Prayer Summary for May 4

Annie led in singing “I Need You More”


The more we lift You, Father, the more we realize our need for more of You
Thank You, Father, for sending Your only Son
We were delivered when we didn’t even know we needed a deliverer
It’s right to keep asking for more
Yielding and trusting by faith—we believe we receive
Asking according to Your Word
Father, You are faithful and trustworthy
Natural words fail but to just say “We do need You more”
The more we say it, the more yielded we become
Asking for more because there is always more

Annie continued singing “I Need You More”

Annie shared…

Usually my prayer time at home flows into our time here. But I was in this dancing thing this morning and when I got here it didn’t feel like I was connecting that way. So when I started playing I just yielded to the Lord and then what came out was “I Need You More.” I wasn’t sure what the connection was. But I needed to dance this morning in my own time with the Lord, just to rejoice over Him and His promises.

The way the world looks is not the way it is going to be for the people of God. We are in a different Kingdom. So I was dancing over that. I made a joyful noise at home and in the car, but when I started to play on the keyboard here this morning what came out was “I Need You, I Need You.” And then what came out of His response in my inner man was “But you have Me, but you have Me.” So that’s something to dance about.

The song that I was singing this morning before I got here, the lyrics ministering to me in a totally new way.

Looks like today the sky is heavy
Feels like the wind is going to change
Beneath my feet the earth is ready
Feels like it’s time for heaven’s rain

Cause it’s living water we desire
So fill our hearts with holy fire
And rain down, all around the world we’re singing
Rain down, Can you feel the earth is singing
Rain down, Some are dry so we’re still singing
Rain down, Rain it down

Back to the start my heart is heavy
Feels like it’s time for us to dream again
Beneath our feet this earth is ready
We’re going to dance on this barren land
There is hope again, hope in our land

Cause it’s living water we desire
So fill our hearts with holy fire
And rain down, all around the world we’re singing
Rain down, Can you feel the earth is singing
Rain down, Some are dry so we’re still singing
Rain down, Rain it down

It just came out of my heart, that’s what we need! That’s the only answer is God’s rain to fall on our land once again. And the other thing that kept coming up in my heart was… I had read this thing. This guy was lamenting you know about the culture being what they call a Post Christian culture. But then he made this statement: “Hey wait a minute, there is no such thing as a post Christian culture.” There has been one Christian culture after another since the time of Jesus but those cultures fail and fall apart but the Kingdom of God is unstoppable. Hallelujah! I was dancing on it and made myself happy.

Continued praying…

Thank You, Father, for the power of Your Holy Spirit actively at work in us
Magnifying and worshiping You for more
We are so supernaturally blessed but there is always more
Casting off every anxiety and doubt!
Internal joy from heaven, rejoicing and dancing in You

Annie led in singing “Lord Send the Fire, Oil, Wind, and Rain
He has sent it already but we sing it in expectation to receive it…

Pastor Ray shared…

Sometimes when we are asking like that, send the wind and it always brings change, there are changes in each one of us because we need change. We have not arrived but we are on the way and when we go from one degree to another to another we do need change all along that way. Our prayer could be “Change us, Lord.” We are asking for that wind to blow. We know the power or the wind of Your Spirit, like it did in the upper room, brings an absolute change. Lives were changed, hearts were changed, mouths were changed, eyes were changed, feet were changed and the world was never the same. Even for Paul on the road to Damascus. What a supernatural change. When He came, light shone bright and change came to a man.

Continued praying…

Fresh baptisms of the Holy Ghost
Calling for eyes to see and ears to hear
Greater in a greater way!
We declare a way – we are praying for new fire to go forth
Steps, ways, plan, blueprints of how to carry it out
Putting the blood over the way today
Separation from every evil way – radical turnarounds
Stepping up into the new
No in Jesus’ name, the Church is not going down but up and coming through
Taking territory never taken before!
Into the fire, oil, wind, and rain!
These are days beyond the upper room!
Pathways, steps, great demonstrations from heaven to the Church
God has come! With His glory and His grace!

Annie led us in singing “I need You More”
There is an anointing on this song now for each one of us to see inside and open up more to heaven’s ways and plans. Thank You, Lord.

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