothing can stop it! It’s just like that in the Spirit. There is nothing that can hold back the explosion. I see an explosion here and there and that these are guessers beginning to erupt in the pastor and go throughout the nations. In Africa, in Japan, and all across the earth. The culmination of the Word of God is now and nothing and no one will hold it back. No government, no religion will hold it back. This earth will be changed and the glory of God shall be seen upon it. We expect it to begin even now in Jesus’ name. That pressure is released now with miracles, signs, and wonders all across the earth drawing in the nations bringing it all into order.

And so it shall be. Don’t be dismayed. Do not stop. Continue in the way. Wherever you walk declare that place is receiving a spiritual explosion. You call it into being. Call it as He sees it in Jesus’ name.

Continued praying…

Lifting up Franklin Gram’s Decision Now tour
Pleading the blood over his stop here in Minnesota on June 16
Praying over the health of everyone involved, every member healed and whole
Thank You, Father, for good weather for each and every stop
Speaking to the people to get up and go to the capitol in every state
Father, grant Franklin utterance for each venue
Anointed utterance to declare Your plan in every ear
A greater plan for this country
Every member of his staff flowing and moving by Your Spirit
You said You would lead us into all truth
That is our desire
We take the Word You gave through Brother Copeland
You have “Given Our Nation Back”
We thank You for it, giving You all the praise and honor
One nation under God untied in You
Jesus is Lord of America!

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