Prayer Summary for May 31


Father, we ask that our eyes would lock on the signs that You have given us
That we would not be ignorant of things
You are raising and elevating a grateful heart!
By Your Spirit, reveal to us the meaning of Your signs
As a Church, help us to esteem Your Word that we would walk carefully each day!
We pray that the Church would know which way to go and how to flow
You have given us everything we need for every single day!
Applying the blood over the signs and ways
Highlight some things to us, Father, that we may avoid hidden traps and dangers
It’s all for the world to see and know You!
There are rules and boundaries for the race!
Lord, we thank You for the sound from heaven
Let us be in harmony and agreement with what You are saying
Body, you are healed and whole—get in line with the Word of God
The Spirit of God dwells inside of us!
We walk in complete provision of finances, peace, and health
Let Your power be made known across this earth!
We pray that Your power would affect the office of the president and all other government offices
This nation was founded by You!
Your signs, Lord, are causing supernatural miracles on the earth
It is time for the Church to step up and grow up
Coming into agreement with You, Father!
Lord, we are sorry for the times we have missed
Help us to get out of the realm of the mental and move into the realm of Your Spirit!
Trouble can come and go, but Your Word stays the same!
We humble ourselves before You!

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